Whoopie Do, Another Life Changing Sale

cybwer monday saleI have no idea how many e-mails I have received in the last week advertising either Black Friday or Cyber Monday once in a lifetime deals, but it’s well in excess of 100 and every single one ended in my trash folder.

If only I’d had an e-mail from Spam Sieve my (largely) inadequate spam filter telling me they were having a sale on an e-mail program that not just blocked, but also deleted all Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and sent a red hot poker up the ass of the person who’d sent it,  I’d have jumped at it.

But alas they didn’t, they were too busy waving e-mails from China into my inbox.

It’s interesting that Black Friday was purely and solely created to stimulate retail sales.

It didn’t happen organically through customer demand any more than the giving of diamonds for engagement rings did.

Diamonds Weren’t Always A Girls Best Friend

The latter was a piece of marketing genius delivered by the diamond cartel De Beers in 1938.

Diamonds had been given prior to then, but so had many other stones and De Beers who were probably short of a few bucks needed to stimulate sales and make people believe that if an engagement ring didn’t contain a diamond, then the giver was obviously Mr Rightbastard and not Mr Right.

Whereas the De Beers campaign was stunningly effective it actually wasn’t that original.

Something similar had happened with Mothers Day three decades prior and also over a century earlier with Valentines Day.

Since then we have had Fathers Day arrive, Baby Showers where you give gifts for a person who hasn’t actually been born, and there are cards to give for almost every conceivable occasion including passing a driving test, the loss of your favorite cat and congratulating you on your successful hemorrhoid removal.

But for retailers and business, enough is never enough and they’re always looking for ways to extract more money from you under the guise of helping you out.

So much so in fact that the UK this year introduced Black Friday even though we don’t have Thanksgiving and already have our own equivalent of Black Friday called Boxing Day which happens the day after Christmas Day.

To coin a rather fitting English expression, that’s called taking the piss.

My Life Changing Sale

I guess that may be a slight exaggeration, as my Cyber Monday is somewhat low key and I doubt anybody will be throttling the woman in front of them because she cut the line to save $5 on a jumper with a Reindeer on it in Wal-Mart.

Having said that, my book Aligning With Your Core Values sells for $45 and you can grab it for $19 until midnight on Tuesday 3rd December.

It’s not designed for Life Coaches as all the forms are copyrighted and there is too much information missing that professional coaches need.

However, the Life Coaches version of the book  which is the process I use with clients (and a whole lot more) retails for $99 and you can grab that for $49.

Both include a video, the necessary forms, and for the regular book there’s even an audio.

That’s it really, no hoopla, no big deal, just the opportunity to save some cash if you want to get some more clarity and direction in your life.

Having said that, if you don’t read it, act on it or use the information wisely, you haven’t saved a damn thing, you’ve just given me some money and whereas I appreciate your generosity you may as well just send me a “Welcome To December’ card.

The Skinny

If you want either book click the appropriate link above and read these few conditions.

There is no money back guarantee.

The offer does not include How To Be Rich and Happy.

You can not buy the personal edition and then upgrade to the professional Life Coaches version.

I will not extend the deal whatsoever. The coupon code it set to expire at midnight on Tuesday, not a minute sooner or later.

The coupon code is retailtherapy

If you buy it awesome and I am sure you will get real value (no pun intended) from the material, if you don’t, no worries and have yourself a very Happy Cyber Monday and the card is in the mail!