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Do You Want To Be A Successful Life Coach?

Life Coach wrapping presents I’ve worked with two other Life Coaches over the last year or so in a mentoring role.

Both of them approached me and asked for my help and seeing as it’s always fun to work with other Life Coaches, I agreed.

Now however I am mentee free, so I thought rather than sitting around waiting for somebody to ask for my help, I’d offer it.

Life Coaching versus Mentoring

Update 2/15/2012

I had way, way, more people apply for this than I expected. So to help me narrow the field I have set up a short survey.

If you have already, or plan on leaving a comment to request the mentoring. Make sure you also fill in the questionnaire because I won’t be choosing anybody who hasn’t.

This is mentoring and not a free Life Coaching opportunity.

By that I mean, it will be on a much less formal and structured basis than if you were a Life Coaching client.

So much so that you may well find that half the time you speak with me I’m walking the dogs. If that doesn’t work for you, this offer won’t either.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t do some Life Coaching as well, so don’t worry if you have other areas of your life that you’d like help with.

This offer is only open to people wanting to be or who already are, Life Coaches, or want to work in the self development industry in some way shape or form such as therapists.

Having said that, I’m not really interested in working with somebody who merely wants to be a problogger and never do client work.

What You Can Expect From Your Mentor

  • Access once monthly (maybe more often if needed to begin with) via phone to talk to me about anything you like until December 31st 2012
  • The ability to pick up the phone and call me any day between 10.00am and 7.00pm if you want help in an emergency or something that’s bugging you
  • General Life Coaching if and when needed
  • Help with Life Coaching techniques and refining your skills if needed
  • Trouble shooting client problems – maybe even some roll playing
  • Help with marketing as needed
  • Somebody really pulling for you and part of your team

What I Expect From My Mentee

  • Determination and a fierce desire to be successful and help others. If you are just in  this business to make money, I don’t want to work with you, period.
  • An open-minded approach and somebody who enjoys being challenged
  • Somebody that likes to challenge others because I will welcome that
  • A sense of humor and a playful attitude
  • The ability to walk away when you think you’re good to go and let me help somebody else
  • The promise that when you’re successful you do the same for another aspiring Life Coach

The Caveats

  • I retain the right to end the relationship whenever I want if I think the fit is wrong, you’re not pulling your weight or we have achieved all we can together
  • I won’t consider anybody that has been coaching for over three years. If you haven’t got  your shit together in that time, I’m not sure I can help
  • You’re going to have to be flexible because I’ll probably want to schedule a lot of our calls late morning EST
  • You must have a blog or be about to start a blog and be prepared to post regularly
  • You must be prepared to utilize social media
  • You must really want to do this  full-time. I’m not interested in working with people who want to be a Life Coach as a hobby
  • You must be based in the US or Canada – No exceptions to this partly due to time zone issues, but more importantly, most of the time we talk I’ll be on my cell and won’t be taking overseas calls

How You Apply

Initially I was going to get people to e-mail me and tell me why I should chose them, but now I’m not.

To be successful in what has become a highly competitive industry, you have to be able to put yourself ‘out there’ or watch as other people do and take your clients.

Therefore you’re going to have to tell me in the comments what makes you a special snow flake and why I should be begging to work with you.

Be creative!

If you are too intimidated by the thought of doing that, then you’re quite possibly screwed anyway and the last thing I want to be doing is spending half our time together trying to talk you out of your shell.

Note: If you’re already a Life Coach who’s blogging and you write a post linking to this one, then that will definitely earn you extra Brownie Points.

The reason being, is I get an inbound link (which is always nice), but more importantly, you prove you’re the kind of person that likes to share information and isn’t afraid of competition.

I will close the comments on Monday 20th and presuming there’s at least one suitable candidate announce a winner soon after.

Any questions, observations, shows of support for a given candidate or funny jokes, please use the comments rather than e-mailing me.

176 comments to Do You Want To Be A Successful Life Coach?

  • Very cool offer! I’d love to apply for it, but I’m living in Germany right now. What about offering the same for europeans next year?! ;-)

  • Where were you 10 years ago when I could have used this offer??? *mumbling to self*

    Kidding aside, I think this is an extraordinarily generous offer that communicates your values really well.

    In an industry full of quick-fix BS I love how you consistently lead the way Tim!

  • Helen

    I was nodding along and getting excited up until the no overseas bit. Gutted but understand. Fab offer, hope you get someone ace to mentor.

    • Sorry Helen, but then again if you were really determined you would move your entire family to Orlando to take me up on this. That’s the kind of commitment I’m looking for, insane commitment ;-)

  • If I use the phrase ‘Oh M Gee’ does that disqualify me immediately?

    If yes then I did not just use the phrase ‘Oh M Gee’.

    If no than woohooo, OMG, and I’m your gal. I fit all of your criteria *including* being about as special a snowflake as I can possibly be. You see…I’ve done it all. Ok – not all because I’m not a dude but as a woman..I had a kid in college and got married. I finished school in spite of it all and went on to have a successful career in IT at a major retailer. Only…that didn’t fulfill me. So I left in May ’11 to do my own thing which means coaching others to channel their inner courage and just make shit happen (i.e. shit or get off the pot). In between all that I got divorced, was a single mother of two for a while, got remarried, had a third kid and am now a parent to kids of all ages (21, 15, and 7). You see? I have it all covered! Oh yeah – I periodically leave my family (husband and kids) to travel parts of the world including India, Bali, and Amsterdam because..well…who doesn’t love Amsterdam?

    So why me? Why *not* me? I’m meant to be a coach…I’ve naturally and instinctively coached people my entire life and it’s what I left my high-paying job to do. Do I want to make money? Yes but only to support the other things I love in life including my family, travel, adventure, and my own personal self-development. Filling others cups in turn fills mine and together, we fill lots more cups creating happier, healthier people. Only I’m not so sure how to take this next step and make it bigger and reach more people. Help me, Obi-Tim, you’re my only hope.

    And yes I am a blogger, and yes I will be linking to this article tomorrow!

    Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to working with you in some form or another in the future.


  • I forgot to mention that at one point I was a soccer mom. That *has* to count for something!

  • WOW! I can’t even believe you published this offer. When I read your article, Ask the Damn Question, a voice inside told me to contact you. That same voice repeated itself the next time I commented on your site…and again when I saw your face on Twitter. But guess what…I argued with the voice.

    “Tim couldn’t possibly have time. There must be a slew of people asking him the damn question. Why would he choose to help me. I’ll just have to find someone else.” That’s the story I was telling myself. Now, seeing this, I know that it’s time for me to tell you (and my inner critic) why you’d want to mentor me.

    For starters, I bet you’d love to work with a client who takes responsibility, blends the lines between work and play, remains open-minded and flexible, takes action, has a sense of purpose, makes time where there is no time, and doesn’t give up. That is 100% ME.

    I’m also willing to bet that I’m one of the most committed and determined people you will ever meet in your entire life. Oh but please don’t get the impression that I’m one of those super-intense, always-serious, uptight types. Nope!

    You can call me out on something you notice without worrying about a defensive response. I know that I’m not perfect and I’m cool with that. I like to laugh at myself…particularly when I put the box of cereal in the freezer (go figure).

    When it comes to life coaching…this is my new love. I’m more passionate about this than any work I’ve ever done. In fact, it just doesn’t feel like work. It feels like I’m doing what I am meant to do. I can say with 100% authenticity that I love coaching people.

    So far, I’ve been coaching pro bono and on a pay-what-you-can basis. However, I know that I can turn this into a lucrative business that helps people all over the world to transform their lives.

    Both my heart and my head tell me that this is in alignment with my life purpose, so I am willing to do whatever it takes to be the best damn life coach anyone could ever hope for.

    I don’t know much about attracting clients or building a business, but I am so very enthusiastic about the journey. I know you’ll love being a part of that almost as much as I’ll love having your priceless guidance.

    By mentoring me you won’t just be touching my life. You’ll be touching the lives of the many people who will have the gift of my compassionate, committed, positive, non-judgmental presence as their coach. I will pay it forward in marvelous ways.

    So I’m asking the damn question…will you choose me?

  • Oh, I AM a special snowflake. Ask my mom, she’ll tell you! I started a coaching program at ICA just about a year ago. I’m still not done. Funny how things twist and turn and schedules change. I WILL be done by the end of summer. As a former MFCC intern (now called MFT) with 2000+ hours, I’ve always had a passion for helping people in the mental health capacity. Enter marriage, babies, death of one of my babies, raising children, divorce, etc, etc, etc. I’ve done many other businesses that have allowed me to stay at home with my kids and raise them, and for that, I have no regrets. About January 2011 though, I had this strong urge to pursue something I was longing for, although I couldn’t quite put my finger on what “it” was. I then came across a FB ad for life coaching, did a hell of a lot of research, and knew this is what “it” was. I signed up for ICA and jumped right in.

    So why am I not done with school yet? I took much of the summer off school because I had kids coming and going (literally moving to and fro) and then was offered a school counseling position starting in the fall. Oddly enough, much of my school counseling IS coaching. The stuff that isn’t coaching isn’t nearly as rewarding or exciting. Since i started school, I have completed all my coaching hours and I should have enough hours to become ICF certified by the time I graduate. Yay for that! Will finish the course work this summer.

    Why would I like coaching from you? First of all, I like your honesty and bluntness. Lay it out there and let’s get going. I’m good with that! Why do you need me as your client? I’m a go-getter for sure. I’m completely passionate about coaching, about helping people knock away the barriers they’ve place in front of themselves so they can move forward in life. I’m confident in who I am as a coach, although I would at times love someone to brainstorm with when I’m up against a challenge. It’s not that I can’t figure things out for myself, but a fresh perspective is always helpful. I would like to have my coaching business up to full speed within 1 year so that I’m doing coaching full time.

    I’m working hard on the social media part of coaching, and it’s kicking my butt. I LOVE it, but boy could I use some coaching here. I’ve been blogging regularly for the past several weeks and have slowly increased my readership on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m making it happen. Coaching on this aspect would be absolutely fantastic!

    Most importantly, I’m up for whatever challenge you throw my way. After all, isn’t that a big part of what life coaching is about? New perspective, challenges to grow and change?

