How I Hit The First Page Of Google For The Term Life Coach

Let me make one thing clear from the get-go, I’m a Life Coach.

I’m not a blogging consultant, I’m definitely not a WordPress/SEO expert, I know nothing about web design and I’m not even close to being a website conversion specialist.

I say that by way of setting your expectations before we go any further. Because if you’ve high tailed it over here based on the headline and think I may be about to spill the beans on the Google algorithm, you’re going to be really, really, disappointed.

In fact this post contains no direct SEO or traffic tips whatsoever. If that’s what you’re looking for I suggest you check out Glenn Allsopp’s blog, Viper Chill because that’s the dogs bollocks as we British people have a tendency to say.

When I kicked off the post You Still Have Hope by bragging about hitting the first page of Google and asking if you wanted to know how I did it, I was expecting to take some flak for being a tad arrogant.

Only I wasn’t really being arrogant (well ok, maybe a teeny-weeny bit), because it was really a trick question.

The fact of the matter is I didn’t hit the first page of Google for the term Life Coach we did.

And the we in question are the people I linked to above.

I talked in my post The Single Biggest Mistake Businesses Make about understanding as solopreneurs and small business owners what our core competencies are and what our time is worth.

Without knowing and then focusing on our core competencies, it’s really easy to spend a lot of time on things you are not very good at under the mistaken impression that you’re saving money.

You’re not, you’re wasting money.

You’re also wasting your time.

I do feel a little smug about the rise of this site on Google, but not because I had that much to do with it.

Because other than throw a few internal links up like the one you see at the start of this first post and write a lot of guest posts I pretty much sat back and let other people get on with it.

But because I finally took my own advice and hired professional people that knew what they were doing and stopped dicking about doing a half-assed job myself.

In my last post I listed 25 brilliant pieces of self development advice from my readers, but didn’t in anyway try and order them.

However, if I’d been pushed into doing so, without any shadow of a doubt the person that would have been sat at #1 would have been Nicole Bandes.

Now maybe it’s because she’s a Life Coach too, but her advice was money in every way.

Do you know what it was?

“Ask for help!”

The only way I can improve on that (and please avert your eyes if you’re easily offended) is to say:

“For fucks sake, ask for help and stop being so stubborn!”

So are you asking for help in the areas you need it, or are you struggling along on your own hoping things will turn out for the best?