A Guide To The Law Of Attraction For Skeptics

For ages I have been asking Law of Attraction enthusiasts to offer me a guest post on a subject that I am highly skeptical about.

I had a couple of posts sent to me that had more holes in them than a piece of Swiss Cheese that’s been attacked by cheese loving maggots, so I declined.

When I actually approached people who claimed to be LoA experts,  I’d generally get responses like:

It will lower by vibrational field to write a defense” or

There’s no point, you either get it or you don’t”.

Well I don’t, so I was pleased to get Trevor Emdon’s post because whereas it hasn’t convinced me, I do think he at least is honest and doesn’t make claims as outrageous as some I have heard.

You make your mind up and let us both know in the comments what your take is.

A Guide To The Law Of Attraction For Skeptics

What’s all the hullabaloo?  Who cares if the law of attraction is real or not?

Well, honestly, you do.  I do too.  In fact, we should all care about getting to the bottom of this endless debate because the very notion of the law of attraction is surely the Holy Grail of Life; namely the ability to design your own destiny.

Doesn’t everybody want to feel they’re in the pilot’s seat of their own life?

I’m about to attempt this daring feat of untangling the myth from the mystery so before embarking on my treacherous journey I’d better declare my hand.

You should know right off the bat, I’m a convert.  I began some twenty odd years ago, (I was then in my thirties), when the proverbial brown stuff hit my personal fan.  My job was heading down the tubes and my first marriage was in tatters.

In the midst of this personal chaos I went on a course and, “coincidentally” (if you believe in those), found a book at exactly the same time both of which said, “We create our own reality.”

Now I was ripe for the picking, I admit.  But I took nothing at face value.  It took me the best part of seven years to sort the real stuff from the nonsense until, after a roller-coaster ride I finally started to get some big positive changes in my life.

(Results now include a wonderfully happy marriage, a home in a beautiful rural English village and a Mercedes bought for cash).

Okay, I’ve laid out my stall and revealed my hand.  Except perhaps to say that I’m trained as a mental health professional and psychotherapist, which is important for you to know because that was the lens through which I looked at the issues.

I’m no scientist and back then I wouldn’t have known a quantum from a quark!  (And don’t think I do now, please.  I have my pride you know).

To sort the myth from the mystery there are, it seems to me, just two fundamental questions to be answered.

Question 1:

If the law of attraction isn’t “real” then is there a sensible alternative?

The most basic question we can ask regarding the law of attraction is surely whether it makes sense to even entertain it as a hypothesis.

To clarify: the law of attraction states that we have the power to influence events and circumstances of our lives.  The opposite view would then be that everything is random, wouldn’t you agree?

There doesn’t seem to be a half way model.  Either you have control over your destiny or you are at the mercy of … well, everything.

Now, as I’ve said, I’m not doing science here, so we are going down a somewhat philosophical road.

As a human being, I reasoned, we all show up equipped with abilities and faculties that I can see no Darwinian reason for.  Why do you need an imagination, for example?  The ability to imagine a pink zebra is useless as far as I can see.*

Tims Qustion: Surely imagination is crucial in planning, especially things that have never been done before??

But when you factor in that that gives us the ability to imagine any future for ourselves we choose then, from a philosophical as well as perhaps an anthropological viewpoint, you have to ask why?

To have no ability to do something with that faculty seems absurd.

Is It About Desire?

You see, there is also the question of desire.  Humankind, individually and collectively, desires things.  To then have the majority of people spending their lives frustrated in those desires seemed to me also crazy.

I don’t think chimps or gorillas do that.  My cat certainly doesn’t seem to.  Sure, she lets my wife and me know when she desires food or to go outside, but she shows no sign of ambition.

There is not a shred of evidence that she, or indeed any of her peers, has the slightest urge to change the feline world.

So here we have homo sapiens, allegedly the most talented species ever, with powerful urges which most of us will never fulfill!   That’s a kind of cruel joke nature played there.

Nature needs a kick up the proverbial wotsit if that’s what it has done.