    One last reason that I’d be a good client is that I can help you with your punctuation ( therefore should be followed by a comma) and because I LOVE your marketing strategy here. I feel the sincerity with which you are offering free life coaching, and I also see what a fabulous marketing tool this is for you. I love it.

    As for the promise to pay this coaching forward…absolutely! I’ll do that with our without free coaching from you. I believe wholeheartedly in helping others, mentoring others, providing support. And I will post this on one of my next blog posts because it kind of falls in line with what I was going to write about…good timing! I’ve been part of several groups of coaches who help promote one another, encourage one another, guest blog for one another, post for one another. This is how life I supposed to be, as far as I’m concerned.

    Thank you for your commitment to helping fellow newbie coaches! While I’m waiting to hear the results of this “contest,” I’m going to enjoy looking up other coaches and see what more I can learn from everyone here!


    • I’m sorry but I cannot calculate snowflake specialness by adopting your moms viewpoint, but I will take the rest into account and the mention on your blog definitely helps!

  • Hi Tim,

    You found her!! Look no further. I can’t clam that I’ve done it all, but I can tell you that I’m completing my coaching certification training at an ICF recognized school soon. I am a mother of one wonderful son who struggled and challenged (my husband of 21 years and myself) with his ADD/HD in his younger years. He is now 18 years old, a senior in High school and a wonderful young man. We had many difficult and trying situations managing this disorder as he grow through the years. I am proud to say that he/we persevered and learned what strategies he needed to apply in order to succeed at school and life in general. Among his many interests, is lacrosse and ice hockey which he plays wholeheartedly. He is applying for collages with lacrosse teams, and very excited about playing at that level.

    I tell you all of this because I believe there’s hope to offer other parents that are dealing with ADD/HD. I have other family members living with this, and a life time of experience around it. I guess it won’t come as a surprise to you that my heart and passion is in helping support, educate, problem solve, listen to and apply all my coaching skills in this niche. I don’t blog but plan on doing videos to offer my followers. I started a group for fellow students in my coaching school to connect and support one-another. I’m proud to say that it has become a valuable recourse for many of us. Also, I recently started the “ADD/HD awareness and personal development” page on Facebook. Please come and join it.:) The thought of twittering was unfathomable to me even a month ago. However, I decided to sign up soon and give it a go. I can’t even believe it!!!! I like fun playful banter, and get a kick out of matching wits:) as long as it’s respectful. I believe I have much to offer and much to learn. I’m open to trying new avenues and want/need some guidance on marketing and I’m sure in other areas. I would like the opportunity to talk with you and learn more.

    Thank you,
    Julie Results For Life Coaching

    • Thanks for the opportunity to look no further Julie! Sounds like you have done outstandingly and I’ll take it all into consideration.

      • Thank YOUUU for the opportunity!! I’m flattered and excited that you’re possibly looking “no further”:) Working with, and learning from you would be a fun and enriching experience (for both of us)hehe

        Still waiting to talk and learn more.

        Julie Resultsforlifecoaching

  • [...] opportunity that could be perfect for me! A mentor who’s also a life coach that is offering a year’s worth of support if I’m the right person to work [...]

  • Hi Tim,
    I’ve been busy with coaching my own clients for the last 6 months, and working on a client’s rather large website and business project since November. That means that I and my own business have taken a backseat somewhat.

    Last year I graduated from coaching school and have been practicing with clients both paid and pro-bono (free for those non Latin speaking readers)ever since.
    I really love this aspect of my business.

    Well, I really love the coaching part. I even enjoy the part where I get to teach people how to do things with their websites and other online venues. It has become increasingly clear that actually making and designing sites for other people doesn’t get me excited.

    Am I a business coach, a website coach, or a life coach? Am I some kind of mentor or consultant?

    So far my answer is; All of the above.

    That leads me to think I should be working with a coach or mentor of my own. If it is all of those things, then what kind of marketing should I be doing? How much should I teach or coach? Yes, I’ve had a coach for my personal issues – family, relationships, a child with extra special needs. But, I’ve yet to get someone who will really make me focus on and hone my business.

    So, when I saw your offer here, I had to respond! I also wrote a blog post about this offer of yours at my site. Please read the rest of it there and hopefully it will show you why I would like to meet you and potentially work with you.

    Here’s what I know.
    I want to help people. But, not just help them, empower them.
    I want to empower them to build a living – a support system to live on and live by.
    I want to feel empowered by what I do.
    I want to live comfortably in whatever way that shows up.
    I want to be able to provide for my family = again, in whatever way it shows up.
    I’m dedicated to this process! I’ve lived and breathed empowerment since before becoming a coach, and coaching since my very first class.
    I am good at what I do. My clients have had success, and come back for more.

    I don’t like to compete, and it really only feels like a competition to me because I know some of the other people who have applied for this same spot. But, while I am not a competitive person, I am ready to stand up and say ” Me First!” because I’ve put myself on the back burner for too long.

    Thank you, Tim, for the opportunity.
    Jenn Brockman
    the Kick Ass Website Coach

    • Am I a business coach, a website coach, or a life coach?”

      Well, IF we did work together I’d probably encourage you to pick one and stick with it or try and niche all 3 in some extra cunning way. I started off telling people I was a Life and Business coach and it was one of the biggest mistakes I made.

  • Well, I’m the best candidate to work together without a doubt, but you have to miss out on me. I’m Dutch and live in Africa. Did tweet, facebook, google and stumple for you. Have a wonderful day and let me know when your ready for me :)! Namaste Renee

  • Hey Tim!

    First off, I’m not sure how I feel about this whole “woo me publicly” thing. Not because I mind sharing this in public… but because I tend to view most coaches as potential friends and allies, and it feels weird to be competing with them in public.

    But I guess you like the idea of all these gals and guys fighting for your attention, eh? ;-)

    Anyway, on to why I think we’d work brilliantly together. Remember how I e-mailed you back in September of last year, asking for pretty much the same thing? And in the end I realized it wasn’t the right time, because I was going to be traveling around a lot and couldn’t focus 100% on developing my coaching practice?

    Well, I just moved to Montpellier, Southern France, less than two weeks ago. It’s my dream city, and I’m finally in a completely steady, brilliant environment to really focus on kicking some coaching ass! (And yes, I’ve already started taking some big action now that I’m here.)

    (Oh, right, I’m in France. I don’t think that should be a problem, as I can easily skype your phone in the US. But if you want to unequivocally stick to your “America only” policy, I guess you can stop reading now.)

    I also went through your and Michael Martine’s life coaching for bloggers course. I applied a bunch of the advice (creating a separate front page for my blog, starting an e-mail newsletter), but I feel I could definitely use some more skill in marketing myself.

    I’d list a bunch of adjectives like “motivated” and “enthusiastic”, but those are just words. Let me give you an example of action. A few weeks back, I got a life coach of my own, to make sure I stay 100% on track. (I went the cheapskate route and got somebody who just recently completed a coaching qualification and needed some more client hours – so I got free coaching in exchange for a testimonial ;-).)

    To sum it all up – I have no idea if I’m “better” than all the other folks asking for you attention. I don’t like to think in terms of “better” or “worse”. I know we’ll have a kickass time working together if you pick me! But I also understand if you think somebody else can benefit even more from your limited, valuable, shiny-headed time.

    • I understand what you mean with that first paragraph Vlad and I went back on forwards on the best way to do it. This was just a way of limiting the numbers and testing peoples commitment. Also, it makes it more ‘open’ and people can see who and why I picked.

      And I’m not thinking along the lines of better or worse in terms as a person or coach, but I am thinking about better or worse in terms of a fit for me. I want this to be successful, so working with somebody that thinks smiling is for fools and falls over in shock if they hear the word ‘fuck’ probably won’t work.

      Anyway, to the problem with overseas coaches. It’s the cost of the calls. Even if you Skype my cell, I still pay for the call. The US system is weird in so much as the caller and recipient both pay. If you can get round that, I *may* change my mind, but I’m not being tied to my computer to do this.

      • I’m pretty sure the way Skype handles long-distance phone calls (and why they’re so cheap) is that they long-distance part goes over the internet. Then they simply have an access point to the local phone network (i.e., a phone? Or something?) at the destination, and that’s the only part that actually goes over the phone network. So it should cost the equivalent of a local call.

        Any chance we can test this to double-check? How soon after a call do you find out how much it cost you?

        • There’s this thing called the Internet Vlad, you can research almost anything ;-)

          • I actually googled this quite thoroughly before posting the last comment (and again right now). There doesn’t seem to be a direct answer to our specific situation, but yes, Skype uses local calls. So if you pay for incoming calls, that should only be the price of an incoming local call.

            Even if you decide to pick someone else for the mentoring, hopefully this knowledge comes in handy in case you ever work with an international client who’s comfortable calling normal phones over Skype.:-)

          • If I may…

            One can use Skype Mobile for free as I have done so many times in the past year.

            Since Tim you have an iPhone, you can download the Skype app, log in, and allow the person to call you while you go for a walk.

            Won’t cost you anything as again, this is done via Skype and not via our service provider.

          • I’m taking all this into consideration because it does change things somewhat. It doesn’t hekp the time zone issue though.

            I shall ponder some more.

            • Tim, the timezone stuff needn’t be an issue for me.

            • Laura

              Just wanted to point out there’s also a cell phone app called Viber. If both people have it installed on their phones it allows you to make calls and send messages via the internet. It’s even smarter than skype and all free!

              Watch for my post in a day or two, I’ll be joining the tag team knocking on your door!

  • Hey buddy. What a cool offer! I’m ruled out for 2 reasons, (a) I haven’t yet decided on exactly what form my life coaching type work will take and (b)I’m overseas. But whoever wins this prize sure is a lucky puppy. (Talking of puppies, we put a deposit on a 12-week old working cocker spaniel yesterday. We pick him up on Thursday. Exciting!).

    I was going to write a piss-take reply mocking you for your spelling/typos (like you’ve never had that before!) and offering to mentor you in that regard. But then I realised that it might not be such a terrible idea… would you like me to edit your posts for spelling/grammar before they go live? If you got them to me by 5PM GMT, I could guarantee to get them back to you in 98.6361% of cases by 10PM GMT. What do you think? Happy to do it indefinitely for free mate, you’ve gone “above & beyond” for me several times since I’ve known you. I don’t expect you to reciprocate in any way.

