Life Coaching By E-Mail?

Every so often I get an e-mail from somebody asking if I can Life Coach them via e-mail and every time I respond that, not only do I not offer such a service, but I would highly advise the person against pursuing such an idea.

Contrary to what some ‘Life Coaches’ are saying I’m not even sure Life Coaching via e-mail is feasible.

An exchange of e-mails without any other contact is about as likely to result in a positive outcome (for the client) as me trying to learn to play the guitar by reading a book on the subject rather than picking one up.

Do You Do Life Coaching Via E-Mail?

A few months ago I got a request for e-mail coaching from a person who was suffering from severe social anxiety.

He told me that his social anxiety was so acute he couldn’t face talking to a Life Coach via the phone, let alone visiting one in person.

Well slow down there tiger. In cases so severe Life Coaching is almost certainly not what’s called for, at least not to begin with.

In such circumstances therapeutic intervention is probably required starting with a journey to a physician to kick off the diagnostic process.

And yes, that may indeed involve short-term medication, because in such cases that is often the appropriate course of action.

The problem with social anxiety is that the more people shy away from the situations that cause them anxiety, such as using the phone, the more that anxiety will increase when they finally have to make a call.

Don’t Feed Your Kryptonite

In other words, every time you avoid your kryptonite, your kryptonite gains in strength and your resistance to it reduces.

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I wrote a post entitled The Greatest Blog Post Ever Written a few months ago.

I didn’t genuinely believe I’d written the greatest ever blog post, I was merely trying to demonstrate how incredibly difficult it is to understand the written word when you have little or nothing else to go on.

E-Mail Life Coaching Is Akin To Mindreading

It can be tricky enough reading other people when you can see them.

But if you not only remove sight, but sound too, it is nigh on impossible to do so accurately on a consistent basis.

For sure people may be able to help with goal setting via e-mail, but I’m struggling to think of much else. And anyway, goal setting is possibly the single easiest thing a Life Coach has to do.

So much so in fact that I have turned down clients that only wanted help goal setting.