Never Speak Ill of Binaural Beats in My House, Woman!

I have been intrigued about binaural beats for some time now without ever really diving headlong into them. I think if I’m being honest, I saw them as the lazy persons meditation, or maybe even meditation without the spiritual element.

Also, when they first hit the scene commercially speaking, they were ridiculously expensive and I know people that have spent literally thousands of dollars on programs from companies such as Holosync.

Having said that, people who I like, trust, and respect have been raving about their benefits for some while now and urging me to check them out.  So when Carl approached my about writing a post I thought it may be time to lower my skeptical guard and give him the platform to convince me.

It’s a longish post, but that’s because it goes into the science behind the idea and I think it’s important when we make such claims to back them up with evidence! Otherwise we risk drifting into the Law of Attraction land of hopes and dreams.

There are a couple of affiliate links in this post one of which goes to a long letter sales page. Normally I would never link to something like that and it’s only because I trust Carl that I’m doing so now. But if you’re against the whole affiliate deal, let me know and I’ll ask Carl to send you a direct URL.

Edit by Tim: There is an interesting debate in the comments that I think you should read so that you can make your own mind up on this.

Never Speak Ill of Binaural Beats in My House, Woman!

I had a row with my girlfriend recently. Not a blazing row, I hasten to add; no insults were thrown, no violence threatened. In retrospect, it was more of a quiet disagreement.

But in my house, when you speak ill of binaural beats, you can be expected to be held in low regard and potentially even banished to the naughty cupboard.

Go over there & reflect on the evil you’ve just uttered”, I wanted to say.

Instead, I stammered, Colin Firth style:

But darling… binaural beats cause brainwave synchronization… which has been repeatedly proven to provide a whole raft on benefits…. like reduced stress…. increased creativity… remember the Princeton university studies? …. Leonardo Di Vinci even referenced it …. increased endorphins… it’s better than meditation… you devil woman

She looked up at me, grimacing, and noted: “But I just said I liked binaural beats”

“I know”, I said, “but you don’t love binaural beats. And if you used them properly, you’d love them like I do”.

The Problem with “Liking” Binaural Beats

The reason I wanted my darling Nina to “love” binaural beats, is that people who love something are more likely to take time out to do more of it.

I love eating steak & playing Sim City on my iPad, so I don’t need to motivate myself to do more of either.

People who “like” something will rarely prioritize it above “more important” pursuits like watching crap on TV & moaning about the recession.

I quite like the buzz I get from doing 50 push ups, but not enough to swap it for a tasty bacon sandwich on a Sunday morning. So more often than not, I eat sweet cured pork, rather than punishing my body. Who woulda thought?

It’s all about feeling the love.

Why I Want Nina – And You – To Love Binaurals

When used regularly – binaural beats truly rock. And they come with a raft of health benefits (see below).

And as she’s the woman I love, I want Nina to get the same benefits that I’ve been getting for the past few years – namely less stress, more energy, better ideas & an ever-increasing sense of well-being.

(OK, plus I figure I’ll get more sack action & home cooked food. You got me?)

And for you – well, I’m all for meeting happy & chilled people. Binaural beats will help you to feel more happy & chilled. Voila. Good karma.

Why All Open Minded People Should Consider Using Binaurals

Simply put, there’s no personal development tool that offers such a high reward / investment ratio. In short, you get MAJOR benefits for sitting quietly with headphones on.

I call binaural beats the “lazy way to inner peace”, because they don’t take much skill in the slightest to get results. If you can sit still with your eyes shut for 20 minutes & continue breathing, you have the skill-levels required for quantum leap improvements using binaural beats! And no, you don’t need to know how to meditate.

As such, if you are interested in personal growth, are relatively open-minded, and are willing to experience profound improvements in mental & physical well-being, read on, and I’ll explain all.

Quick Recap: What are binaural beats?

