What Luis Suarez Can Teach You About Self Development

This may comer as a shock, but self development is all about developing yourself to be the best person you can be.

Biting people in front of millions of people worldwide, as the dentally challenged Luis Suarez did this week,  is not good for your self development. 

It also has dubious dental benefits as flossing human flesh out from between your teeth is notoriously difficult..

Therefore, do NOT bite people.

It’s not big and it’s not clever.

I know the Life Coaching purists will be appalled at me telling others what to do, but fuck ‘em, seriously, do NOT bite people.

Unless you have no reflection, hate garlic, sleep in a velvet lined box, and cringe at the sign of a cross or daylight, biting people is bad.

So are we agreed, you are not going to bite ANYBODY today no matter how peckish you feel or how tempting their bare flesh looks?

Or tomorrow! 

In fact ever, just don’t bite anybody at all, unless they request you to do so and are paying you good money.

And even under such strange circumstances, do not tear lumps of flesh off and feast on them.

One Place Left At The Super Early Bird Price For Coach The Life Coach Training

If you have ever wondered about training to become a Life Coach, or you are a coach and want to sharpen your skills and learn how to get more clients, then this may be the course for you.

Normal price is $1,299, but I have one place left at the ridiculously inexpensive cost of $799.

You can read the course itinerary here, but I am considering expanding it to include a module on how to tell clients not to bite people.

Whether the place is filled or not, I shall close this down at midnight tomorrow (Saturday).

Image: ‘Punta 4 euro su un morso di Suarez e vince 700 euro per una scommessa!’ Courtesy of Calcio Streaming