How to Create a Fantastic Vision to Live an Amazing Life With Core Values

The following is a guest post from Ankit Yadav

Admit it.

It’s confusing.

You know creating a vision is important for a quality life. You’ve heard the advice. Begin with the end in mind. But is it that simple?

It’s easy to know the end for smaller projects. Unsatisfied with your job? Have a vision of finding the job you love. Want more profit in business? Think of tripling your profit this year.

But you feel stuck when creating a vision for life. The end isn’t a tangible result anymore.

Life is vague and unpredictable.

How to search for ideal vision in unpredictability? How to stop wondering what will become of your life and live with meaning and purpose?

Business success means profits. Job satisfaction means, doing what you love. But what does it mean to live an amazing life?

You move from blog to blog reading post after post, hoping to find your ideal vision. But the perfect vision isn’t out there. It’s buried deep within you.

The Uncommon Secret to an Amazing Life

You behave differently with different people. Your behavior with your parents is unlike that with your friends.

Think of your best friend. It feels empowering to be with him or her. You feel confident, believe in yourself and have few self doubts. The best friend brings out your best version – or at least they should!

Here lies the clue to amazing life.

Living in different ways requires you to have different personalities.

Your amazing life is one that brings out your innermost goodness.

If you’re sensitive, you want to practice full-hearted compassion. If you’re smart, you want to cultivate intelligence and become a genius.

“Your amazing life makes you into a Superman You.”

The Critical Foundation of a Powerful Vision

The strength of a skyscraper depends on its foundation. Bigger buildings need stronger foundations.

Your ideal vision also needs a strong foundation because life is ever changing and unpredictable. A weak vision quickly becomes useless.

Creating vision from desires is the most common advice. It’s a good vision if it fulfills your desires, right?


Firstly, meeting your desires does not guarantee an amazing life. We crave for unhealthy gratifications. Money, cars etc have their place in life. But they’re far from being most important.

Secondly, your desires can change with time, automatically changing your vision. You’ll never be sure of what you want.

Building a vision from desires is a recipe for failure.

What, then, is a reliable foundation?

Core Values

Values are timeless gifts that determine who we are.

Whether you’re a teenager, young adult or in your seventies, you want freedom. Freedom is a timeless value.

Similarly, values of abundance, kindness, authenticity etc are desired principles for billions of people that never change.

A vision based on values is permanent and solid even if external circumstances may occasionally mean you need to reassess your values.

But what values should you choose to build vision?

You probably guessed it.

Create your vision from the values that bring out the best in you.

If you want to explore the meaning of life, you want “awareness”. If you’re a sensitive person, you want “compassion”. If you want to achieve big goals, you want “accomplishment” or maybe even “significance”.

“Values are the lifeline to an amazing life.”

Uncover Your Innermost Values

As a kid I loved playing cricket. Of all the fond memories, one cricket match is special.

Our opponents were strong and we got to chase a challenging score. I remember playing the best cricket I had ever played. My batting was perfect and I made sure we won. It felt amazing.

As I reflect on the match, I come to a unique realization. The values I depicted in the match were the values of a professional player.

I played with belief that we could win. Courage.

I did not panic under pressure. Calmness.

I made sure I didn’t lose my concentration. Focus.

I did not scream if my teammate made a mistake. Compassion.

We have events in life when we feel empowered. We depict our innermost values in such moments. Think of uplifting moments from your past. What values felt natural to you?

Here is a list of 10 common values.

  1. Abundance
  2. Freedom
  3. Love
  4. Service
  5. Awareness
  6. Meaning
  7. Authenticity
  8. Intelligence
  9. Compassion
  10. Truth

There are a great many more so don’t limit yourself.

Highlight the values that hold special importance. You’ll ideally select a long list of values. I won’t be surprised if you want all 10 values mentioned above.

How to use so many values?

You can choose many values but only few will describe your unique innermost self.

We all want to be happy, have money and live freely. So happiness, abundance and freedom are common values. But some of us want to help others (service). Others care about environment (environmentalism). Service and Environmentalism describe our uniqueness.

There is no real distinction between common and unique values. This depends on your judgement. But you will have few values that are unique (say primary values) while others will be common (say secondary values).

Build a Powerful Vision

You’re now ready to create a strong vision.

And it’ll be surprisingly easy.

Choose your primary values and write a vision of living in harmony with those values.

If my primary values are abundance, awareness and service, I could say, “I want to create abundance, grow conscious in life and help others to do the same.”

If my primary values are abundance and philanthropy, my vision can be “to create immense wealth and use it to find cure to acute diseases, fund educational programs and give charity across the world.”

As you write different visions, notice how you feel about them.

Do they feel complete? Do they represent your innermost nature?

If something feels missing, go back and tweak some values. Experiment till your vision reflects your innermost self.

“In my vision I am a superhero and I save the world.”

Let the World see the Superman in You

Dig deep within and uncover your core values. Paint your ideal vision from these values.

Now you know how to build an effective vision. Imagine what it feels to live with bold intentions.

Life holds new meaning. It’s no longer a meaningless journey to unknown lands. Your vision is crystal clear. It’s the reason you exist.

Every choice you make rises from this vision. Each action is a piece of puzzle falling in perfect place. And gradually but surely, your amazing life is coming together. The vision is your roadmap in life.

By creating a fantastic vision and living an amazing life, you’ll not just impact the world.

You’ll put a dent in the universe.

Author Bio

Ankit Yadav is a freshly-out-of-college, won’t-do-boring-job kind of person. He helps people to grow and improve in life through conscious choices. Get his “free” BRAIN-DEAD SIMPLE ROADMAP TO CREATE YOUR DREAM LIFE.

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