    Alternatively, if you can think of other ways for me to be your bitch, just let me know :)

    • I just read Carrie’s comment offering something very similar. Obv if you pick her then you won’t need me. Maybe I could make your tea? Might be cold by the time it crosses the Atlantic though…

      • I hate tea!

        And more to the point I doubt very much I’d ever let anybody edit my blog posts. I know I should care, but I really don’t mind if there are a few typos, grammar faux pas etc.

        You could do round teh clock dog sitting though, that would work. Just while my eldest dog recovers from her surgery.

        Can you be here by 4.30pm as I have a face-to-face client then and could do with some dog-sitting.

  • Even though I know you’re already said, “No” to overseas people, I’m gonna submit my application anyway. For starters, it’ll help to refine my own thinking somewhat re: my goals. Secondly, I’m a bit of a tenacious mofo who generally doesn’t take No for an answer and keeps looking for a workable solutions when other people would have have given up long ago.

    Why pick me? Well, for a start, I know I want to do something life-coachy, but I’m not sure what yet. Rather than this being a reason for you NOT to choose me, I’ve reframed it and I think it’d be exactly the kind of opportunity a mentor/mentee relationship could help with.

    I’m not looking for you to spoon feed me in any way. I don’t want you to tell me what to do. I want to tell you what I’m thinking of doing, and with the benefit of your sage wisdom & experience, you can tell me (a) how to tweak it, (b) to drop it entirely because it may result in several people’s deaths.

    I hate dogma and will challenge almost anything if it intuitively doesn’t seem quite right. There are no sacred cows for me. I can often come up with wacky ideas that will either kill people (see previous comment) or may just be made enough to work. If I do kill anybody, I’ll indemnify you against any loss. I don’t really know what ‘indemnify’ means, but it sounds vaguely legal.

    I have a voracious appetite for reading personal development and psychology books. But I don’t just read, I actually implement what I’ve read too (most of the time). I’m able to cut through BS and get to the heart of useful techniques. That’s the basis of my blog that I’ve been running for a while now – helping to sort the wheat from the chaff in the world of personal development and sharing the techniques that actually work.

    I’ve tentatively started my own life coaching practice and have coached 1 person pro bono so far. Although neither of us quite got what we were expecting from it, it was an extremely valuable lesson.

    Two quotes that I think sum me up best:
    “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable man adapts the world to him. Therefore all progress depends in the unreasonable man” – George Bernard Shaw

    “The only way to fail is if you give up” (paraphrased, I’m sure)

    P.S. We both love dogs.

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  • Angela

    Hi Tim,

    Thank you for the generous offer! In application, I invite you to view my linkedin page at:

    I’ve been a coach and consultant to real estate agents for years and have several recommendations on the page linked above. I’m also a published author, have been featured in national trade publications and have been a featured speaker at national trade events. I’ve also taught numerous classes. During this time I realized there was something bigger and stronger I could offer them than I was and so I decided to shut everything down and regroup. I returned to school and am working towards a degree in psychology and have been working on my own self-development and allowing intuition to creep in and give me the direction I needed to move forth. I even read your core values book and have defined my core values and anti-values. Over this “break” I have created a new system for realtors, reserved my social network domains and web domains and am having a new logo designed now. My goal is to work with agents (as my niche but anyone who comes to me as has been my habit) to assist them in creating a life flow and balance that works for them given their hectic, chaotic 24/7 schedules along with their inherent craving for yet more chaos. I want them to slow down, breathe through it, calm themselves, and stop putting off the things they really want because they feel they have no time when in reality they put themselves in constant crunch mode because they don’t plan and don’t put any time in for themselves. The plan is to create the “system” which will be a planner/organizer encompassing their “whole life”, self-development books written and published, seminars taught online, a blog and newsletter, youtube training videos, and of course one-on-one coaching. I work with them on both their personal life and their business one in real estate. I have 18 years of experience in the industry and am already recognized as an expert with contacts world-wide. What I need is a mentor who can assist me with putting all these “puzzle pieces” into high gear in the right way so I can help as many people as possible. Most real estate specific coaches are focused upon business only, not upon becoming a more balanced individual so you can, in turn, offer a better YOU to yourself, your family, and your clients. I also am extremely spiritual in nature (in the metaphysical sense)and a vegetarian, and so I introduce them to lots of new ideas such as meditation, chakra balancing, unblocking, and clearing, energy clearing, yoga, and a healthy nutritious diet. Thanks again for your offer Tim… whomever you choose, it was wonderful of you to set time aside for helping someone else grow and achieve and doing it out of your own kindness. :)

  • roman

    I dont want to work for you. Can you deal with that?

  • Ya know, I have been waiting for this opportunity for years. Although a few years ago Tim you and I had a few phone conversations regarding this. I really am so effed up in the head sometimes I think that helping others will help me get things straight finally. I have always enjoyed helping others and tend to be a go to person for a lot of people seeking advice. I would jump all over this opportunity if it were given to me!

  • Hi Tim,
    with all the competition here I think it is the best to not read the other very creative, smart and powerful comments and just follow my intuition here.
    I am 39y., wife to my soul partner, mother of two sons, proud and loving dog owner of our two Labradors, born in Austria, lived in Germany and now living in the States. I started and finished my coach training program within a year (2011-Jan 1012) and I am now a certified professional life coach, applying for ACC credentials in the next weeks. Last year I have dedicated my time, energy, and love for helping people, my focus to my coaching education, and building my business, and creating a website. I have also participated in a business building program and I try to put what I learned into action and real life.
    This is where I need a mentor who can guide me a little, cheer me on (the doubtful times are part of the journey and it is hard to face them)and also give me feedback.
    I am very open, honest, intuitive, and sensitive for people. I have so much life experience in different areas (relationship/ personal growth/ childhood…and sometimes feel ‘old and wise’ :)My life’s challenges are definitely of value for working with people since it helps me to understand what they are going through. I can relate to them and they feel ‘seen and heard’.
    I am a world traveler and have been to many different countries, I love the differences between cultures and people, that is why I specialize in working with expat families and also include parenting as one section in my coaching business. When you go to my website, you will find three sections: women, parents, expat families. I am all of that. I can relate to all of it. This is me. I am not only mother or expat spouse, I am also a woman with her own dreams, challenges. I have clients who are not yet parents and also no expats. Currently I focus on the expat niche, since I see the needs and pains the expat community. The parenting aspect comes in when these families have children who have trouble to adjust…My professional background is educationist and systemic counselor in Youth Welfare in Germany, and I have had clients who needed help with parenting only. I am blessed that I found my true calling, my purpose, my path and I love to work on my business though I find it hard to ‘figure everything out’ by myself.
    Currently I am working on a group coaching project I want to offer in March for expat spouses, which I hope will be a success and definitely a learning experience for myself. I am very challenged by it and I have to face my fears and worries but I am holding on to my vision and inner call and know there is just no way back. I am always writing and post a blog regularly means weekly. I am part of ONE STOP COACHING, a team of coaches where I am the parent coach. ( I am also part of groups where we coaches support each other in writing, exchanges resources or any other things we work on.
    I am still working on improving my website (I do it by myself and get grey hair while figuring wordpress out)
    I am on face book, and have not discovered twitter though I have an account there. I have so many ideas what I could do to build my coaching practice but at the same time feel overwhelm creeping in once in a while or also confusion: what to focus on, what to do next, what is more important.
    If you consider choosing me, there is one part I need to mention: my family and I face a relocation to Germany in August. I know you don’t want anyone outside the USA although I truly hope you will think about taking me. I work hard, give everything, I am very disciplined and dedicated and make it work. There are still 6 months to go until I move- plenty of time to get started. :) After moving there,we find a way to meet when it suits your schedule.
    What else? More when we talk, what we hopefully will do.

    Looking forward hearing from you. I truly hope.

    More about me on my website:

  • Well, here’s the deal. I may be a more likely candidate for next year’s offer than this year’s – but I figured I’d throw myself into the arena anyway. After all, as I journaled after my morning meditation this morning I noted how the right opportunities seem to be serendipitously presenting themselves to me at the exact right times. Maybe this is one of them?

    (And BTW, thank you for being one of my motivators to finally stick to a meditation practice!)

    I’m a pretty special snowflake I guess. But I usually just call myself weird.

    After a few false starts in deciding what I want to do when I grow up – that thing that will allow me to make some money while changing lives, being creative and living on my own terms – I’m just now realizing that I’m a natural coach.

    My biggest gig before this was 19 years running an herb shop that provided a lot more than medicinal herbs. I scoured around for cool resources, books etc. to help people heal themselves body, mind & spirit. That was fun. But mostly what we did was counsel our customers. That was usually fun. Sometimes it sucked. I needed more tools on how to do it.

    More recently I’ve been educating myself, writing, working as an editor. I started what a blog on natural wellness this year ( that I thought would evolve into a business. Now I realize that I’m off a bit on following my passion. Asking around to friends and loved ones about what I’m really good at, I keep getting this feedback: you are so good at helping people with advice, encouraging them, I come to you with questions…etc.,etc.

    Well Light Bulb! I guess that IS me. I love helping people find their own pathway to inner and outer wellness. I feel a deep compassion for others and can’t help but to listen and suggest.
    I don’t so much love researching and writing bout herbal remedies. I also love writing on my other blog, Grown Up Mom. My new plan is to put together these different parts of myself in one blog/web site that people will just love to read – and offer one-on-one coaching services to folks (maybe just women) who have a deep yearning to share their gifts. Right now I’m thinking that simple self care and wellness techniques could be part of this.

    But Hi! I need some training! Maybe it could start with a mentor like you? I love your style, your irreverence, your sense of fun. It works with me.

    Oh, and I recently hired my own coach (even though I really can’t afford it.) Wow. This is absolutely the key to give me that shove, get me past those years of self sabotaging. I’m ready to really own my gifts and share them, but I needed this guidance. I can see how powerful coaching can be – and that’s another reason I’m drawn to it. (Not to diss counseling, but it seems like coaching gets more directly to the core of things.)

