Thanks America!

On February 4th 2006 , along with my wife Helen and my doberman Ellie, we left the UK for good.

We had talked about emigrating for years as we both loved the US, but finally it happened and I can still remember thinking how surreal it all seemed.

Since we moved here, we have never felt less than 100% welcome. Sure I have had the occasional insult hurled at me based on my nationality, but for every one insult I have have had 100 welcomes in either words or actions.

99 out of 100 is pretty good in my book.

I know of plenty of Brits that have moved elsewhere in the world and haven’t felt the hospitality that we have felt, and in some cases even encountered open hostility.

This wasn’t a planned post until about 10 minutes before I started writing it, but as it’s our 5 year anniversary and we even qualify for citizenship now,  I just wanted to say:

A massive, massive, thanks to every single person that has treated us like one of the family!

I’m still a Limey Brit that loves his country of birth and believes in free education and free health care, and you’ll never knock that out of me.

BUT, I also love my ‘new’ home and more importantly its people, and moving here (after getting married) was the best decision I ever made.

Self indulgent post over an out.