Life Coaches: How To Get More Clients

Richard Branson quoteI receive a lot of e-mails from other Life Coaches and people who want to become Life Coaches.

Sometimes they are looking to hire me, but by and large they are looking for free advice.

Even though I obviously prefer the former I don’t have a problem with the latter either. After all, we encourage people in How To Be Rich and Happy to ask for help when they need it.

Having said that, there is one question I get asked frequently that I simply have to decline to answer. And the reason is it’s just so damn time consuming and difficult to cover off adequately in an e-mail.

That question is this:

“How do you generate Life Coaching clients?”

For the first 4 years or so of full time coaching I made more mistakes than Lindsey Lohan after a few cocktails.

I tried to do almost everything myself and the clients I did get were more through luck than judgment.

The fact that I talk to clients about core competencies and focusing on what they do best seems absurd in retrospect.

I was doing my own SEO, pay per click advertising, marketing, branding, product launches, accounting and candlestick making

Jackass of All Trades

I wasn’t so much a jack of all trades as a jackass of all trades because outside of coaching and writing I wasn’t doing anything well and a lot of things very, very badly.

Then I made the rather obvious decision to get help because trying to save money was actually costing me money in the form of clients and product sales.

I hired an accountant, a techie web guy, a designer, and an SEO genius, but possibly most important of all I started to learn about marketing because that is an extremely tricky sucker to outsource effectively.

Prior to that I rather foolishly thought because I understood sales inside out, I must know marketing too.

I didn’t, I was more clueless than Inspector Clouseau on acid.

Marketing Isn’t A Dirty Word

And let me say this, marketing isn’t just a ‘nice to have‘ for your business, it’s an absolute necessity if you don’t want to crash and burn very quickly!

I’ve worked with well in excess of 50 Life Coaches and I can’t remember more than a two or three who understood enough about marketing to be successful.

And by the way,  that is not a knock on them in any way shape or form because often that was the exact reason they’d hired me.

A week or so ago I asked if other coaches would like me to write a post laying out what I do and how I do it.

I have to be honest and say I almost immediately regretted the offer because the post would have had to have been the longest I’d ever written. And even then I couldn’t have done it real justice this side of disappearing into a cave with my laptop for 3 months.

Knight In Shining Armor

Then on Thursday evening in one of those beautiful moment of serendipity I was talking to my good friend, Tony Teegarden. We often speak on the phone and as I have said here a few times before Tony is (in my humble opinion) one of the really good guys in the self development industry.

We share many of the same values and our outlook on dealing with clients and looking to provide massive value is in lock step.

Not only that, but Tony has provided me with thousands of dollars worth of free advice during our ‘chats’ and he is included on my page of recommended coaches.

I knew that he had been working with Kyle Wilson the guy who founded the phenomenally successful Jim Rohn International, but I didn’t realize exactly what he had been working on.

Simply put they had been compiling a program designed to help Life Coaches, Consultants and Professional Speakers take their businesses online and attract more people looking for their products and services.

Tony asked me if I wanted to look at the course and obviously I did.

That was last Thursday and since then I have spent several hours reading and watching  the material.

It’s frickin’ awesome!

Last year I co-presented a course designed to help Life Coaches use blogging to gain clients. I like to think it was very useful for the people who were prepared to take on board and use the advice.

I have to admit, this is better as it covers social media and list building which are incredibly important in more detail.

There is an introductory video that is about 30 minutes long that in and of itself offers a load of free advice and I urge you to watch that if you do nothing else.

Let me be up front here, I am an affiliate for this service.*

However, I get affiliate offers sent to me almost every week and I nearly always turn them down. I’m not prepared to support any product or service that I have not used or don’t believe in 100%

That is why even though I could make a significant amount of money by doing so, you never (and will never) see banner or Google Adsense advertising on my blog.

Duty Of Care

If it’s on my blog then I have a duty of care to you to make sure it is of value and I can’t do that with the Adsnese and the like.

I have zero hesitation in recommending this course and it’s the first time (as far as I can remember) I’ve ever recommended something similar in 6 years of blogging.

It will without doubt give you the edge over the thousands of coaches that are struggling to make a living and it’s significantly cheaper than hiring me.

It may seem counter-intuitive to recommend a product that may mean I lose some clients, but that’s cool. Some people get more out of working one-on-one with an experienced coach and some get more out of working at their own pace.

Is It Perfect?

To be honest I have still a lot of material to work through, but as of now even if I had paid to buy it I would have had my moneys worth.

I have two minor niggles though.

Firstly, there are a number of typos and grammatical errors. I know, that’s rich coming from me, right, but they stopped me dead in my tracks a couple of times as I worked out what they meant to say.

However, when I questioned Tony on this he said this was strictly a beta version and that was reflected in the cost which will be substantially more when they roll it out fully, sans typos.

I’d be “uh-huh, right” if I didn’t know Tony, but I do so I’m cool with that and trust him at his word.

Secondly, when you watch the video and click away it has a drop down box effectively asking you to reconsider.

Personally that pissed me off because I usually associate such tactics with products of dubious value, but this definitely doesn’t fall into that category.

So even though that bugged me overall I’m still going to give it a huge thumbs up because that doesn’t effect the value.

However, in the final outcome the decision is yours and please do NOT sign up if you can’t be bothered to implement the advice.

In the meantime I’d welcome any feedback or thoughts in the comments.

Normal blogging service will be resumed next time, now go watch the video and learn some coooooool stuff, or if you’re not a video kind of person read the sales page here.

* If the course appeals to you and you would prefer I not get paid for referring you, merely copy the URL log out of your browser, clear your cache and then log back in again.