    I’m a firm believer in paying it forward (and although not practical I’ve a long history of giving away stuff for free) so the passing on of the mentoring will be easy for me.

    I’ll write about this on my Grown Up Mom blog today – and I’ll link back. Glad to share some love.

    I feel a little presumptuous putting myself out there for this – without any background and training under my belt. But what the hell? Just came from your “Ask The Damn Question” post (ordered the book too) and loved that reminder. If you don’t ask, the answer is always ‘no.’


  • Question:
    Can I be your mentee and will you be my mentor?

    Why? Because I never quit.
    Why? Because I have been the underdog.
    Why? Because I have survived from the dysfunction of my life.
    Why? Because I need the next lifeline.
    Why? Because I don’t know where to start.
    Why? Because you will be a great mentor.
    Why? Because I need a break, a chance, a light.
    Why? Because I will give back.

    I have plenty more “whys”…… I will keep going to fight for this chance.

    Who I am? I am the person vying for the spot to become your mentee just like everyone else. What make my dimensions different than the others regarding my snowflake? It’s the holes itself. The holes or disappointments make me and the lessons I take from others create me.

    I was the shy kid, but the personal on to one kid who people confided in. Senior superlative in high school I won best personality but I wasn’t the jock, the cheerleader, or ‘popular’– just the kid that people can relate to and I could help them see and find a smile within themselves. I won a State Community Service award from our State Senator my Senior Year for community service.

    College won nation merit award for humanity and community service. I was an average kid of dysfunctional happenings in life that is determined to “beat the odds.” And help others see they can too. Went to college even though a teacher told me I should find a “trade” – yay what ever dude – finished college and got my masters in human resources management did a career in human resources.

    Years gone by now – I want to dedicate my life to coaching and not just for a business to make money – devotion is there just don’t know how to start – the will is their and you would be my mentor – my guide.

    Why? Because I need this chance.

    Why? Because I asked.

  • Many thanks for the generous offer of your services. I have found the mentor/mentee dynamic to be the best way to learn, grow, and blossom within a chosen craft. As a doula – a trained professional attending the needs of pregnant, birthing, and postpartum families – I have had the opportunity to grow my own personal brand through the expertise of my mentors. As a childbirth and postpartum doula, I provide families with the physical, emotional, informational, and referral support that they need as they transition a new member into their family. As a doula, I often find myself in the role of counselor and confidant as an extension of my official job duties. And I am grateful to the families that have entrusted me, and encouraged me to pursue further development as a care provider.

    The natural progression, for me, has led me toward the field of midwifery. The midwifery care model differs in many ways from the technocratic medical model – but the most fundamental difference is that the midwifery model is a holistic model. Briefly: the technocratic medical model treats patients by their ailing parts; the compassionate medical model treats patients by their ailing parts, but makes attempts to address their humanity; the holistic model of care addresses the care of the whole being (physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, their environment, their family, on and on). In this holistic format of care, we address situations within context, providing continuous care in an individualized manner.

    What does this mean in terms of life coaching? Well, a great deal. As a doula (and as a future midwife), we meet people during the most transformative event(s) of their lives – the creation of a life. As guide, we are there to assist in the evaluation of life’s circumstances, life’s goals, and the impending disruption and change that a new member of a family precipitates. As a holistic care giver, I am a proponent for gentle pregnancy/birth/parenting – a philosophy that encourages the compassionate participation of the nascent human in the care of the family unit. I introduce families to their new members, encouraging them to recognize their individual personalities and spirits. I introduce parents (siblings, grandparents, etc.) to themselves in their new role. I facilitate the difficult discussions at the precipice of changing life, and encourage the development of confidence and a flexible sense of humor as life rapidly changes. I hold the space for self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-love.

    [I take a moment here to reflect on my humble gratitude to those families I have had the opportunity to work with and learn through. Special thanks to the adolescent mothers I have worked with in the past, those who are currently in my care, and those who I will work with in the near future – this special group of young parents have provided me with more opportunity for the expression of holistic love than any other, and I appreciate their openness, honesty, and willingness to grow through the process of becoming marvelous parents!]

    As my skills as a provider continue to develop, I continue in my search for a mentor/mentee to further develop each piece of myself. The shared experience of growth between two individuals at their separate levels of development has always reminded me of the relationship between mother and growing babe. There is a delicate balance of exchange of information, nutrients, waste, and love – and the mother grows into herself as much as the child. Through this bond, the entire world will benefit. And as time passes, and development within transforms to development without, these two individuals (though eternally bonded), continue their separate journeys, both better for knowing one another.

    I welcome every opportunity to share my knowledge, gifts, and curiosities for development. And Tim, I wish you the best of luck in your selection of a mentee!

  • Ah, a pageant of new life coaches vying for the tiara, with all of us trotting out our little speeches, smiling big smiles and gluing the backs of our bathing suits to our asses so we don’t show off too much cheek in the swimsuit competition. What fun!

    Of course I’d love to work with you as I’m a new life coach, need a mentor, and I find so many self improvement gurus tend to oversimplify complex problems, make improbable promises, and see things in black and white. Plus they’re boring. You’re a refreshing change of pace, and in the brief few weeks I’ve been stalking you I’ve been impressed by many of your suggestions and have even run out and bought some of your ebooks.

    But that’s all stuff about why I want to work with you.

    The reasons you might want to work with me have nothing to do with my being the specialist snowflake, or the hardest worker, or the biggest dreamer, or the most open-minded and confident. While I am happier than I’ve ever been in my life, I still struggle with a skeptical disposition and a tendency to over-think and over-stress about things. Plus I let a few of my clients work via email, which I believe in your world view is akin to strangling cute little puppies.

    So pick someone else! Unless any of this helps:

    1. I’m a former psychotherapist so have a few clues about how to listen to people and encourage them to find their own way to happier lives. (I’m also a former attorney but the less said about that the better).

    2. I’m a graduate of a low-rent self-study coaching program that nonetheless exposed me to many of the major schools of coaching. I’ve been struggling to integrate the best of all of them without getting too discouraged by some of the ludicrous suggestions I’ve come across. This means I’m quite open to ideas of how to reconcile the sometimes conflicting approaches I’ve encountered. I have a cognitive/behavioral background (among others) but don’t know much about NLP and am curious.

    3. I have a weird health and fitness blog called Cranky Fitness that has something of a following and very good google karma. (Rick Hanson lists it as one of his favorite blogs, for what it’s worth.) I’ve also just started a very understated blog at my life coaching site (which is hard to even find at this point), but I’m planning to put it all together eventually and create a vast publishing empire that will inspire millions of folks, send me all the clients I’d care to see, and make a few bucks to keep me in coffee and cabernet and cupcakes.

    4. My ever-increasing optimism and joy are of fairly recent vintage and are, I suspect, fragile enough that I don’t take any of it for granted. I have a long history of anxiety, skepticism, and pessimism and understand very well the challenges of a negative world view. I also know the work it takes to turn that around and how worth it is to make that investment.

    5. I am opinionated enough to be interesting but am open-minded enough to try new approaches.

    6. I am determined to be an awesome life coach, with or without your help, but working with you would be awfully damn cool. Although frankly, a bit scary, but scary in a good way.

    More info can be found on the “about” sections of or

    I was planning to link to you off both these sites anyway, as you keep writing stuff I think is valuable, so no worries there.

    And hey, thanks for the inspiration and the opportunity!

  • Bradley J. Riley

    Hey there, I found out about you through Reddit and I’m definitely interested in learning from you. At this point I’m not a life coach, but that’s the direction I’m getting ready to go in with my career.

    Right now I’m an anti-violence advocate working for an organization that helps end violence for men, women, and children who are in a domestic violence situation. I’m also engaged in a fellowship with the Women of Color Network to advocate for women of color and other underserved populations. I want to be more of a life coach than an anti-violence advocate because I’ve noticed that what my clients need the most is a life coach to help them get through the transition from abuse to living life free from abuse.

    I have a resume I could share with you if you wanted to see more of what I’ve been up to with my career. As for my personal life, I’m a quirky easy going guy that likes to experience new things. I love baking cookies and dancing my ass off while cleaning my house in my pajamas. Also, because I believe in the wounded healer archetype, I’ve lost 80lbs all on my own and have all the knowledge and experience of doing and accomplishing that I can share with other people.

    I think I’d already make a great life coach, but working with you would solidify my abilities, or heck, it might even completely change the way I work for the better.

    I’ll never know unless we talk more, I’m open to it. Are you?

    • Not just at this stage Bradley, but maybe when I start narrowing things down, honestly not sure how I’m going to play this as I already have way more requests than I thought I’d get.

  • [...] email liked to a blog post where he is offering a year’s worth of free mentoring to aspiring life coaches. All I had to [...]

  • Hello Tim.

    First of all let me tell you how inspiring this initiative is. I must admit that I didn’t know of your existence up until this blog post but then, I don’t really know many people so don’t take it personal.

    The reasons why I think working with you could benefit me, quite few, but the reasons why you would think helping me could be interesting, maybe not that many, so I won’t make it too long. Let me introduce myself first.

    My name is Nuria Lencina and I am a mom of two, Psychologist and Certified Professional Coach. Originally from Spain but have moved quite a lot since I graduated from college. Have lived in London, Dubai, NY and right now in Chicago.

    I work as a Life Coach specialized in Expectant and New Moms. I found a gap in the resources available for New Mothers and I took my chance. I empower them to embrace their motherhood. I help them overcome their daily struggles and I support them in their endless decision making, not to mention their emotional rollercoaster and their chaotic daily structure.

    As a business owner I feel like a newborn. Since I graduated from Coaching School I have been struggling to get my business going and, although I feel really passionate about it, the pace of lessons learnt has been so slow that it might take me 10 years to get where I want to be (if that is what it takes, so be it, but having some one to help you is always better,the ”Asking the damn question” lesson I learnt already).

    Being challenged is part of the game. It energizes me and ignites my creativity. So bring it on.

    More than having a Business Coach the idea of having a Mentor is very attractive, and by the way, I am OK with you walking the dogs while we talk, I am used to having babies crying on the background while working with my clients, so that, I could handle.

