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Time To Change The World

I spoke in my last post about changing the world. That we all have the power to do it, even if many people don’t realize it.

In fact, we have no alternative, it’s just a matter of whether we are aware of our impact and do what we can to make sure it’s positive rather than negative.

After all I’m sure neither Klara Hitler nor Nosekeni Mandela fully understood how they were going to irrevocably change the world, but change it they did in remarkably different ways.

But it goes much deeper than that.

Whether you like it or not, we’re all inexorably linked and we can either use that knowledge for good, bad, or to be treated with total apathy.

Think of all the people who have done great things in the world and then look at how many would never have happened if it hadn’t been for one random event or encounter.

A throw away remark by one person may be a life times inspiration for another and we owe it to one another to have each others back.

I know, I know,  I’ve gone all woo-woo, but come on I’m a Life Coach it had to happen sooner or later it’s in my contract and I’m hugging a Unicorn as I type this.

Approaching 50 is having a huge effect on me and not all of it is good I have to be honest.

The last couple of years has had me looking (metaphorically) at my birth certificate in amazement and wonder on a regular basis. Where the hell did all the time go?

Wasn’t it last week I was out partying all night and still getting up for work the following day without thinking I was dying?

Er no actually, it was 20 years ago mate!

I Want To Make A Difference

Anyway, I badly want to make the biggest positive difference I can.

That’s why I wrote my latest book on meditation. I know the positive effects meditation can have on people and the world would be better if we all adopt a regular practice.

I used to be scared about the thoughts in my own head, and to be honest I still am a tad because they’re a bit weird.

But now because of meditation I can accept that they’re weird and so am I and (fairly) be peaceful with that.

I’m not charging for either the ebook or the audio version and the reason is, I want to get it to people who wouldn’t normally buy something like this. This is my way along with How To Be Rich and Happy to try and change the world for the better.

Now don’t get me wrong, I also realize there is an upside for me. I may get a client or two from the book, I may recover the cost of design through Amazon affiliate links. Or I may not.

But in any event that has to be a byproduct otherwise I’d never have written it.

I honestly cannot imagine the torture that would be writing a book with profit the primary motive.

If you’re remotely interested in knowing how meditation can help you click here and download either the PDF, Kindle or audiobook version.

There’s no captcha form and you don’t have to leave any details.

I would also really appreciate your support in spreading the message on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Reddit.

Just think, your Facebook share may pique the interest of somebody that had never toyed with meditation and then goes on to do great things on the back of it.

Cool eh?

18 comments to Time To Change The World

  • Tim, I know you don’t want people to blow smoke up your ass, but you truly are a God amongst men (don’t worry, I won’t start another Atheism debate!).

    You have the rare combination of a) being one the the best truly “good” guys with b) having the competence, balls and determination to make the best use of what God/evolution/Unicorns have given you (dammit, I couldn’t help myself).

    If I wasn’t already married to a talented and attractive woman (who BTW has just achieved a Distinction in her Master’s degree and won an award for best postgraduate student of the year – I’m very proud!), I’d be shipping you off to Vegas so we could get a shotgun wedding. As in I’d probably be forcing you at gunpoint.

    You are an inspiration. Please don’t die just yet, you have plenty more to give.

    Yours, your greatest fanboy,
    Mouse McMouse McAdams Jnr III

    P.S. Can I have some of your underwear? (You thought YOU had strange thoughts?!)

    • Well Mouse McMouse McAdams Jnr III, I don’t think you’ll be needing a gun. so drop the dead wood and let’s head west!

      Underwear is on its way FedEx as we speak.

  • Tim, I have been reading the book and it’s amazing and truly solid. You always take the time to create something amazing, and that’s always inspiring.

    Also I’m grateful for the laugh of picturing you alongside unicorns and rainbows. That alone will drive the flu away (something I really need right now). :)

  • “I honestly cannot imagine the torture that would be writing a book with profit the primary motive.”


    Also, you are a good man.

  • Tim, I think you’re just about one of the most authentic people I’ve ever met. I know that word gets tossed around and abused, but you’re the real deal. Proud to know you, sir, weird thoughts and all!

    Can’t wait to share the e-book on my FB page this weekend. Even if only ONE person was convinced to give meditation a try, that’s changing the world right there!

  • It’s a wonderful thing you’re doing Tim! Keep it up! I always think that I cannot possibly influence change, but I guess in my own small way, my blog, I can help too.

  • Shared and currently using some of the suggested exercises in my beginners meditation group. Thanks for your ongoing generosity Timbo!
    (Sorry…us Aussies love to adorn peeps with nicknames, just can’t be helped…Timbo).

  • Ben

    Thankyou Tim, I’m working on alot of my own stuff at the moment and helping others do so too and I know meditation is an effective way of connecting with deeper stuff. I will have a look at your guide.


  • Mary-Ann Hill

    I’ve been curious about the techniques and benefits of meditation for quite some time, and it has been one of those things on the “I’ll get around to it one day” list. Your eBook just moved it to the top of the list and I read it straight through, got inspired and have ordered a couple of the CDs in the resources section. Plus I really really appreciated and enjoyed your FaceBook link to Jon Kabat-Zinn’s mindfulness talk at Google. His reading of Love after Love by Derek Walcott was a nurturing way to end. I am on this path now because of what you have done now, so you are changing my world! Bravo and Thank You for Making A Difference. Mary-Ann

  • You’re welcome Mary-Ann and you’re right on JKZ, so maybe I should share the link here:

  • I think everyone knows by now that you can make a change to the world everything you do towards the environment or what you like can change the world aswell if you get famous or if you take a course to change your life such as mindfulness for the better :)

  • 50 years young Tim! :)

    small things are powerful, i will never forget whan a was a dollar short to buy a model toy car,
    an old lady made up the dollar difference and told me when she was very young someone did it for her and said
    “do the same for someone else when the situation presents itself”
    and thats exactly what the old lady told me too.

    never had the chance to to pass it on to someone else as of yet…but shows a lot of good is out there