The Week The Universe And I Fell Out

My last post ‘Is Realism A Death Sentence‘ was all about the massive, life-changing power of reframing. How it can hugely improve the quality of your life, if that is, you take the time to master it and then use it on a regular basis.

To encourage people to try it I’m going to give a $25 Amazon gift card to the person that can come up with the best positive reframe in the comments section of that post before 20th January.

Within minutes of me hitting publish on that post things started to go wrong.

To begin with, I knocked a full cup of coffee over my keyboard and mouse mat shortly before I was due to start a client session. Initially I thought I’d saved the keyboard and even tweeted the reframe that my mouse mat was history, but at least my keyboard survived to tell the tale.

My gratitude was short lived however. Within a few minutes the keyboard had lost it’s grip on reality, or more accurately, the English language and was throwing out letters at random and refusing to type anything even remotely coherent. No jokes, about nothing new there then please!

It’s difficult to operate a computer without a keyboard so I called my client to say I’d be a tad late and drove to Best Buy to purchase a new one. I was back within the hour $80 lighter, but we still managed to fit the session in and I breathed a sigh of relief.

However, that sigh of relief was soon replaced by a sigh of exasperation when my blog fell over and refused to get up again. Little did I know, that was the precursor to a several days of online purgatory as I lost not only my blog, but my e-mail for hours at a time and for no apparent reason.

Was the Universe testing me? Was it thinking:

“Right then you smug bastard Brownson, we’ll see how good you really are at reframing. Reframe this sucker!”

I really have no idea. I think the thought of the Universe conspiring on our behalf can be incredibly uplifting and inspiring and really bring out the best in people.

And I admit to actively encouraging clients to stick with that belief if they already have it because they will be actively on the look out for the good in situations and not focusing on the bad.

But the flip side is to believe when things go wrong the opposite is happening  That unimaginable forces are deliberately throwing banana skins in your path and snickering as you slip and slide from one crisis to another. That isn’t really a nice thought and not one I would want you to adopt.

Whether it was the Universe, or just a case of a few days bad luck is irrelevant, because it definitely is an opportunity to show that I can walk the walk and reframe what happened.

So here is how I reframed a week that really didn’t go anything like as well as I’d have liked.

  • It gave me the opportunity to prove that I can reframe and not just talk about it
  • I pass through about 10 sets of traffic lights on my way to Best Buy and every single one was on green
  • I just got some more points on my Best Buy card and I’m now due a $20 gift card back
  • I got the last Mac wireless keyboard in stock
  • There wasn’t a line at checkout
  • My keyboard was dirty and now I don’t have to clean it
  • I had a great client that was cool about us kicking off late
  • It was my last client of the day, so there was no knock on effect
  • I found out I could get hosting for less than half what I was paying and will save almost $200 a year
  • My techie guy (Tim Gary from Mindcue) wasn’t just as good as I thought, he was way better, and he dragged me out of a really deep, dark hole. Would yours stay up to 2.30am on a Sunday night/Monday morning sorting things out if your site crashed?
  • We didn’t lose any files in the transfer and the database didn’t get corrupted
  • I can now access tech support direct without having to go through a third party
  • Nobody got arsey with me for not replying to e-mails in a timely manner
  • I don’t think I lost any e-mails, although I can’t be sure of that one
  • I had a MobileMe e-mail account and could use that as a back up
  • I have some cool friends that took the time to let me know via Twitter my site was down
  • I got an idea for a follow up post on reframing which you are now reading
  • I got to use some of the time I would have been tweaking my site to meditate (boy did that help) and fit in an extra gym session

Let me know if you can think of any glaring reframes I’ve missed and what you would have done to have kept your blood pressure below 200 if it had happened to you.

Update: The Universe Was Conspiring Against Me After All!

On Saturday I took my car in for a standard service. I’d been having some trouble with the steering and asked them to take a look at it.

I got a phone call later on telling me there was indeed a problem and it would cost about $470 to put right.

Guess what it was.

Go on, guess.

I swear to you this is the truth.

The problem is the bearings on the……

Universal joint!