    So this is me. The snow flake that writes with a Spanish accent. And you don’t need to beg me to work with you, you can simply ask nicely.

    I am glad I found your blog. I’ll be looking for inspiration.


  • I’m overseas and I will be one of those people who will continue communicating with you by reading your blog and sharing comments.

    I hope somebody sometimes works out the way to make long distance calls for free.

  • Hi Tim,

    I think I can tick you “committed” box with gusto! Last April, after living in the UK for ten years, I uprooted myself and my British husband to move back to the USA, specifically to start a new life and BE A COACH. I don’t take short cuts, and when I decide I want something, I go for it!

    A year before we moved here (back in 2010) I started my coach training and began working as an internal coach in a public sector organization in Scotland. It was brilliant, but it wasn’t enough. After a long, soul-enriching driving holiday down the US west coast, it became crystal clear to us that it was time to move. It was time to make this new life we could see on the horizon into a reality.

    Since moving back in 2011, we spent a few months living with family, and are now in our own place, both of us working full time on developing our respective businesses(my husband is an ESL teacher and tutor). I am 100% committed to making this coaching business a reality, but also have the fear of a shrinking bank account that keeps haunting me.

    So far, growth has been slow. I’ve worked in the public sector my whole life and I’m finding it really hard to charge for my services, and to really sell myself to people. I’ve logged over 200 hours of coaching time – and so far, very little of it has been paid. So am I in this for the money? I sure hope not!

    I’ll be finishing my second coaching certification in June (with ICA), and applying to get my ICF accreditation in the autumn. My ducks are lined up, I’ve done lots of the hard stuff already, so all I need to do now is get by shit together and make this really happen. I need someone like you to bounce ideas off of, tell me when I’m being stupid (like when I thought I could combine being a parent coach with executive coaching…hahahahaha!…worst. idea. ever!), and encourage me to keep going when I get it right. (And truth is, I am getting lots right!)

    I am blogging, and I am using social media (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter), but I am pretty crap at it so far I think. Still lots to learn there! But I have recently opened my mind to learning about it, rather than just stubbornly deciding I wasn’t going to be “that kind of coach”. I want to do it my way, and I’m actively working on using technology better.

    As for snowflakes, well, if this isn’t a sign we need to work together, I don’t know what is: my blog post this weekend was also about snowflakes. I wrote it before you posted this, so all I can say is perhaps we are already in synch?? Check out the last line, on how to get unstuck:
    “Let your actions come as a snowball. Remember that it is possible to start a snowball of action with one little snowflake-sized action step.”

    And my link to this post is there, too:

    I don’t have a lot of posts up because of the aforementioned coaching niche debacle, but I’m getting it sorted out. I’m now certain my coaching niche is to help people who are mid-career (age 30+) who have suddenly discovered the corporate world and/or climbing into a secure desk job ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, that life is more than the trappings of the American dream, and who want to get in touch with their true purpose in life. I want to particularly focus on people who want to build their own service-based businesses.

    And if you need more proof that we’d be a good match, back in October, I ran a similar “competition” on my Facebook page to say thank you to my friends and family members who have encouraged and supported us in our transition (quite literally, in some cases!) by offering 3 free coaching packages of 12 sessions. Similar minds think alike?! I am a huge believer in paying things forward and giving back.

    I’d love the chance to work with you, Tim. I love being a coach and I have *everything* in my life riding on making this a success. I know I’m a good coach, but I want to get better. I know this is my path and I know it is my calling. I also know I have a decent head for business. But I would love some mentoring from someone who can help me make all those things work together better. I want to be successful so that I can help people avoid the trap of just “falling into a path” in life, rather than seeking out their own path.

    Not to be too sappy about it, but I believe this could be the way we change the world – helping people find their way back to their true purposes. I think the world misses out on a lot of good stuff by boxing people into careers with job descriptions and cubicles.

    Hope to hear from you soon, and thank you so much for this great opportunity!

    PS – I think you’re awesome, by the way. In case you were wondering. :)

    • Thanks a lot for the link and your frankness! I’m shit at LinkedIn too, so I wouldn’t be much help there. I probably would have advised against the business/parent coach though ;-)

    • Rebecca clearly has a Tardis and is able to go back in time to write a post about snowflakes. This could be a reason either to hire her or fire her. Regardless, I’d love to have a play with her sonic screwdriver.

  • If there’s one thing I love about an “give it your best” contest is that you get to hear all the great stories out there in the world.

    You get to hear how people use their life stories to help others.

    You get to hear how human beings are in the business of helping others.

    So the other day, don’t judge, I was watching “Never Say Never”, the story of Justin Bieber growing up and becoming a musician.

    In the movie there was one line that Scooter Braun (manager) said that connected with me the most. He talked about how he gives away tickets for free, or fly out to make someone smile…he said “we get paid to make people happy…the best job in the world”.

    This is sort of what everyone here wants to do. To be in a position where they can help others create that breakthrough, get their dream job, start their own business…whatever it is.

    So cool.

    • Agreed Roy.

      Have you noticed how many of the people are women? Guys are so shit at asking for help imho.

      Except the Europeans that is ;-)

      • Funny enough, I noticed that here and in other coaching platform…

        At my NLP classes, it was mostly women.

        At other life coaching school, I am told it is mostly women.


        When it comes to asking help…yes, it seems men are afraid for their ego…thankfully, I have never been afraid to ask for him in some form or another when I wanted to learn something.

        Back to the Never Say Never movie….3 things I learned when it comes to becoming a musician…

        1) You do need a bit of luck.
        2) You need to work hard and you better have the talent to back it up.
        3) You need an amazing support cast who wants you to succeed.

        I think we may understand 1 and 2, but we often forget 3…the support cast.

        And to get that support, you must ask for it.

        • Me neither about understanding men that don’t like to ask for help although I’m very in touch with my feminine side too ;-)

          Agree too on the supprt cast. When i hit the first page of Google for the term ‘Life Coach’ I accepted that without the help of other people (not least of whom was Tim Gary from I could never have made it happen

  • Although I won’t be applying for this awesome offering (too many miles between us) I am thoroughly enjoying reading the bids for your attention.

    It is fantastic learning about the different paths your readers have taken and where they are each headed. You certainly have a great group of inspired, committed and cool snowflakes in your readership Tim.

    Best of luck to your applicants, and to the success of the eventual pairing you make. And well done on such a generous offer.

  • Tim,

    First off, a big hi to Jenn, Nuria, Nea, Rebecca, (and many others that I know!) and thanks for sharing your stories!

    One or two of the above coaches (Nuria and Rebecca, I think) led me to this post, and that’s one of the most amazing things about this community of coaches. We’re all new to the business, trying to figure out the ropes, and along comes this great offer, and everyone just shares it. No one thinks, “Hey, I better keep this to myself.” Nope, in fact, I’ve seen a great post where two of the above coaches wish each other the best in getting the mentorship.

    If that isn’t beautiful, I don’t know what is.

    Okay, I know a few other beatiful things, like when a client reaches that “aha” moment and everything falls into place, or the feeling of knowing that you helped someone through a rough patch. (And when my baby girl kisses my eyelids, but that’s another story.)

    Would I like to work with you? Definitely. Do I deserved it MORE than any of the above coaches? No. These people are my new tribe, my place to call home. If I was honoured to be chose to work with you, I would definitely want it to be win-win, all around, and I would connect with other coaches who, like myself, are looking at how to grow their businesses and online presences.

    Not to make you do more work but rather in the sake of brevity, given how much you have to read here already, here’s a link to find out more about me:

    (Here’s my first share: for those of you who don’t know, not only shortens links, but it can track your traffic! Great to know how people are getting to your site so that you can better target your marketing!)

    Thanks for your great offer!
    In abundance,

    PS I like your comment tool – what is it?

    • The comment tool is commentluv premium installed by my amazing techie guy whom I just mentioned above in another comment, Tim Gary from

      And you’re right, I’m not looking for the most deserving person per se. In the past when I ran an offer of free coaching I was looking for the most deserving person and it sucked. Sucked to say no that is.

      I started off offering one place and ended up giving 5 away because I felt bad at telling so many people that could really use the help, no.

      This is more about finding the best fit. Somebody that I know I’ll look forward to hearing from, somebody that can maybe even make me laugh!

      • Thanks (re: commentluv).

        I don’t envy you your decision! I’ve always thought about winning the lottery (as we all do at some point!) and thought about all of the money that I would want to give away – and then I get overwhelmed with how many people I would feel obliged to share with…and then I’m suddenly glad that I didn’t win the lottery! Not quite the same feeling, but similar, I’m sure…well, except that your dilemma is real, and mine, well…not quite…


      • Esme’s given me an idea. There’s clearly a shitload (technical term for more than 5, fewer than 1000) coach-type people who are part of your community, Tim. Yet hardly any of us take the time to actually build a relationship with people who aren’t you.

        Already in these comments I’ve read about several people that I think, “I’d quite like to get to know them some more”

        So I’m going to ask a damn question… clearly there’s only one Tim, but there’s lots of “us”. Why don’t we form some kind of semi-structured group where we all help each other, share stories, ask for advice?

        At the very least, we can console each other when 99% of us “lose” this competition. :)

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Tim,

    The very thought of throwing my hat into this ring of fire has caused me some very serious Vietnam flashbacks…and by Vietnam, I mean high school.

    Walking down those longs hallways through a deep haze of hormones and braces. The “pick me” girls were perfectly coiffed and colour-coordinated; each the epitome of coy. Terrifying place for a plain, sarcastic, serious thinker with an oppositional defiance disorder when it came to anything that reeked of the superficial.

    More crass than coy, I’d be in the corner of the library stacks reading “Your Erroneous Zones” and thinking to myself, “I don’t have a freakin’ clue what you mean, Wayne, by self-actualization but I’m going to get it or die trying!”

    I looked for it philosophy books and wisdom literature, at seminary, during the years I was married to a minister, got a real good glimpse of it when I divorced said minister, kept looking when I studied floral design, became a teacher, a guidance counsellor and then a yoga instructor with significant buddhist leanings.

    What can I say? I’m slow-processor.

