Life Coaching For Free Again? Kind Of

self development communityOver the last few months I have stepped up the time I spend on Facebook in an attempt to build a community of people who are interested in improving their lot on life.

It has been somewhat successful, but I suspect it’s not really changed anybody’s life for the better, and to me that is what Life Coaching and self development are all about.

I don’t view it as a failure and I fully intend to keep it going, but I also want to do something different for people who are serious about making change and not just into reading cool motivational quotes.

If the interest is there I intend to start a ‘private’ Google+ community aimed at helping people to make the changes they want to make by using public accountability and support with others who are doing the same.

This idea sprang from being in a meditation community myself and Bodhipaksa the organizer starting a 100 Day Challenge.

Members were challenged to meditate for 100 days continually in an attempt to build a habit and make meditation part of their new identity.

I like this idea of going for 100 days because as I have pointed out in the past, building a habit in the 30 days as many in the self development industry claim, is almost impossible.

This got me to thinking that there are a lot of people who cannot afford to hire me or any other Life Coach for that matter, but still want and deserve help making changes.

A Free Life Coaching Community

So what better than to build a community of like-minded individuals who can lean on one another (and me of course) for support and advice where necessary?

My plan to start with is to ask (and I do mean ask, it will not be a requirement) every person who joins make just one commitment to do something that they know will benefit their long-term growth for 100 consecutive days.

It doesn’t have to be anything too dramatic because the last thing I want is people stressing out, or even bailing out of the group because they missed a day and feel humiliated.

This is about helping one another to better things in an atmosphere of support and encouragement, not ritually humiliating or criticizing people!

In fact I won’t tolerate any criticism whatsoever.

Here are some examples of the types of commitments you could make, but really nothing that will help you is off the table.

  • Meditating for at least 10 minutes
  • Avoiding a certain type of food that you know is bad for you
  • Reading for education for 30 minutes
  • Reframing at least one negative event
  • Avoiding local news (something I implemented years ago and I’m so glad I did)
  • Writing down 3 things you’re grateful for
  • Telling yourself that you love yourself unconditionally
  • Telling your partner  you love them unconditionally
  • Avoiding water cooler pity parties
  • Not swearing (no way will I be trying that fucker!)
  • Journaling
  • Offering a genuine compliment to at least one person
  • Not laughing at people who think the Laughing Buddha is the Buddha

There would be no need to log in every day, or even every week if you don’t want. You could merely drop by when you want some support or to see how others are getting on and offer encouragement.

What You Would Need To Join

As I say, it will be a private group meaning only members can see the posts, that way people are free to be more open without fear of what they say popping up on an Internet search by some random person – it won’t!

Most people these days seem to have a Google account such as Gmail and that’s all you need (I think even a YouTube account is enough, but don’t quote me on that) to join Google+ and from there join a Google+ community.

Of course it’s free to join Google+ and the group will be entirely free too.

The challenge is only a starting point because I want to see where things take us and hopefully allow the community to dictate the direction, not me.

So would you be interested in such a thing?

If so, please leave a comment so I can get an idea if there are enough people to make it worth my while. I’m also going to ask my newsletter readers.

If you are reading this through e-mail, you can just hit reply and say ‘yes’ in the subject line. I’ll not respond, but I will tally up the answers and if I get over 50 people I shall get on it.

You don’t have to say why you’d be interested (unless you want to), I’m just looking for a rough idea of the level of interest.

Update Saturday 2nd March – The Community Is Now Live

Everything is now set up and ready to go, so if you want to join, here is the link.