The Power Of Tiny Change

Aristotle quote on habitsThere are a few common denominators that run through most of the Life Coaching clients I see, and one of them is this.

People nearly always under-estimate the power of tiny changes or small steps forward.

They think that to achieve what they want they have to make whopping great strides and move from where they are to wherever it is they want to be as quickly as possible, otherwise they can become frustrated and disillusioned.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to change or achieve goals quickly and under the right circumstances that can be achieved. There are certainly NLP techniques that I use that can help facilitate rapid change.

However, too many people become discouraged when things don’t happen immediately and that can cause them to quit.

Don’t Undertake Tasks – Build Habits

Unless your health is at risk from some self destructive behavior  there’s nothing wrong with changing slowly and building habits rather than undertaking tasks.

In fact it could be argued that for many people slow change is more likely to stick because we don’t overwhelm the brain and it feels more organic and natural.

Even though I work very quickly with clients and rarely stay with them past 5 or 6 sessions, the actions we put in place can, and and will, help for a life time if maintained.

Think about what it is you want to change or achieve in your life and decide to do one thing today that will help you move toward that, and then go and do it.

Then do it tomorrow, and the day after that, and so on and so forth until you don’t even think about it, you just do it.

I know it’s a cliche, but in a year you will be amazed at what you have achieved.

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