    I decided in December to pursue coaching as a career, have made connections with half a dozen experienced coaches since then and read at least a dozen books. I will be certified to coach by April and have started a blog called Urban Solitude, where I mention you in my last post. . If I knew how to link into yours directly, I likely wouldn’t need a mentor. I’m technically-challenged but have chosen to see that as a charming quality.

    My deepest passion is teenagers..yes, you read that correctly…full circle back to hormones and braces!

    Information is flowing so quickly into their brains you’d think they were hooked up to an info IV. They can’t keep up. Neither can their parents. Most of them are expected to set goals yet the part of the brain that helps them do that isn’t even done “baking” yet. Especially the boys. Or the ones with attentional issues.

    Anxiety is their default position. Resilience is more fiction than fact. They need a place to land. To be grounded. To set out intentions and goals from a place of peace, not from fear. They need someone to listen. Someone who has the “cool” factor from raising two very different boys, neither or whom are in jail or part of some cult.

    The passion I have for this path needs some reins, some compassionate shaping, some direction. I am ready, so the mentor will arrive. Either you, or it will another. Not attached to the outcome.

    Oh, by the way, I also got the coiffed, colour-coordinated and coyness down to an art form, so now I’m the whole freakin’ package.

    Ready for a life that is aligned with my core values…truth, love, abundance and a deep belly laugh that goes all the way into next week.

    Be well. Life’s too short not to be. Peace.

    • Good job there’s a link because I’m not sure how anonymous mentoring would have worked!

      One tip for nothing Dannette. Get off Blogspot, it sucks! I’d grab a WordPress blog if I were you.

      • Tim, I have a new favourite (sorry Jan). Danette rules!

        BTW, how very dare you, I love Blogspot. Horses for courses really, I have both a Blogspot blog and a WordPress one. Blogspot’s simpler and easier IMHO than WordPress, though you miss out on some of the cooler features.

        • Blogspot sucks in so many ways I can’t begin to tell you.

          Blogspot is great if you are using it for fun, for a business it’s too restrictive. It’s also crap for SEO.

          Other than that, yeh it’s great ;-)

          Don’t listen to Rob, Dannette, in the words of Gregory House MD, he’s an idiot. Take an axe to your blog. Or better still pay somebody to move the content over to WordPress. As you’re relatively new it want me a big move at the moment.

          • This feels so like an Android/iPhone argument, or a PC/Mac one. Horses for courses.

            BTW, did you see last week’s House? Jeez, one of my favourite episodes ever. Proper drama-filled!

            • I guess I must have because I’m up to date but I honestly can’t remember what happened. Di House try broad spectrum anti-biotics and declare it was lupus before having an insight with 5 minutes to go by any chance?

              And screw you Collins it’s not horses for courses! Blogspot is useless for coaching. It’s totally unscaleable, you have little control over SEO, it has blogspot in the frickin name of the URL and the ability to customize is light years, no make that millions of light years (for effect) behind WordPress.

              It’s for hobbyists and people that want to talk about cats, not ptofessional Life Coaches.

              And that’s not a knock on Dannette because sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know and anyway, it’s easier changing now than when you have 500 posts up and backlinks all over the place.

              I’ll not work with anybody who uses Blogspot and isn’t prepared to change platforms, because I can’t help with it.

              Ok, I think I have got that off my chest :-)

              I may need to set up a questionnaire for people to get a clearer idea of what they are and aren’t prepared to do because this is getting out of hand. I thought I may get a dozen or so people apply, not this many!

              • Hey Tim,

                Just did your survey, but as there is no place there to add wheedling caveats, I’ll just mention that while I might be open to switching my coaching blog to wordpress if your arguments were convincing, I might not be willing to mess with Cranky Fitness by changing hosts. (Though I am planning on a major template update). If that’s a deal-breaker, then I will be very sad to miss out on the mentoring opportunity.

                Blogspot blogs have come a long way in terms of customization. They are also hosted for free and pretty much never go down or have server issues. Plus google owns the world and I like the integration with gmail, feedburner etc.

                But you have so many coaches vying for the prize I’m sure you will have no trouble finding one who is the perfect fit and blogs on your favorite platform!

                • I know they have Jan, but here’s my problem. I have no experience with Blogger and that would rule out an entire area of potential help.

                  I’m also concerned when people have too much invested in Google. I can remember Chris Brogan complaining when Google locked him out for security reasons (he’d logged in from multiple IP addresses when traveling I believe) and for about 24 hours he couldn’t access anything.

                  It’s a free service, what do you expect? Was my response.

                  And I didn’t say I wouldn’t help, but it is a consideration for me.

              • Thanks for the further explanation Tim! I think it’s almost funny how terrifying the prospect of being locked out of google for 24 hours is. Then I think WTF? Time for an internet holiday if I’m THAT shaken by the notion of no access for a day. Anyway, will keep an open mind on platform options as I look to a new template.

                BTW, know you have tons of people to respond to and this can’t an easy decision, so I’ll skeedaddle and leave you to your many other fans for a bit. But just really appreciate the encouragement you’ve given us to make ourselves known and hang with you. So easy to just lurk anonymously and miss out on the feeling of community.

      • I’m stealing your advice regarding blogspot as I’ve found it’s becoming a bit of an obstacle. I might take a look at wordpress.


  • Anonymous

    Forgot to sign my name. Refer back to the “slow processor” comment.

    My name is Danette and I’m from Canada. We’ve connected on Facebook.


  • I wan to become a successful life coach like you Tim but I think I need you first before I make myself successful. Glad to be part of this discussion!

  • Rob

    What a generous offer, Tim!

    Spreading the word.

  • Hi Tim,
    What an absolutely amazing offer,if only I were in the US I would be applying with bells on!
    May I just say thanks for the e-book of motivational quotes, I actually sent one of the quotes to a friend who lost her husband 2 months ago and is finding times a bit tough, it was the quote that you wrote: “There is no how it is, only how it is for you”, as I felt it was good to remind her its okay to feel the way she feels and no-one can say different.
    She really liked it!
    oh, and if ever you are in the UK, let us know!

  • Tom

    This is a really excellent opportunity. I hope I can express the value I believe you’ll find in mentoring me.

    Sometimes I struggle with coaching because it seems like coaching is just what humans are supposed to do, like it’s a very natural thing. I don’t think many emotional healthy and mature people shy away from the opportunity to encourage other people, it speaks to the very human drives to make your environment better and to have an purpose. Why should I want to monetize a career in doing something that humans do naturally? Well, it appears to me that people aren’t doing it so well. I think many lives lack that kind of support for making effective goals, on top of that I think even more people live without defining a purpose or even a long-term vision.

    I come at coaching from the belief that you won’t accomplish anything you want to do unless you have that purpose defined for yourself. That’s what I feel my calling is, to help people find that 50,000 ft. calling in their own life. Granted, I’ve just started, so maybe some of the exercises and questions I’ve designed aren’t 100% effective yet, but I’m definitely able to refine them. Even on top of that so many people have their aspirations deadened by the minutia that they’ve stopped dreaming and visioning, they’re just trying to get through the next day so they can get home and relax.

    I got into this because I didn’t want to live for the weekend anymore and nothing excited me more than connecting someone with their dreams and showing them step-by-step, how to get there. Encouraging the pursuit of them is really a feat all on its own though, that’s where I think a lot of the power in coaching is and what makes for an effective coach. Anyone can conceptualize a goal-setting process. It’s looking deep within someone and understand them, their motivations, fears, whatever makes them up and having that affability or friendliness to go along with them with your arm on their shoulder.

    And, if it helps, my website is, but I’m still getting the hang of it.

  • Why? Because I am the snowflake that when I touch others, they melt and see themselves as they are and what they can be. And I want to touch more.

    No novel, no hype, no more time to waste not asking for assistance in developing my coaching talent and business.

  • I want to become a fabulous life coach. I have wit, genuine caring for people. I want to help people because people have helped me. I am trying to become a life coach with little to no money. I have a 10 month old son that has Tuberous Sclerosis. That means that he can develop tumors on any vital organ of his body. With this, he has constant doctor’s appointments. I need to be able to do what I love and help him at the same time. My ultimate goal is to coach people with children like mine to give them hope. It is hard being a parent of a child like this, but I have had people in my corner and I would like to do the same. I am in the processes of saving for a certification, but in the mean time, I want to try to do as much as I can to get off the ground. I am hungry for my new life change and I am trying any avenue I can to get knowledge! I am willing to sit, listen, learn with open ears and heart. When I came across this site, the first thing that struck me was your humor. I like that you have fun with the participates on your site. This eases the mood other than some sites that are very serious. This process of learning should be fun…you make it that. But you are also very serious about your person that you are going to take your time and mentor. That proves your passion for help others anyway that you can. So, I guess even if I am not the “snowflake” that is chosen, I wanted you to know that I appreciate your site for all that it is. Thank you.

  • Tim, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to become part of an elite team whose goal is to provide knowledge, experience, and guidance to empower one fantastic Life Coach, code name “Tracy”, to change the world through the execution of Operation Bodacious Possibilities.

    Operation Bodacious Possibilities is charged with the task (and honor) of awakening and championing the greatness that lies within each client. This operation, under the lead of “Tracy”, will be both challenging and rewarding beyond measure.

    This mission is NOT for the faint of heart. Only the best of the best make this team. Should you join the team, you will be expected to bring your A+ game to the table. Nothing less will do. Many have applied, few have been accepted.

    Be advised, any get rich quick schemes, lack of humor, insincerity, or general disinterest in making the world a better place, will be grounds for your swift dismissal from the team.

    “Tracy” and Operation Bodacious Possibilities will succeed. Failure is not an option. The question is will you be part of that success or will you be wishing you had been?

    ps – if Operation Bodacious Possibilities had a techie on the team already, this message would self-destruct in 30 seconds. Consider yourself granted additional reading time.

    Good Luck and Godspeed.

  • Thank you, Cassandra! :)

  • Ok people listen up. I had no idea I would get so many people apply and I’m a bit overwhelmed. To help me narrow the field I want you to fill in the questionnaire that the link below will take you to.

    Please be honest and don’t try and second guess what you think I’m looking for, because you’ll probably get it wrong.

