23 Reasons The Law Is An Ass

I once fell off a motorcycle at fairly slow speed. I’m guessing I was going less than 20 mph as I went to take a corner  because I had already spotted a patch of loose gravel and slowed thinking it may pose a problem.

Pose a problem it did, as next thing I know I’m sliding sideways down the road one way as the bike and my passenger went the other.  The accident resulted in a visit to hospital, some nasty cuts and grazes and walking with a limp for a week or two.

Last week I was sat at some traffic lights when a guy pulled up along side me on a Harley. He was wearing cut off jeans and some sandals. That was it….. literally. No helmet, no shirt or jacket and nothing protecting his legs. Oh, I tell a lie, he was wearing a bandanna, so his head was probably ok.

I thought about the cuts I sustained at such a low speed and with a pair of jeans between me and the road and wondered what the guy was thinking off. Then almost as if he knew I was questing his sanity and he wanted to remove any doubt, he whipped out his phone and started texting.

As he did so the lights changed and we moved off. My challenge loving friend wasn’t deterred though, and he kept merrily texting away for the next mile or so until we got to the next traffic lights.

That’s kind of funny. It’s also kind of scary. Almost as scary as seeing a guy driving a loaded school bus using his phone a day or two later.

Amazingly enough it’s illegal to fart in public after 6pm in Florida. It’s also illegal to have sex with a porcupine,  to shower naked (I kid you not) or sing in a public place whilst dressed in a swimsuit.

But it isn’t illegal to use a phone whilst driving even if you are a school bus driver.*

According to one study you are 23 x more likely to die in a car accident whilst texting than if you are paying attention to where you are actually going.

I can only imagine what that figure rises to when driving a motorcycle.

I want to throw out a challenge and the offer of a $25 Amazon Gift Card to anybody that can give me one single legitimate reason why the use of cell phones without hands free kits isn’t banned outright.

You’re going to have to work hard on this one because I can reframe some weird shit successfully and have struggled with this one.

I know there are lots of old and very weird laws on the statute books, but what law that is actually enforced do you think demonstrates the law really is a complete and utter ass?

* It is currently illegal in 18 States currently for a school bus drivers to operate a cell phone. In Florida not only can they use their phone but they can also text. No doubt we’re waiting for a few dead kids in an horrific pile up before the law-makers get their collective heads out of their asses.