For those of you scratching their heads, wondering what on earth binaural beats are, here’s a quick summary:

Binaural beats are sound waves, typically played as MP3s. You listen using headphones. These sound waves are below the level we can consciously hear. There’s some magic science going on, but in layman’s terms, to “make sense” of the sounds, your brain has to s-l-o-w down & really chill out. It basically goes into nap mode.

So your brain is asleep (in alpha, theta or delta brainwaves, for the geeks amongst you). But you are awake. This feels invigorating. And it’s very good for you (see below).

It’s a bloody wonderful experience!

Where’s the Science, Please, Charlatan?

OK enough rhetoric; it’s time for some science. I don’t want you to take my word for it. (Seriously, don’t)

So here’s a random splattering of thought-provoking tid-bits I’ve learned on my binaural beats journey. For sake of brevity, I’m giving you the bare essentials, but you can get full references at Binaural Beats Geek

Just one session creates awesome benefits. A summary of 20 peer reviewed papers noted that binaural beats are an “effective therapeutic tool”, and that “the immediate psychological effects on memory, attention, stress, pain, headaches & migraines were shown to benefit from even a single session”. Nice.

Proven physiological impact. Dr Vincent Giampapa, former president of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine that binaural beats “dramatically impact” the production of three hormones directly related to longevity of life & overall well-being; namely cortisol, DHEA & melatolin.

Cortisol – which is similar to adrenaline; having too much causes stress – goes down (in one study by 46%); DHEA – used as a “source ingredient” for virtually every “good” hormone in the body, a real immune system booster – goes up (43% average); and melatonin – a chemical produced when we are deeply asleep  goes up by up to 98%.

In short, our bodies seem to love binaural beats. Your body will thank you for using them!

Multiple proven health-increasing benefits. According to research papers from Wilson & Rhodes, binaural beats “increase relaxation, meditation, pain management; improve sleep, and reduce stress”. Not a bad set of benefits for a tool which starts at around $10.

Increase creativity & brain functioning. The Monroe Institute found that binaural beats “increase focus, problem solving, creativity, memory, learning, sleep induction, pain control & enhanced learning”.

Find a second-hand copy of the incredible book Megabrain by Michael Hutchison – for a 300 page roller-coaster on the benefits of messing with your brainwaves. You’ll never look at binaural beats the same way again.

Increased relaxation & learning. Want to relax more, but achieve more too?

A research paper from a team at Marie Curie Cancer Foundation found that binaural beats increase production of serotonin, which increases relaxation & reduces pain.

Also, production of catecholamines is boosted, which are vital to memory & learning. So you really can relax deeply and learn more at the same time. Super sweet.

Increased IQ? Here’s where the benefits start to get really trippy.

Dr Siegried Othmer found that binaural beats users enjoyed average IQ increases of 23%. If the IQ was lower than 100 to begin with, the average leap was 33 points. There’s hope for us idiots yet!

Plus, in a follow-up study one year later, Dr Othmer reported “major long-term improvements in self-esteem & concentration, and significant improvements in sleep patterns, irritability & organization”. So the effects last after you stop using them.

Impact on Sleep, Anxiety & Depression.

Finally, three separate research studies demonstrated a “significant reduction” in anxiety; an “increase in the quality of life”; binaural beats “influence people to fall asleep”; and levels of depression amongst depressed folks reduced to that of a control group of non depressed people.

So if you’re an anxious, depressed insomniac, you’re in luck. (Note – that’s a joke – naturally you should see a Doctor!)

Convinced to give binaural beats a go yet?

Having used binaurals (or their new, powerful cousin – Isochronic Tones) several times a week for 3 years, I can attest to the fact that I’m much more relaxed; more creative – referenced by the fact I’ve started 5 businesses & work for myself now – I sleep better; I stopped smoking; and I’m a much happier bunny than I used to be.

I don’t let stress get to me anymore. I haven’t had a cold for 18 months.

And based on the emails I get from subscribers to my site, these benefits aren’t limited to me. I get notes from people all around the world who gush about their increased creativity, better state of mind, and overall sense of well-being.