Of course, we could say that the development of such faculties is all random, but then I looked at nature again for signs of randomness and could find … none.

Diversity, sure, there is that in plentiful supply.  But not randomness.  As well as the more obvious things, like planets staying in their orbits and seasons always following in the same sequence, there are subtler symptoms of order rather than chaos.

For example, has it ever occurred to you to wonder what would happen if a whole generation of people wanted to be Picasso’s?  Nobody would eat!

And how come there has never been a time when there were too many males or too many females in all of our history?

Now, there may be an anthropologist out there who will inform me that such imbalance has been the cause of some poor creatures’ extinction, but I have never heard of that.

Nature balances things and each one of us seems to arrive with our own desires that meet not only our own needs, but those of the greater whole too.

Argue away, but before you go, let’s consider the second vital question which is:

Question 2:

Can the law of attraction be proved?

Now look, I’ve already told you I’m not a scientist and there are definitely some boffins out there who say they can prove it.  (Check out quantum physicist Amit Goswami for example).

But the bottom line is, that kind of proof doesn’t really make a jot of difference unless you can get some use out of it in your life.

In other words, what we want is results. When do we want ‘em?  Now!

And that’s where proof and faith have to try and bridge a gap.  I can tell you until I’m blue in the face that the money and my Mercedes showing up on the same day was unquestionably the result of correct deployment of the law of attraction.

And you can tell me it was a very lucky day and there is nothing I can do about that.  It’s utterly subjective and a matter, give or take, of opinion.

To all intents and useful purposes, then, the law of attraction cannot be proved.  There is, nevertheless, a fantastic set of reasons for continuing with your life as if it were true.

My Life Transformed

That’s what I decided some years ago and it transformed me and my life.  In that order.

Living as if the law of attraction is true means putting yourself in the mental and emotional state as if life had delivered whatever you desire.  To do that you have to live as an upbeat optimist.

The result of that is that you laugh a lot more, you relax about everything and you marvel at every intersection of your life because coincidences and good luck seem – and I use that word advisedly – to show up a great deal more often.

When things happen that do seem to knock you off balance you recover sooner and you believe in yourself, and the power of Nature, (or whatever you call it), to show you a way through.

The more I live it, the more I trust it.  The more I trust it, the more good luck I seem to have.  Being married to a gorgeous woman for the past six years, a paid for Mercedes in the drive and money in the bank are all things I once believed I could and would never have.

Now, they are part of my everyday existence, but there’s a big point to make about that:  I don’t take things for granted.  I’m grateful day in and day out.  That’s another good feeling to add to my daily love of life.

So, the way I see it is this.  The law of attraction may or may not be the way things “really” are.  But living as if it’s so is to live from the heart; happy, fulfilled, grateful and living your life as the great adventure it was surely always meant to be.

It may sound like a simple choice but to my mind, once you see it like that, there really is no turning back, is there?


Trevor Emdon is the British success coach and author, (“The Book of Being – Easy Reality Creation With Or Without The Law Of Attraction”),  who trained in everything from psychotherapy to metaphysics and one day woke up to realize he was happy and successful.  His biggest disappointment is that far too many people have a “default setting” of worry.  He writes and teaches success, happiness and personal fulfillment programs.  He firmly believes every one of us can achieve all of our dreams – what else would life be for?  His mission statement is “Changing lives for the better forever.”

In addition, he has devised what is possibly the world’s first system for making the law of attraction work, “The WoW Factor” – even if you don’t believe in it.

You can find all about him and his success programs at http://www.wizardofwisdom.com

Tims Counterpoint

I have mentioned an ex-boss and now a good friend of mine on here a few times and he even made an appearance in my first published book Don’t Ask Stupid Questions (free if you click this link btw).

And the reason why I have mentioned him is because he is without doubt the most upbeat optimistic and downright happy person I’ve ever known.

I literally have never seen him down and I know many others who say exactly the same.

He has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. What happened to the Law Of Attraction?

I really, really, would love to get your take whichever side of the fence you are on,m or even if you’re sat on top of the fence!