The 10 Funniest Dance Scenes Ever

About the only thing as certain and death or taxes if you  write a Life Coaching blog is that if it’s read by more than a dozen or so people, you’ll attract some strange comments from time to time that will leave you open-mouthed.

The last post was a case in point. Not only did I get accused of Christian based negativity towards witches (whatever that is) in the comments, but the women/witch then pointed out on Twitter I was guilty of hate crimes toward witches and pagans.

Okkkkk, you may want to step away from the cauldron and put the eye of bat down now because I think you’ve had too much.

I toyed with writing a long post on how easy it is to take offense if you’re constantly looking for things to take offense about, but then thought, nah screw it, laughing is much better.

If you want to read about being offended you can check out How To Be Offended, a post I wrote some while ago after some rather aggressive e-mails from a blog reader.

I was going to post the 10 movie scenes that made me laugh the most, but after 2 hours trawling YouTube I was struggling to narrow it down below about 75. So instead I decided as so many people liked the link to the Hitch clip I posted on the first a.o.b. post I’d go for what I consider after some serious thought to be the 10 funniest dance scenes ever.

Tropic Thunder

If you didn’t know this was Tom Cruise you probably wouldn’t have guessed so amazing was the make-up. The film was so-so and it’s a shame that this scene happened right at the end. I bet a lot of people were leaving the movie theater when this burst forth and stole the show.


Simply a classic although apologies that the quality isn’t that great.

Silver Streak

Not strictly a dance scene per se but Gene Wilders trying to be black and getting down to the ghetto blaster was hysterical. You need to watch it all the way through to get the benefit.

The Full Monty

A classic film and a classic scene. If you haven’t seen the movie, rent it!

Life of Brian

The end scene from one of my favorite films of all time.

The Producers

I’m not even sure how Mel Brooks got away with this. In fact I suspect if it were made now some sensitive types would be getting very hot under the collar.

Naked Gun 2.5

Not as good as the original Naked Gun, but still pretty damn funny.

The Office

The US Office is very funny, but sorry it aint as good as the original UK version. David Brent at his best and most embarrassing.

Night At The Roxbury

I’d never seen this before and stumbled across it when wasting time researching on YouTube and it made me howl.


I know it was in my original post, but it’s definitely in my top 10 so how could I leave it out?

I wanted to also include the Bohemian Rhapsody scene from Wayne’s World and the outrageous scene in Bruno that if you’ve seen you’ll know which one I mean. I couldn’t find a version of the former that wasn’t in wide screen and bled all over the sidebar and I couldn’t find more than a tiny clip of the latter, which is probably just as well!

So what do you think, have I missed some classics? Let me know the ones that made you laugh your ass off.