Join Me On The Whole30 Program

We all know that what we ingest determines so many things.

If we indulge in a diet high in trans fats and sugar we’re going to put on weight. If we drink too much alcohol we’re going to damage our liver and probably our heart too. And if eat too many beans we’re not going to be invited to many parties.

Over the last decade or so what we thought we knew about food and nutrition has been turned on its head.

There is little doubt now that whole grains are not the gateway to good health that was once thought.

And we also know that unsaturated and monounsaturated fats such extra virgin olive oil actually offer significant health benefits. All fats are not equal.

You Are What You Eat

But to me the most interesting research is looking at the connection between what we eat and not just our physical health, but also our mental health.

We now know that too little tryptophan, which is plentiful in shell fish, tuna and some red meats, can lead to depression.

And there is a growing belief that consuming too many trans fats that are usually found in cakes, frozen pizzas, pastry etc. can shrink the hippocampus and may even cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Probably the biggest culprit when it comes to negative effects not just on our body, but also our brain is a short-chain, soluble carbohydrate made up of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, more commonly known as sugar.

It has been known for a long time that the consumption of excessive amounts of sugar can lead to dental problems, liver toxicity, Type II diabetes and weight gain, but it’s only relatively recently that we have started to understand the effects on the brain of too much sugar, and they are not good.

It seems if you want to age prematurely, get your brain to shrink and lose your ability to concentrate properly, then sugar’s got your back.

The problem is though, that sugar is highly addictive.

Your brain releases dopamine when you give it a hit of sugar in exactly the same way as it does if you were to do a line of cocaine.

You love dopamine, we all do – it’s lovely, so quite naturally you want some more and that’s how addictions start.

I quit eating grains at the beginning of this year which has meant waving goodbye to pasta, bread and beer.

It’s definitely not been easy, especially when my friend turned up to my house to watch the SuperBowl with a case of Modelo – the bastard.

My acid reflux has definitely improved and I’ve had less stomach issues, but I’m still not sleeping as well as I’d like and my energy levels have room for improvement.

The Whole30 Program

So I’ve been looking at ways of taking it to the next level and asked my Facebook friends for feedback on the Whole30 program. Every single person who had done the 30-day program got great benefits and felt better by the end.

It looks fairly brutal and requires the removal of not just grains, but all alcohol, legumes, all processed sugar no matter how little and, horror of horrors, dairy products (except eggs although I never figured out why eggs were considered dairy as no cow I know ever laid an egg).

I know this will require a lot more discipline than merely giving up grains so I could do with being held accountable.

I was going to get my Life Coach to kick my ass, but it’s not practical that I speak with her every day when she’s swanning round Mexico kitesurfing, so I thought I’d mention it to you.

If you are interested in joining me on the program (it’s not a diet!) let me know.

If I can get half a dozen people I’d be happy to set up a private Facebook group where we can check in every day to document how we feel and offer mutual support, tips etc.

This is a bit of fun, so don’t worry I’m not looking to charge you any money.

I only want people who are also prepared to do the Whole30 too, so leave me a comment if you’re committed and want to join in.

We (my wife is doing it too) will be starting on Thursday 16th February so you have plenty of time to prep up and it would be fun to have you join us on the journey.