How Tolerant Are You?

I receive an e-mail when anybody comments on one of my YouTube videos and this morning I woke up to see I had offended somebody with my video, ‘How To Be Miserable

If you haven’t seen the video it’s very tongue-in-cheek look at the multitude of ways some people come up with to feel dissatisfied with their lives.

I was racking my brain trying to remember what on earth was in that video that could possibly have offended somebody, especially as it has 52 thumbs up and not a single thumb down.

Fortunately, the person leaving the comment had told me it was at 2 minutes 9 seconds so it was easy for me to check.

I clicked on the link and stared the video and then advanced to the point mentioned only to be greeted by a very offensive thing indeed.

The section was called ‘Become a Martyr’ and there was an image on a stained glass window of a an angelic female praying.

I have no idea who the image is meant to be. 

As far as I know it could be the Virgin Mary, Felicity of Rome (yeh, we both know I Googled that one as my knowledge of female martyrs is somewhat slim) or the wife of some dude who owns a stained glass window company.

But does it really matter? It’s a fucking a composite image made out of some colored glass!

The guy left another comment saying that overall the video was ‘terrific’, yet he still managed to get hung up on something so trivial and unimportant on his way to finding terrifcness.

 I have written a fair few posts here condemning everything from the way we as a Society treat people with depression, to homophobia and just general intolerance and people’s ability to get bent out of shape by meaningless crap that they could easily walk away from.

In the past people have told me either via Social Media, e-mail or in the comments of a blog post that my swearing offends them. I usually respond, rather childishly it has to be said, ‘don’t fucking read it then!

I have had other people tell me (even more often than my swearing) that my typo’s and poor grammar offend them. My response to those people is “dont’ fucking reed it then?’

I pride myself on my tolerance. If you’re reading my blog I honestly don’t care if you’re black or white, gay or straight, religious or atheist, socialist or capitalist, British or American, a Beatle or a Stone (you have to be very old to get that ‘joke’).

Of course I have my own opinions that I have shared (against most conventional blogging wisdom, especially for a Life Coach) on many occasions, but I accept they are just my *opinions* and yours may well be different.

And hurrah for different opinions because life would be a tad boring if we all agreed on everything all the time.

And as long as you respect my belief, as I do yours,  by not trying to ram yours down my throat we’re almost certainly going to get on great and we may even end up in a big cyber hug.

So to the point of this post.

I am obviously intolerant of intolerance and for the most part I have been able to justify this by taking the higher moral ground.

But who am I to decide where the high moral ground is?

Don’t we decide on what is and isn’t high moral ground based on our own very personal core values? And don’t I regularly preach about values being right for the individual?

The original image I chose for this post was a bunch of white supremacists holding idiotic (in my opinion) banners and wearing swastikas.

But when it came to get ready to publish the post I just couldn’t use it because I found it so repulsive.

In which case am I being a hypocrite preaching tolerance, but then not being tolerant with people who aren’t?

It’s a serious question and I’d welcome your feedback and also to know how tolerant you think you are?

Meditation Can Change Your Life

I have written a lot about meditation and the incredibly mental and physical health benefits it has to offer.

I have even written a free meditation ebook aimed at beginners and skeptics that you can get here and doesn’t even require you to leave your e-mail details.

My introduction to the subject was facilitated by Bodhipaksa who runs Wildmind, A Buddhist website that isn’t just for Buddhists. 

I have taken a number of his courses and also met him on retreat. And by the way, you can read about that in my post ‘The Loud Mouthed Life Coach Goes On Retreat‘ and find out how I made a total dick of myself on more than one occasion.

on 13th August, Bodhipaksa begins a 28 challenge to get people started on a meditation practice with daily help and advice.

It’s purely on a donation basis, so if you genuinely have no cash you are not excluded.

Not only do I highly recommend you sign up, I also recommend you donate what you can because his ability to run free courses and keep his site ad free is based upon the support of others.

And one final thing.

Guess what certain types of meditation such as Metta Bhavana (or lovingkindness as it’s also called) do?

Yep, they increase our compassion and thus our tolerance levels, so maybe I should go and do one now?

Image: ‘Meditation’ Courtesy of Premasager