  • [...] today the wonderful Tim Brownson posted this in which he is offering to mentor a Life Coach Newbie for a year. Mhm, a whole freakin year of [...]

  • I nominate Jan Graham. Her Cranky Fitness post got me here and I am having fun looking around. :)

    • I suspect Tim has his own ideas and plenty of wonderful coaches to choose from, but hey Samantha thanks so much!

      • Yeh but Samantha has a cute Dobie so I HAVE to take her very seriously otherwise my Dobies would be pissed at me!

        Is yours as cute at this one?

        • Samantha’s doberman is indeed very cute! I call it a tie.

          Love the video and have no fucking idea how you manage to respond to all these comments, visit associated websites, tend to twitter, facebook, etc, record charming videos, see clients, write ebooks, maintain a great blog, market the hell out of yourself… and yet still seem to have plenty of time to relax and goof off and be all relaxed and charming and unstressed.

          I’m thinking if you’re that good it’s perhaps worth figuring out how to switch to wordpress. Hypothetically.

            • OH MY GOSH! My boy is a teenager right now and it was so cute to see a puppy post (although by the date you are in the young adult stage).

              Ah…a fellow dobie lover. Makes me happy.

              My boy wasn’t as cute at that age unless he was sleeping. Otherwise something was being destroyed and he never would have been that gentle with my ear or my toes. :)

              Thanks again, that was a fun video.

  • From my post responding to your lovely invitation:

    “I’m a special snow flake because…

    Actually, I don’t want to be a snow flake Tim – I am a Goddess – a beautiful, strong, intuitive, love and empathy filled woman who has walked through the fires of life and come out the other side ready to reach out and help other women Unleash their Awesome. My vision is to create space where I can enable women to feel empowered to live their most awesome lives, full of authentic and powerful self-love.”

  • Anita Nelam


    Thanks for the opportunity. I’ve completed the survey and look forward to hearing from you. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • I read this post and realized that even though I am not a social media hood. I however fully understand the need and advantage of self promotion. Because of your post reminder and more so my set goal, I started my site and blog that was within my means and also a twitter account. Thank you for reminding many of us how important it is to us these resources.

    Starting out as Life Coaches, it can be hard to find people who will help. Like you said just ask the damn question. HELP PLEASE!!!
    I don’t have the wonderful qualification that many of you have. Yes, I took a certification course that was doable for me and I am in the process of completing my course. I realized that the course will not be my only source of education. My goals are written and as you say aliened with my values. Day by day I take one step forward and somedays two steps back. I don’t parade around as though I know a lot,I do however ask a lot of question and I find those answers I don’t know if I’m your snowflake your looking for, but remember I’m not your average bear and I don’t particularly like the snow.

    My prior career was in Real Estate (Property Manager, Portfolio Manager) before the bubble burst and left many of us laidoff. I loved what I did as long as it had a purpose and I could help someone get one of our most basic needs HOUSING. I’ve worked in the Not-For-Profit sector and with Developer/Owner and I love every minute of it. It was different everyday and I had the opportunity to help, direct and revitalize my community in which I lived.. I learned a lot about myself and many of the residents I housed. I’ve advised, cursed out and questioned them to get the outcome we wanted. I was at my best.

    Well enough of that, my point is I realized then that help is not giving someone the answers but just simply showing them the way by ask a question, giving them examples. I can’t begin to tell you how many of the resident became more then what the were when we first met. I’ve used this approach in all that I do. I remember my Four W’s. I stumbled into Coaching by way of a Wellness seminar I’m glad I did. It reminded me of what I have done in the past, and what I can do in the present.

    Tim, thank you for reminding some of us, all you have to do is ask. Consider this post and the questionnaire my application. No matter what I will continue to follow your blog and tweets. Linda

    • Thanks Linda and you’re right. with this project I’m more keen on helping people avoid the mistakes that I made in my early days, then telling them what to do per se.

  • “Would you be willing to switch from your current WordPress blog to WordPress if I explain the benefits? Yes or no?” Ummmm… yes? :p

    With the budget question, you actually got me thinking about something I want to take action on right now. So… I’ll catch you later!

  • Hi Tim,

    We’re on the brink of a revolution. In the coming years we will see radical changes in higher education as students and their families question the notion that the best college education is the one with the highest sticker price.

    With an expertise in academic and career counseling, I’m preparing to launch a business that provides critical guidance and support for a generation of self-directed learners challenging educational and professional norms. I think I have a voice and a message that otherwise can’t be found in the coaching industry.

    Having written a great deal about mentoring, I can appreciate the value of your offer. I just hope you want to work with me half as much as I want to work with you.

    Angie VanDijk

    • We’ll see Angie.

      One thing you ‘need’ to do imho is get a photo of yourself on your website. It’s about connecting with people and it’s a lot harder to do that using words only.

  • Ok Tim, here goes…

    I am about to embark on the greatest effort of my professional career. I took a phone call last fall from a mother whose son was bullied at school, and she needed help to get her son back on track. I didn’t specialize in kids, but seeing all of what he went through won me over.

    I coached him, free of charge, and turned his life around (via his mothers testimonial). The experience changed my life, now I’m looking to repeat it.

    I am in production of a program to help kids thrive out of these types of situations. I want to be more than a self protection coach, and I have a base model for coaching already. I would love to be better with the more intricate tactics of life coaching to help them in areas outside of the “punch and kick” of confidence building.

    I need more refinement to be effective with these kids and their parents. I know you have that toolbox, and I would love to learn more about it, and how I can help these families drive forward regardless the circumstance.

    I can really use the help, so can these kids.


  • Tim,

    Here’s why.

    When I was in my teens and early 20′s I had a part-time job that paid the bills and afforded me plenty of leisure time. I’d hang out with friends, watch movies and documentaries, read books, practice martial arts, write, go for long walks, runs or hikes.

    I also had big dreams of being a writer, teacher or maybe the founder of a non-profit organization to help low income families in neglected neighborhoods. I had a rough upbringing and strongly, passionately, desired to do one thing, “help.”

    Those were the wonder years and I didn’t even know it.

    I was rich.

    I was happy.

    Then I met my wife, had two beautiful daughters, bought a house and two cars and started working my ass off for money. I was on a paper chase, looking for that American dream. All of a sudden I had mortgage payments, car notes and mouths to feed.

    After a few years of doing this I started having problems with authority. I was working hard to get ahead but getting nowhere. I was pissed because I was paying my bosses mortgage but could barely afford my own. I was quitting and getting fired from jobs left and right.

    I realized that the American dream is flawed. Total bullshit!

    I had lost myself in this fictitious world of status, money and possessions. But I woke up and decided I wanted to reclaim my dreams. But again, I had a mortgage, bills to pay and car notes.

    I felt trapped.


    Now I’m on an obsessive path to end this. No longer will I be “normal.” I NEED to fulfill my dream of making a difference in this world. I don’t want to get to my death bed when I’m 90 years old and find that I struggle to search my memories for meaningful moments. I don’t want to go out knowing that I made no significant or meaningful contributions in people’s lives. I don’t want the lasting memory of me to be that I made a lot of money.

    I’ve lowered my expenses, I’ve been on a self-development rampage and I’ve started a blog. I’m hell bent on changing the world, however I can. I’m on the verge of just quitting this stupid 9-5, throwing all caution to the wind, so I can MAKE something happen. Not only for me and my family, but for all the other people out there who lost their dreams in the clusterfuck bullshit of societal norms.

    I need to reach out to them to let them know they are better than a paycheck. That the world needs them to be who they were meant to be.

    I don’t care about the money. I don’t care about titles, status, fame, or anything else that feeds my ego. I just want to feed my family and help people live better lives.

    That’s it.

    There is no one (in my mind) who is more passionate about this than I am. There is no one who will work harder than I will. There is no one who can make this happen for me other than myself. I know this.

    And that’s why you need to work with me.

    Because I am ready.

    Talk to you soon.


  • Okay Tim-the photo is back. And I absolutely agree- a friendly face is important if you want to make a genuine connection.

    I also completed the survey.

    One of your questions was about whether I could be available for the calls at the given time. My answer was, “maybe” which was true, but after some thought the answer is now a YES of course I can make it work for the monthly meeting ( or even more if necessary ).

    And yes I’d be more than happy to share that time with your dogs -I’m a multi-tasker myself!

    • Curious to know what made you take it down? Don’t feel in anyway obliged to answer if you’d rather not.

      • A picture is worth a thousand words right? The problem is you’re not in control of the message and I just couldn’t figure out what kind of “story” my chosen photo told. But I had doubts and after reading your comment, decided to “get over it.”

  • Tim, I’m still here and waiting for you to look “No Further”:)

  • Tim: I let my readers know that I practice what I preach. And that I’m looking to you as a potential mentor.

  • Wow this is such an amazing opportunity! I can see from the comments already posted that you will have your work cut out for you choosing someone to mentor. I hope that someone will be me!

    So, why choose me?

    Coaching is my passion. It is where I am meant to be. I love to work one on one with clients as they move from stuckness or overwhelm, through the click of realization, and into the power of knowing what they really want out of life.

    I have always been the one who friends, family, coworkers, and even bosses came to for counsel and support. Coaching offers me a framework to provide that support, and making it a career gives me the opportunity to support myself while doing the very thing I love.

    This is WHY I coach:

    I coach to bring people into harmony with their own core values.
    I coach to expand minds and hearts.
    I coach because I believe that when one person comes into alignment with their values it ripples out and brings others into harmony and alignment.

    So what makes me different than other coaches?

    I made a little video to show you….

    I hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions about my qualifications and whatnot I am happy to answer them :)

  • A little additional information that my initial post didn’t cover.

    I live in Colorado.

    I was laid off from my full time job in June and I received my certification in August.

    I have been working diligently for the last 8 months to get my business going. I feel like I am on the right track but something is missing. I also feel like there is only so much I can do with free resources, books, and online information, and I think mentoring could provide the guidance and challenge to push me over the tipping point.

    So, aside from the above and the video about why you should want to work with me. I wanted to let you know why this was so important to me.


