The Negative Life Coach

I have a few things I want to talk about today, but none of them really warrant a post of their own, so I hope you’ll forgive me if I tie up a few loose ends.

The Negative Life Coach

After publishing my ‘Is Apple Screwing Its Customers?” post I got a somewhat irate e-mail from a subscriber. It was from another life coach (who shall remain nameless) telling me it was wrong of me as a life coach to spread such negativity.

If you want to read the entire e-mail and my response, I published it in the comments section of the post in question and don’t intend to do so again here.

The belief in some quarters that life coaches need to be permanently happy smiley people is quite honestly, bollocks. It smacks (to me at least) of being inauthentic and even dishonest.

More importantly than that though, is it serves nobody, because people think there’s something wrong with them if they’re not walking around with a big cheesy grin on their face all the time.

Newsflash: There is nothing wrong with you because you have some days that suck, we all do, including amazingly enough, Life Coaches.

My situation with my iPhone sucks at the moment and I’m not afraid to tell anybody prepared to listen. Not because I love whining, but because I don’t want them to get screwed in a similar fashion and because I think huge corporations should be held accountable to their customers.

On the flip side, when I get great service or buy a great product like the book I mention below, I want to tell you about that too.

If that upsets you like it did the lady that e-mailed then you’re probably reading the wrong blog.

The Primal Experiment

I am still on the primal diet (I know, I know, it’s not a diet but I can’t think what else to call it). I haven’t eaten any grains, pasta, rice, bread, milk, butter or confectionery in a month. I did eat a small amount of fries when we were out on a celebration meal with some friends this weekend, but that is really my only transgression.

I had planned to post in detail about my results today, but I feel this is still work in progress and don’t really have any results per se. So I’m holding off for another couple of weeks on blogging about it and hopefully then I have something more concrete to tell you.

Life Coaching Packages

My packages for life coaching have been much the same for the last 5 years. My base package has always been 4 sessions with most clients choosing 6. Over the last 6 months or so though I’ve started to see things change.

Most people that have been booking 4 sessions have been getting done in 3 and people that have booked 6 have tended to get where they want after 5. On top of that I had some great results really quickly with my Kick Ass Life Coaching series that was limited to just 3 sessions.

Taking all of that into consideration I’ve rejigged my life coaching packages to reflect these changes and now offer a base package of 3 sessions and the next level up to be 5 that are priced accordingly.

Your Brain At Work

In Septembers newsletter as well as giving away my new free ebook ‘Don’t Panic’ I also reviewed David Rocks exceptional book ‘Your Brain At Work” Unfortunately for me and much to the amusement of a load of people that couldn’t wait to e-mail me, I gave the credit for writing the book to Chris Rock. Oops!

I’m not going to throw a huge review at you, but I did want to give you the heads up on the best book I have read since ‘How We Decide’ by Jonah Lehrer and it’s equally as accessible and easy to read as Lehrer’s.

If you’re interested in knowing why you act like you do under certain circumstances and more importantly how you can use your brain far more effectively, then this book is a no-brainer!


The response to my idea of running a random Any Other Business post every Friday/Saturday seems to appeal to a lot of people so I definitely will stick with it for the foreseeable future.

I want to make one post a month dedicated to laughing so I’m keen to hear any great jokes, stories, websites, video clips etc you may be keen to share. I also want to open up for some random guest posts that don’t necessarily fit my normal gust post guidelines.

If you’re interested send me the post. Please don’t pitch an idea to me, I just want to read finished posts!

any ideas can be sent to tim at a daring adventure dot com

How To Be Rich and Happy

I have done a lot of interviews talking about How To Be Rich and Happy, but I wanted to share this one with you because I it enjoyed so much. James Rick is a cool and very astute guy with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Oh and my niece thinks he’s hot too!

Oh and by the way, we went past the $60,000 barrier of copies of How To Be Rich and Happy given away last week, so if you have bought a copy, thanks, because you made it happen!

Tim Brownson: “How to Be Rich and Happy” from James Rick on Vimeo.