The 7 Habits Of Highly Dead People

Everybody is afraid As I you may well know, self development legend Stephen Covey passed away recently.

He was best known for his international best selling book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” which has sold well in excess of 10,000,000 copies around the globe.

Covey was truly a giant in the industry up there with the likes of Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins et al and he will undoubtedly be missed by many.

But today I wanted to take a different tack than Covey’s, because successful people have been studied and modeled ad infinitum.

So now I thought it was time to redress the balance and give kudos to all those dead people who never complain, whine or get moody because it’s raining.

1. Dead People Stop Worrying

I’m no fan of the late Norman Vincent Peele and I happen to think he got some of his theories on self development horribly wrong.

However, I did like the bit in (I think) ‘The Power Of Positive Thinking” in which as a younger man when he was worrying about something he was taken to a graveyard by a mentor.

When there it was pointed out that none of the people in the cemetery were worrying, they were instead, peaceful.

If dead people don’t need to worry and they have been through the most traumatic of human changes, then what makes you think you have to?

As the saying goes, there are 2 things you can worry about, things that are within your control and things that are outside your control.

If they are within your control then there is no point worrying because you can control them.

If they are outside your control, equally there’s no point worrying because you can’t do anything about them.

2. Dead People Never Get Jealous

Have you ever heard of an argument breaking out between neighbors in a cemetery because one had a bigger plot than the other, or one had a frickin great angel standing over them and the other only a plain headstone?

Of course not, but plenty of people get concerned if their loved ones grave isn’t quite as prominent or well groomed with fresh flowers as those nearby. They worry that people will think they don’t care.

I’m trusting if you have departed loved ones that they knew how much they meant to you. As such, an overt display is really for you and not them because they really don’t care what other people think.

And rightly so.

3. Dead People Don’t Beat Themselves Up

Billions of people spend a great deal of time beating themselves up for past indiscretions, being inadequate, not living up to ridiculously high standards and pretty much anything else you care to mention.

Every single one of those people will be dead at some point within the next 100 years or thereabouts and not one of them will have gained anything from the self abuse.

Dead people rest in peace. Get that, in peace?

Peace is something living people can have, but most seem to be saving it up for when they shuffle off this mortal coil. Don’t be one of them.

4. Dead People Will Listen Without Interrupting

Unfortunately I haven’t been back to the UK since shortly after my mum died, but when I do I shall go an see her and my dad who is buried by her side.

I’ll talk to them, tell them how much I love them and miss them and that will be that.

My mum won’t be telling me to stop writing stupid blog posts on death and my dad won’t be suggesting we go for a beer, but they will listen to me and that’s good enough.

5. Dead People Don’t Let A Bit of Rain Ruin Their Day

Way back in my early days of Life Coaching when I was still in the UK I was working with a client who had just come back from 2 weeks vacation to the Caribbean.

I asked him how it went and was shocked this his holiday had been ruined because on 5 of the 14 days it rained.

By definition that meant 9 days were dry and anyway the guy was on a cruise ship the size of a small country so it’s not like there was nothing to do.

Yet he chose to do a reverse reframe and complain about the weather.

Dead people could give a shit about the weather.

They’re chilled in the knowledge that rain helps feed the flowers above them and the grass surrounding them and that the sun does likewise.

6. Dead People Don’t Get Stressed

Have you ever spoken to somebody who has recently been to pay their last farewells to a deceased friend or loved one?

Do you remember what they said about that person?

My guess is they said they looked so peaceful and maybe that they looked 10 years younger.

Isn’t it weird that death can make people look younger, or is it just loved ones being kind and/or sentimemtal?

No not really, because with death comes the total dissipation of stress.

Muscles that may have unknowingly and literally been tense for years are suddenly allowed to soften. In turn this allows the face to return to it’s natural relaxed state.

Dead people don’t frown, grimace or snarl. They don’t give black looks, roll their eyes in contempt or clench their jaws. They just relax.

You could wait until you’re dead to adopt that approach, but you really don’t need to.

7. Dead People Don’t Take Offense

When I was thinking of writing this post I asked on Twitter if people thought the title was a bit much.

The first person to respond said “It’s a little insensitive for my tastes”, so I thought, “Great we’re good to go!”

The reality is nothing is offensive unless we choose to be offended because it’s always a choice.

I know I push the boundaries a little and I know that some people think I’m an ass, but I don’t really care because that’s their choice.

But, the one thing I can tell you for sure is that I will not receive one single complaint from the billions of people who are dead. They don’t need to send e-mails and post comments of annoyance because they are too busy being peaceful.

Don’t wait until your dead to follow their lead because ironically the more you adopt the 7 Habits of Highly Dead People, the more you’re likely to remain living and in good health.

So, are you offended?

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