  • Tim,

    Your question about when my site goes live is a good one. The trustful answer is, I haven’t set a date yet. However, your question is bit thought provoking. Maybe I should look into that. Perhaps, if I’m the one chosen you could help me with some ideas on specifics,such as format,key words, maybe some content and whatever else you would like to share.

    Thank you,

  • Tim I don’t really think an old southern boy can actually be a special snowflake to many rough edges to refine plus when a snowflake melts and there’s nothing left to remind others how special it was.

    On the other hand when a life touches another in a special way that their lives are rejuvenated and a change reaction occurs with lives helping each other to change then that will be remembered.

    Point is if nothing changes in life well, nothing changes and that’s exactly what’s wrong with our society today everyone’s in such a rush and worried about their own difficulties we’ve forgotten that there are individuals with needs much greater than our own.

    We’ve been programmed to think that asking for help is a show of weakness as you mentioned in one of your earlier post and it’ll take a lot to change that way of thinking but miracles happen everyday and that’s one I’m committed to.

    I received my life coach certification in March, 2010 and really struggled with the training and the concept of their coaching, very impersonal at the very least.

    So I started my search to find the coaching field I would be comfortable with and while I was in Japan on Jan, 2011 to March, 2011 where I went through the Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Disaster (I’m a contract nuclear worker) I discovered what I was looking for after that trying ordeal.

    This is when I started The Unorthodox Life Coach website to at least get the ball rolling knowing I would find what I was looking for sooner than later.

    A coaching niche with the information that would focus on the Inner Self, understanding who you are and what you really want out of life. There is a tremendous amount of material as well as coaches on the subject but I have yet to find what I would call sincerity in any of them.

    That is until I came across your site on the 15th at which time I ordered your package on Aligning with Your Core Values, (haven’t received yet) which I believe will prove to be what I’m seeking and now you have come out with this offer of mentoring.

    Tim I don’t know about being a special snowflake that just falls to the ground and melts away but I do know this ole southern boy will be the best damn mentee you could have that has a burning desire to help others.

    • Thanks Gregory. I’m concerned thought that you haven’t received the core values material as it is completely automated. When did you buy it, I shall go back and check?

      Sorry about the inconvenience.

      • No problem on your end Tim I paid through my wife’s paypal acct and they sent an echeck that takes 3 to 5 days to clear, should of used my card. Really looking forward to the core values material plus I really like your no frills brand of coaching to help others, just tell it like it is. Thanks again.

  • Hey Tim,

    What makes me a unique snowflake? Good question. Perhaps it is the fact that I am genetically different than every other human being on the planet. Or perhaps its just the fact that I’m me.

    Why should you work with me? Because since the day I found your site (can’t even remember now where I first saw you), I’ve been studying what you do and how you do it. I’ve already implemented some of the things you have suggested and some of the things I have noticed from your site. I’m already very involved in social media and am ready to learn how I can step it up to be more effective.

    Frankly, I’m not going to waste your time.

    I’ve been a coach officially for two years. I’m just now deciding that I want my niche to be working with small business owners that want to bring personal development to their entire family. I want to focus on coaching whole families because I see personal development being far more successful as a group effort and this is an area I find under served.

    It’s unique, it’s different, and I know it can work.

    And that’s why I’m the best choice to be your next mentee!

    P.S. Do I get bonus brownie points for also having been a guest poster on your site?

    • Jeez Nicole I’m wading through a load of applications here, I don’t need anymore! ;-)

      I did say Monday though so there is that.

      • Hehe! Guess ya shouldn’t have decided to leave it open for a couple more days! That only means the right one was still coming along…

        Let me know if you need help wading through all those, I’ll be happy to let you know which one I think really deserves it! ;) Just doing what I can to help.

        And yes, I blogged about this post.

  • By the way everybody, I’m trying to get this number to a manageable amount. I have family I’ve not seen for 3 years arriving from the UK tomorrow and again on Tuesday and I’m up to my eyes in it. That’s why I don’t take clients on who are after help with productivity! Seriously I don’t, that wasn’t a joke, I’m crap at it.

    I started replying to people individually and that was stupid and taking me too long. So I’ll say here and now, if you haven’t heard from my by Monday I’m afraid it’s a no and I apologize because I know how badly most of you want to succeed as coaches.

    I’m also writing a post that will cover off some of my reasons for publication on Monday.

  • Dee

    I’m northern English and from a working class background with a builder for a dad and a homemaker for a mother. My dad spent his evenings in the pub and my mum ran around after six children.

    This ‘salt of the earth’ upbringing, paired with a panache for the notorious sarcastic/piss-taking northern approach sometimes has my head spinning when I try to combine two (almost conflicting) sides of my personality.

    I’m sarcastic and dry humoured but I am happy and optimistic. I make decisions in life then stick with them and pursue them until they become reality. A total failure at my GCSE’s I assumed that meant I was stupid but a few years later I decided to do a degree and a HNC simultaneously and the results of that helped to restore my confidence (Distinction in Business management HNC and a 2:1 for my BSc Marketing degree – with a 1st for my dissertation, the part that I was worried about the most!)

    I wanted to live life like an adventure and travel the world, so when I was offered four jobs (Dublin, Liverpool, Cardiff and Weymouth) I chose the furthest one away from my easy life ‘oop north’ with the intention of getting outside of my comfort zone (I’m a home bird at heart)and enabling me to make a bigger move some day.

    Someday arrived, in the form of a potential job in Los Angeles for my husband – he umm’d and argh’d about it – would we like it? Could we afford it? Did we want to leave the life we had made on the south coast in England? I was adamant that it would be amazing, that it wasn’t an opportunity to turn down and that we just need to take life by the horns sometimes and go for it!

    He agreed, we moved and I have never felt so uncomfortable so often, whether it’s because I felt like I was speaking a foreign language sometimes, or because we never turned down an invite to ‘hang-out’ with virtual strangers or just trying to figure out what the hell health insurance to get so we didn’t go bankrupt! Yet in spite of and perhaps because of all of the uncomfortable moments, we have an amazing social life, great friends we live in an amazing place and life has never been better. Really.

    The reason I *know* that I want to be a life coach is for two reasons.
    1. Iv often pondered what im good at and what I should do “when I grow up” but never once did I feel like I had a ‘Eureka’ moment until the idea of this hit me! And the reason is:
    2. I truly and genuinely want to help people push past their comfort levels, stop sleep walking their way through their lives and to take control of their own destiny’s and happiness. So that they can feel peaceful and happy and enjoy their lives like I do.

    If you choose someone else I totally understand. I have great life experience but not so much life coaching experience and I am brand spanking new at this. If you choose someone else I will try to find a course or two to take that will hopefully guide me in the right direction, but the reason I *really* want you to pick me (for purely selfish reasons) is that when I read your blog/twitter etc I’m inspired to see someone who is a positive and inspiring life coach without having lost his sense of self.

    I don’t want to be a ‘hippy-dippy’, vomit inducing version of myself I want to bring banter AND joy to my clients life’s and I doubt I could find a better all-round mentor for that.

    Thanks for reading this (far to) long post…well, if you still are anyway! ;)

    Oh, and the link to my post about this on my blog is

  • Anonymous

    Monday? You said Monday, yes? Where I am, it’s just thirty-six minutes until Monday. But as I don’t see any other Cinderella Snow flakes here, I may have misunderstood.

    I know I understood about your visiting family and not having enough time. So I’ll be brief: I am a coach in progress (rather like my blog). My coaching is farther along than my blog ( — but not by much. Productivity? oh, not so much — but I have a coach for that! What I don’t have, is a mentor who will take an interest in my success, let me walk in his footprints on the metaphorical beach, and challenge me walk farther every day.

    I am enrolled in class through Mentor Coach. The grounding there in positive psychology is perfect for how I see my coaching role. Now far into my seventh decade, I have found the path for which I have been searching for so long. I will be a wonderful coach — I already am, in fact, and love especially the part about unsticking people and watching them fly.

    I love the part about working with my best people, those who — like me, have always wanted to know what they wanted to do when they grew up — and want to do it before they grow up any more for heavens sake. And those who — like me, have discovered after a full and wonderful life, that one of the things that made it harder was having ADD. Amazing how many of us there are that didn’t find this out until we were quite, quite grown. It’s great! Like starting all over but knowing all you need to know right from the get go!

    You, Tim, have already begun to mentor me, and I trust you will continue through your blog and your books. If you’d like to have a more active role, I would welcome it,too. And whether you do or not,you will see my links back to you when my blog comes along. I’ll be here no matter what!

  • Oh, darn. I guess I need a coach for html, too: I didn’t mean to strike out the whole thing — just the “snow” before the work “flake.” So I’ll just retype the whole thing below:

    Monday, you said Monday,yes? Where I am it is just thirty-six minutes until Monday. But as I don’t see any other Cinderella snow flakes here, I may have misunderstood

    I know I understood about your visiting family and not having enough time. So I’ll be brief: I am a coach in progress (rather like my blog). My coaching is farther along than my blog ( — but not by much. Productivity? oh, not so much — but I have a coach for that! What I don’t have, is a mentor who will take an interest in my success, let me walk in his footprints on the metaphorical beach, and challenge me walk farther every day.

    I am enrolled in class through Mentor Coach. The grounding there in positive psychology is perfect for how I see my coaching role. Now far into my seventh decade, I have found the path for which I have been searching for so long. I will be a wonderful coach — I already am, in fact, and love especially the part about unsticking people and watching them fly.

    I love the part about working with my best people, those who — like me, have always wanted to know what they wanted to do when they grew up — and want to do it before they grow up any more for heavens sake. And those who — like me, have discovered after a full and wonderful life, that one of the things that made it harder was having ADD. Amazing how many of us there are that didn’t find this out until we were quite, quite grown. It’s great! Like starting all over but knowing all you need to know right from the get go!

    You, Tim, have already begun to mentor me, and I trust you will continue through your blog and your books. If you’d like to have a more active role, I would welcome it,too. And whether you do or not,you will see my links back to you when my blog comes along. I’ll be here no matter what!

    • Sorry Linda, you were too late. I know comments were still open, but I spent ages yesterday when I should have been doing other things deliberating :-(

      Also, you didn’t fill in the questionnaire and that was a prerequisite.