The Most Pathetic Excuse Known To Humanity

I was just writing an article on New Years Resolutions for my newsletter readers and something crossed my mind that I want to share with you.

I’ve deliberately been holding back on sending the newsletter because people that have set New Year Resolutions often don’t start to hit the wall for a week or two as to begin with they are carried along on a wave of enthusiasm and determination

As such, I think the advice is more valuable now than when somebody kicks off the new year with high expectations and great intentions and probably wont absorb it.

There are a number of reasons goals can, and do fail, and I cover off three of the most important in the newsletter (you can sign up in the box below if you want to know what they are)

However, possibly one of, if not the, most common reason, is also the most ridiculous, pathetic, annoying, frustrating and ill thought out ones known to humanity, and it goes something like this:

“Well I slipped back and had a cigarette after a stressful meeting with my boss. So I guess I failed and I may as well buy a pack”

Or it’s this:

“I had a bad day at work and drank a beer when I got home so that’s me screwed, better crack open a 6 pack and get hammered”

Or it’s this:

“I missed going to Yoga this week after I promising myself I would definitely go, so I may as well quit it now and save myself the disappointment of failing again”

If you’ve set yourself a New Years Resolution or two and have found you’ve already slipped back, don’t worry there are millions of people just like you.

It’s not the end of the resolution or goal, never mind the world. Unless that is you want it to be and are happy to use the most pathetic excuse known to humanity?

I doubt that very much, so cut yourself some slack and ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?” Then hop back on board with your new found knowledge that makes future success even more inevitable.

I cannot stress enough that this isn’t an all or nothing. You can reach goals by experiencing failures along the way. In fact, I’d almost go as far as to say:

You probably can’t hit meaningful, life-changing goals, without having some setbacks.

If you use one, or even multiple failures as an excuse to quit on your goals, then you never gave yourself the even slightest chance of succeeding. In actuality it was never even a goal, just something you kind of fancied achieving if you got lucky and all the starts aligned in your favor.

Well quite frankly, fuck the stars aligning because you’ve no control over them, only yourself and your own actions so remember this:

“You are not defined by your failures, but how you react to those failures”