The Secret Of Life

I found an old work colleague on Words with Friends the other day.

It was a guy I used to work with many moons ago and even though we were never in the same team I often enjoyed a good banter with him and was happy to see him alive and kicking.

So I thought I’d say hello and challenge him to a game.

As you can imagine we got talking about old times with me asking him about some of the people we used to work with and it was great to catch up.

At one stage he said, “By the look of the amount of games you’re playing you seem to have an easy life over in Florida”.

I responded that as I new worked for myself I could do what the hell I wanted. Unbeknown to me he also now worked for himself and told me that I must have cracked it better than he had.

I stopped to think about this for a while and wondered whether he was right, “have I cracked it?

For a moment I felt uneasy because I don’t want to think that because I have a sense that when we think we have cracked life it can have a tendency to bite us in the ass.

I realized that it’s more a case of not chasing money any more, than ‘cracking’ anything.

That I no longer see wealth as a short cut, or even a long-cut to happiness.

Real Freedom

There is a freedom in that.

A freedom to say I only want to see 3 clients per day, a freedom to say I’ll walk my dogs every morning between 11am and 12pm and a freedom to take 20 minutes out of writing to play Words With Friends if I want to.

Of course it may mean I don’t have the financial wherewithal to have the ability to just decide I’m going to go and live in Bali for 6 months, or buy a beach-side condo or eat at Ruth’s Chris every night, but who cares?

We do those things because we think they will make us happy, and on occasions they may do so. But it’s the kind of happiness that is short-lived as we adapt to our new environment.

One of our greatest abilities as human beings is our ability to adapt to our circumstances no matter how grave they may be.

But it can also be our greatest curse because it means we adapt to pleasurable things too and can breed a desire for more all the time, something called the hedonic treadmill.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t like more money, that would be an outrageous lie, but I am saying I wouldn’t sacrifice my life now to go back into sales where that money is sat waiting to be earned.

The Secret To Life?

I value my happiness, peace of mind and autonomy waaaaaaay above money and I see happiness as the secret of life and the truest test of genuine success (presuming that happiness doesn’t come at the expense of others that is).

Having said that, it’s only my opinion and you may very well see things differently and that’s fine.

Anyway, this is my roundabout way of saying I intend taking a sabbatical from blogging until after the holidays (I may drop a post in between Christmas Day and New Year, but that will be it).

I have plenty to keep me busy with writing, working with clients and a whole lot of chilling out to be done.

As such I want to wish you a very happy holidays and prosperous 2014. Thank you for your support throughout 2013 I thoroughly appreciate it and I hope it’s been a good one for you.

Image: ‘Secrets’ Courtesy of Sarah Horrigan