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The 10 Best Self Development Posts of 2010

Ok, ok, so I said I probably wouldn’t be posting again this side of 2011, but I’m a fickle fella. So I decided to succumb to self-indulgence and share with you what I think are the best 10 posts I wrote for the A Daring Adventure blog this year.

I know it says the 10 best post of 2010, but come one, I think we both know if I’d have called it my best 10 of 2010 you probably wouldn’t be reading now!

Before I cut to the chase a quick apology to my newsletter readers. When I ran my free Life Coaching offer I said there would be two runners-up prizes and I completely forgot. So I will announce the runners up in next months newsletter.

By the way, if you fancy some free Life Coaching, get signed up in the box at the bottom of this post as I plan on running it again in 2011.

10. Pain or Pleasure was a post describing what 4 lesser known Life Coaching terms mean and how you can use them. So if you have ever wondered what cognitive dissonance is or convincer strategies are, then check it out. Read on…

9. Next we have A Simple Technique For Reducing Conflict And Being Liked. I really like this post because it is so simple and I guarantee that if you can follow it’s premise you really will see an improvement in the quality of your life and your interactions with other people. Read on…

8. 7 Killer Life Coach Questions was possibly the most useful post I wrote in 2010. Questions are at the very core of self development, by using better questions you shift your outlook on life and start to foucs on solutions. Every one of these questions is applicable in your life. Read on…

7. Everybody likes to see myths-busted, right? Well I certainly do and I had a load of fun researching and writing 7 Myths of Self-Development Exposed. After you have read this post you can shake you’re head and roll your eyes next time somebody posts on Twitter that it takes 30 days to form a habit. Read on…

6. I think Life Coaching Jack Bauer was possibly the funniest post I wrote this year, but hey, what do I know? If you want to know how I’d deal with the likes of Bauer, House, Gordon Ramsey and Simon Cowell, read on…

5. Lower Your Standards was in response to having one too many Life Coaching clients tell me they set higher standards for themselves than they ever would for anybody else. That kind of begs the question, what would make somebody do that? Read On….

4. Are you interested in learning reframing, one of the most powerful tools known to mankind, and no, I’m not joking? Then Name That Frame will do it for you. It will also tell you how you can use preframing and deframing to help influence others and get your own way more often! Read on…

3. Cannabis Is Better For You Than Mulit-Tasking is an intriguing look at, rather unsurprisingly enough, multi-tasking. More and more people claim to be multi-tasking geniuses. The reality is somewhat different. Read on…

2. In The Biggest Risk I Ever Took I tell you about the biggest risk I ever took. No seriously, I do. I even like my quote:

“The people that really take risks are those people that stay in jobs they hate, and relationships that suck the life out of them

If I do say so myself. Read on…

1. Creativity Guaranteed is without doubt one of the more talked about posts I’ve ever written and created a lot of interesting conversation. If you’d like to know a very simple way of telling whether you are a creative mindset or not without even starting a task, you’ll love this post. Read on…

1+. Alright I think that’s enough about me, how about I end with a guest post as the best post? I had some brilliant ones in 2010 I really did, but one seemed to resonate with just about everybody that read it and generated a lot of conversation, and it was A Real Hero supplied by the mighty Roy Naim. Read on…

I’d love to hear what your favorite post of the year was and it doesn’t have to be one of mine!  In fact, feel free to pimp your own stuff or that of other bloggers you really like.

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