Using NLP To Remove A Headache

Before I get into todays post and let you pose the question to yourself, “Has Brownson finally lost his mind?” I just want to tell you about Wednesday nights phone-in.

As may know, to celebrate the launch of my latest book Aligning With Your Core Values, I acquired the services of Karl Staib to throw a Twitter Party and live Phone-In and I was joined by special guests Pam Slim, Charlie Gilkey and Tony Teegarden.

I was a bit nervous prior to the event because I’d never done anything like this before. And whereas values are without doubt the most fundamental and important part of both Life Coaching and self development, I wasn’t sure I could keep the conversation going for an hour.

I shouldn’t have worried though, because not only did I have a blast but my guests were brilliant!

I almost never listen to my own interviews, but as soon as Karl uploaded this I went and downloaded it to listen again.

Not to listen to what I had to say I hasten to add, but to digest some awesome advice from my guests.

If you’re keen on getting some really interesting perspectives on values, not just in your personal life, but in business too, I highly recommend you download the phone-in and take a listen, as well as buying the book of course ;-)

It is free for the next 2 weeks at which point Karl archives it for his members. I promise you, you’ll learn some cool stuff!

In the meantime, I have gone all woo-woo with the 3 minute video below, but if you have a headache it may be worth you checking out this NLP technique!

Photo: ‘Morning Headache’ Courtesy of Matthijs