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The Black Dog of Depression

black dog of deprressionI wasn’t going to publish another post until next week as I have been a bit slammed and anyway a break from me aint no bad thing!

Then I had the video in the post sent to me by my sister-in-law who lives in Australia.

What the makers of this video have achieved is an easy to understand, non-preachy and clear message that it’s ok to have depression.

And by that I mean there should be no need to hide it, be embarrassed about it give in to it.

It’s crazy that in this day and age there is still a stigma attached to a disease that is no different any other disease you care to mention.

How Do You Quantify Something You Can’t See, Touche, Feel, Taste or Smell?

But we cannot measure or weigh depression and we can’t see it under a microscope. We can’t cut it, burn it or really even cure it with medication, we can merely manage it.

Medication can and does help millions, but it only helps if changes are made when the medication is being taken.

Medication isn’t the cure in and of itself; it just offers some normalcy as the person seeks to find their own cure with the help of lifestyle changes and breaking negative and harmful patterns of thinking.

This video is very important. It’s no longer acceptable that people with depression are often made to feel even worse by people who have no clue what they’re going through.

Hopefully you can share this and who knows we may help a few suffers seek help and few people who were less than tolerant to be more aware and informed.

The Black Dog of Depression

7 comments to The Black Dog of Depression

  • Tim, that was Brilliant! Very educational, inspirational and uplifting.

    But, not as uplifting as being up 3-0 over the Poms in an Ashes Test Series…. mwahahahahaaa! :)


  • Greg Bray

    Um, actually, no. No it wasn’t! It got me watching test cricket for the first time in years… that handlebar moustache of Johnsons… I think he was channelling Dennis Lillee (you may have to explain that to our American cousins).

    As a boy, we chant in front of the ol’ black and white tele, “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if Lillee don’t get you, then Thommo must!” Then your mob sent out Boycott… the human brick wall, and about as exciting to watch :)

  • Shane Counter

    Great vid! I have my own ‘equal opportunity mongrel’ and a lot of what I have just seen and heard rings very true: things that I have felt and things I do to cope. However, it is a pleasant afternoon on Christmas Eve, so I’m going to take him for a walk :)

    All the best, Tim, for a great Winter break.

  • Greg Bray

    4 – 0. One to go. Can England save face?

    BTW: because we’re currently trapped indoors by a shocking heatwave, so I’ve been watching the DVD’s some kind soul bought us for Xmas. You look uncannily like the Priest in Series 2, Episode 2 of The IT Crowd…

    Poms might not be able to play cricket, but they sure know how to make brilliant comedies :)