How much can you really get out of a one-time session with Tim? More than you could ever imagine! When I made the appointment for our session I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to address since it was a one-time thing. He quickly helped me decide what areas would best serve me with our time together. The time spent with Tim was fun, relaxed, extremely informative, and very productive. I highly recommend giving Tim a go!!
Tracy CoanLife CoachTexas
Though I have never seemed to suffer from a lack of enthusiasm, I was frustrated because I felt I was stuck and lacked a life passion. Thanks to Tim, in just a few sessions, I now have a vision and a bright new path! Thank you for lighting the way! You are a unique and truly gifted life coach. You had a miraculous way of distilling my words and ideas and honing in on my true desires.
Betsy HelmTroy, New York
Tim has been adaptable to my needs, and challenges me constantly to go for what I dream of. I have not yet used all of my sessions, and already he’s got me off my backside in a big way. In 4 months, I’ve gone from tentatively considering my niche as a Fertility Coach, to committing fully, getting a website going, learning more than I could ever have imagined about both myself and how to run my business. I can’t imagine where I would be now if I hadn’t been smart enough to hire Tim Brownson, Life Coach Extraordinaire!
Janet ChadwickFertility Coach South Africa
Tim is a fantastic life coach, great fun to talk to, and with impressive ability to get to the root of a problem. In just a couple of sessions, he really helped me to work through some big issues in my life, and I definitely wouldn’t have made such fast progress without him.Whenever I’m encouraging myself to take the next step in my business or my life, to reach outside my comfort zone, I think “what would Tim tell me to do…” I really can’t recommend him highly enough. If your concept of Life Coaching is, like mine was, a bit negative – hire Tim. He’ll blow your preconceptions away!
Ali HaleLondon, UKAli Ventures
After 4 sessions with Tim, we’d sorted my problems. I thought it was because I was a genius. Begrudgingly I have to admit to myself that I am not a genius and Tim is just fantastic at what he does. He’s managed to change the way I think and I see the effects of his work every single day. I’ve never felt more free, relaxed, or confident and it’s already having a positive impact on my business and personal life. If you want to know what a breakthrough looks like, hire Tim as your Life Coach.
Amy HarrisonBrighton, UKHarrisonamy Copywriting
I don’t have any other Life Coaches to compare Tim with but after 60 plus years on this planet my bullshit detector works exceptionally well and Tim passes every possible test. He’s not only an extraordinary coach but an incredibly good human being. Count yourself lucky to work with him and even luckier to be his friend.
Bob PooleAuthor of ‘Listen Now, Sell Later’Perkasie, Pa
Tim’s a no-nonsense, practical and straight-forward kind of guy who’ll get to the heart of your matter before you even know you’re on the operating table. He cut through my waffling and wailing in no time and got me honed and focused so that even now, if I get ambivalent, I remember his advice to me. He’s also kind and personable, fun and extremely honest. If you want some power life-coaching to get yourself on track pretty darn quick, he’s your man.
Alison GoldenPaleo/NonPaleo

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