So, kind skeptic: When are you going to give this ground-breaking technology a chance?

And I mean, a proper chance. i.e. try it for a few weeks. See what changes. I guarantee, you will experience changes. Nice ones, too.

… Just One Last Thing, Columbo Style

I nearly forgot: My favorite benefit of binaural beats is that they get you into a state of brainwave synchronization. This is a state of deep awareness & intense mental clarity, caused when the left & right hemispheres of your brain become synchronized.

Remembers Tim’s awesome post on creativity that involved sticking a finger up your nose to see which side of your brain was in control? Well, with this little beauty both sides are operating at the same time.

And not only does this massively increase your level of creative thought & feelings of well-being, but as binaural beats expert Bill Harris sagely notes, you’ll feel “an experience of connection with the rest of the universe, accompanied by profound inner peace & happiness”.

Even Dr Lester Fehmi, Head of Biofeedback Research at Princeton University, describes this state as:

“an ‘into-it-ness’, where instead of feeling separate & narrow focused, you tend to feel more unified with the experience, you are the experience – and the scope of your awareness is widened a great deal… it’s as if you become less self-conscious and you function more intuitively”.

Look: if the head of brain stuff at PRINCETON is raving like a little fairy about “unifying” with the universe, you know this stuff is worth checking out.

Now, I must say that even I – with all hours my practice & effort & pro-binaural-beats-propaganda – don’t reach this state every time. It takes a bit of skill, practice and commitment, but aren’t the potential results worth that?

In short, you need to be super-chilled, and properly let go of all thoughts & stresses. It happens when it happens.

But when you do manage it… wow.

Basically, this is as close to enlightenment – in terms of what feels like a connection to God (sorry Tim) – as you’ll likely experience on this plane.

Words can’t describe the feeling… because it’s not really “you”; your brain shuts off and you just… feel…. connected. It’s bliss.

Go Get Some Binaurals, They’re Quite Cheap

So, here’s the deal – if you’re a busy person, who wants to maximize their time & results, you could do a lot worse than playing with some binaural beats to get you into a state of peak performance / bliss / relaxation quickly.

My only ask is that you try them for a few weeks before making a judgment. You’ll find that you relax more & get better results each time you use them.

A good cheap option is to choose something from the avalanche of options at Unexplainable Store ($10-30 – opt for “Isochronic Tones” for best results). These are inexpensive, pretty powerful, and fun.

If you want to make a profound shift, like me, I’d highly recommend the 6 month program from Brain Evolution System , which I’ve just completed. I’m gonna send Tim my CDs so he can experience it too.

Basically you’re supposed to listen every day (I didn’t – maybe 3-4 times per week), and it gradually takes you deeper and deeper into this crazily blissful state of mind. You’ll notice a profound shift in the way you see – and relate to – the world.

You’ll feel better, sleep better, and spend 30 minutes each day in Nirvana.

I hope I’ve shattered your paradigm on binaural beats. For a free sample, ebook, and tips on getting better results, feel free to sign up at Binaural Beats Geek . Otherwise, go forth and prosper.

And – to my lovely Nina – never speak ill of binaural beats again, woman!

Carl Harvey is a 26 year old entrepreneur, sales trainer, NLP-er & marketer. He runs a number of cool websites including Binaural Beats Geek . His girlfriend is lovely, although she better not ever speak ill of binaural beats ever ever again. He’ll happily answer any questions in the comments below. He likes to paraphrase Ghandi and say “I’ve got a super busy day today, so I must be sure to listen to binaural beats for longer than usual”. Honestly, he does say that.

Tims Note: Ok, I’m sold on the theory and I am going to commit to trying them out EVERY DAY for the month or so. If you’ve ever used them on a consistent basis with them let me know how you got on in the comments.

If you haven’t, but intend doing so now, please let me know how you get on as I’d like write a follow up post at some stage.

Tim’s Follow Up September 2014

They’re bollocks.