Free Life Coaching Stuff – Almost

As I gaze round my office I see lots of Life Coaching and self development books that I’ve read and probably won’t again, or have never read and almost certainly never will.

It seems a shame to let them go to waste (even the ones I bought myself) so today I thought I’d dive into the Black Friday spirit and look to do a sale and help other people into the bargain.

Before I tell you what the books are though and how you can get your mucky mitts on them, let me tell you about some other stuff I’ll be giving away this festive season.

Firstly, we have decided that between now and Christmas (or sooner if we run out and that is almost nailed on the way sales are going) we will be shipping an extra copy of How To Be Rich and Happy with every hard copy order so you can give it as a gift.

Not only that, but we are picking the tab up on the additional shipping. So if you want a free copy to give as a gift, now is your chance and you still get the original first edition that will be all gone very soon.

I’m also planning on running an exclusive competition in the December edition of my newsletter that will give away $600 worth of Life Coach sessions.

So if you have been considering coaching or think it would make a cool gift for a friend or family member, get signed up now and join all the cool kids (in my mind).

Now for those books and how this is going to work.

There are 3 boxes of books and each one will go to the highest bidder as long as that bid covers the minimum of $10 that is.

However, the money from the highest bidder will not go to me. It will go to the How To Be Rich and Happy project and help toward the cost of the next print run. You have my word I will not make a penny, dime or dollar from this.

So have a scroll down and see if there’s a box you’d like. If there is, leave a comment with your bid for any amount over $10. Please do NOT e-mail me bids, I will only accept bids left in the comment field because I want people to see if somebody has already bid.

Any books marked (new) are amazingly enough not necessarily new. However, they are unread and as such pretty much in mint condition and most could be easily give and presents!

I will probably close this down some time on Monday when I will ask the winners (presuming there are some!) to make the donation to the Rich and Happy giveaway. I will then mail the books and cd’s the following day.

Because of shipping considerations this offer is only open to people living in the US. Sorry!

The Self Development & NLP Kit (approx value new – $250)

An Introduction to NLP by O’Connor & McDermott – Audiobook 3 x cd
The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau (Paperback)
The Power of Less by Leo Babauta – (Hardback)
Giant Steps – Tony Robbins Audiobook 2 x cd
Make Your Mind Work For You by Joan Minninger – Audiobook x 4 cd
Follow Your North Star by Martha Beck – Audiobook x 4 cd
Are You Ready To Succeed – Srikumar Rao – Audiobook x 3 cd
Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman – Audiobook 3 x cd
The Skinny On Willpower by Jim Randel (new)
Achieve Everything In Just One Year – Jason Harvey (new)
How To Be  A Complete And Utter Failure by Steve McDermott (new)
You Can If You Think You Can – Norman Vincent Peale – Audiobook 1 x cd
Leadership Mastery Course – Dale Carnegie = Audiobook 4 x cd
First Things First – Stephen Covey – Audiobook 1 x cd
More To Life Than The Corner Office – Smith & King Hardback (new)
How To Be Rich and Happy by Brownson & Strelecky (Paperback) (new)
Don’t Ask Stupid Questions by Tim Brownson (Hardback) (new)
Life Safari by John Strelecky (Hardback) (new)

The Business Kit (approx value new – $200)

Linchpin by Seth Godin – Audiobook  (2 x cd)
Free Prize Inside by Seth Godin – (Hardback) (new)
Good To Great by Jim Collins Unabridged Audiobook 8 x cd
Now Discover Your Strengths by Buckingham & Clifton –  Audiobook 3 x cd
Tom Peters live in London – CD
The Only Negotiating Guide You’ll Ever Need by Stark & Faherty – Audiobook 3 x cd
YouTube – An Insiders Guide To Climbing The Charts by Lustufka & Dean (Paperback)
Blogging Heroes by Michael banks – Hardback (I wasn’t in it – sniff)
Living Richly by Myra Salzer (Paperback) (new)
Natural Brilliance by Paul Scheele (Paperback) (new)
How To Become A Rainmaker by Jeffrey Fox – Hardback
The Power of Positive Thinking in Business by Scott Ventrella – Audiobook 2 x cd
The Book Of Leadership Wisdom – Peter Krass – Audiobook 3 x cd
Business Applications of NLP – Lara Ewing 2 x cd lecture

The Woo-Woo & Health Kit (approx new value $200)

Muhammed by Deepak Chopra – Advance copy version (Paperback)
Spiritual Partnership by Gary Zukav – Advance copy version (Paperback)
Excuses Begone by Wayne Dyer – Audiobook 7 x cd
A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle – Audiobook 8 x cd
Defy Gravity by Carline Mass – (Hardback) (new)
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay – (Paperback)
The Secret – DVD – Look it was a gift, honest
Change Your Thoughts (meditation) – Wayne Dyer single cd
Healing Meditations – Bernie Siegel – 2 x cd
True Meditation by Adyshanti 3 x cd
The Spark – Chris Downie Hardback & DVD (new)
Prefect Health – Single cd paraliminals – a bit like hypnosis on steroids. (new)
Eliminate Procrastination – See above (new)