Get Your Message Out There!

I recently had an e-mail from a newsletter subscriber asking me a very specific question.

I was about to reply when I had the thought of sharing it with you because I know lots of people who are in, if not the exact same situation, then one very similar.

Before I give you my take (and this is definitely one of those posts that I’d love you to offer your input in the comments), let me share with you the e-mail that Vic (real name) was happy for me to share.

Note: I have edited out some parts that aren’t really relevant for brevity’s sake.


Hi Tim,

Re: Don’t Hesitate – Meditate

I did enjoy reading your new edition to the “A Daring Adventure” library.

You put a cool touch to a hippy… Wacky Backy world of mystic pleasures… only used by pop stars and the like.

I have been meditating for 25 years using “The TM method”… and I can say in all honesty it saved my ruddy sanity.

After having a heart bypass some 25 years ago my doctor advised me to take up meditation. Of course I let out a littler snigger only to be told quite sternly but in a friendly way… that for my type person whom he classed as a serious type A… that it would help me come to terms with my predicament.

TM is great for quieting the mind and stilling “Ol Critic Nag” the chattering monkey man. And The Silva method you can go to work on yourself or others.

So there you have it… a double whammy package.

I would love to be able to write my very own eBook or kindle… but there always seem s to be a reason why I should do it tomorrow… I think they call it procrastination… or perhaps nobody would be interested in what I have to say?

The reason for my post to you is that… you managed to write your book so easy… and in such a friendly way… in what seemed such a short period of time… after you announced you were in fact going to write it. Any tips? I have the knowledge but lack the author qualities… or is it Critic Nag trying to dissuade me?

Warmest regards


Let me say this as clearly and honestly as I can:

I’m A Crap Writer!

I make basic errors all the time, sometimes through carelessness and other times through blissful ignorance. In short, I write posts that make academic left-brained grown women and men convulse in twisted apoplectic agony.

But it doesn’t matter and I don’t care, because it’s all about the message. If one in ten people can’t face to read me because the syntax (whatever that is) and grammar is all over the place. Good!

Let’s face it, if that drives them nuts, they weren’t really meant to be here in the first place.

They would have positively exploded at posts on dobermans and porn, God, the Law of Attraction and one my all time favorites from a while back, Is That So?

I know I can’t write technically very well, but equally I know I can communicate exceptionally well to people on my wave length like you.

And you are who I want to communicate with because I know you’re open-minded, curious, not easily offended, funny, and probably very good looking if I’m not very much mistaken.

Vic asked how I wrote the book and the honest answer is, I didn’t

I talked that book as though I were talking to you over a nice Venti Latte and a piece of Classic Coffee cake at our favorite purveyor of fine aromatic coffees and pastries.

The only difference is, I was typing as I talked.

Note: Not out loud, I’m not a total loon.

Writing and Communicating Are Not Necessarily The Same Thing

I wasn’t writing, I was communicating and whereas the two can do overlap a lot, they’re not really the same thing.

Of course there were areas that I had to rewrite and that was because I obviously didn’t talk those through very well the first time and they looked shite on paper.

The motivation to do it in such a short time was because I had told my newsletter readers to kick my ass if I didn’t finish it by the end of March and I hate to let people down.

They kindly didn’t kick my arse and I had it finished a week or so later than planned, but still fairly quick.

Er…hm…er, well there was one tiny other thing that helped me.

About half of the material was already available to me in the form of blog posts I’d written over the last couple of years. I just had to find the material, edit it and find a place to slot it in where it made at least some sense.

So that’s one piece of advice to Vic, even if it’s not technically in the right order.

Start a blog and get the win/win of beginning the process of writing your ebook which will help you hone your writing skills in the public arena at the same time.

Because as super author, Michael Crichton oce said:

“Books aren’t written – they’re rewritten”

And no way will your first draft you write be the one you publish unless you’re on acid at the time.

Writing is awesome at forcing you to think your ideas through because it’s a whole different ball game having them floating around in your head than seeing them on paper.

And that pressure steps up a notch when you realize other people are going to be reading, and some will be looking to rip you!

You will write some posts that works from the get-go, but others may be less than stellar.

You shrug, learn from what works and what doesn’t and keep on keeping on.

Before that though, and in response to Vic’s suggested question of whether he should right the book or not?

Yes, Write The Damn Book Already!

It’s a copper-bottomed, locked-in, nailed-on, absolute certainty.

Vic obviously feels like he has a message to deliver and it would be a crying shame if it doesn’t get delivered.

If it sucks and people don’t resonate with it, then at least he did his best and he pushed himself out of his comfort zone, and that is a huge achievement in and of itself.

And most importantly of all, he won’t be regretting being such a wuss in 20 years time when he has carpel tunnel and/or arthritis and probably same cataract issues and his Goldfish laughs at his concentration levels, and he can no more write a book than sleep through the night without a mad dash to the lav.

Note: Probably none of that will actually happen Vic, I was using artistic effect, or lying as it’s known in the trade.

And if he succeeds, then wow, wouldn’t that be cool and life affirming and worth the effort?

As Wayne Dyer says 32 times a day and 50 times at weekends, even I’m reliably assured to his cat who because of such appalling treatment has tried to leave home 3 times and filed a restraining order:

“Don’t Die With Your Music Still Inside You”

I bet you’ve heard that before because D’Wayne (as my wife calls him for some bizarre reason, best known to herself), nailed it in his chunky sweater wearing lovable uncle kind of way

But have you taken it on board and realized what it means?

Vic wants to write an ebook, you may want to do the same, or make a movie, or start a blog, or change careers to something that feels more like a calling than a job and doesn’t having you say TFIF every week!

It doesn’t really matter what it is, you have a duty of care to your future self if it’s psychically possible, to just do it!

There May Be Some Discomfort.

Or indeed there may not because this stage is often vilified unnecessarily.

I’ve worked with plenty of clients who have made such a change and it was much easier and way less scary than they imagined.

Once they took action that is!

Maybe that will be the case with you and maybe Vic will turn into a whirling dervish of meditation writing insanity and bang out his book in one night fueled by Jack Daniels mixed with 5 Hour Energy Drink.

Have I made my point?

If not, I not only suck at writing, I suck at communicating too and feel very foolish.

I want to know what is the music inside you is ? Because I have no doubt that you have something. Don’t worry if you haven’t even started because this could be the start.

And who knows, maybe somebody who reads the comments can help you. Stranger things have happened.

Also if you have any words of encouragement or advice from Vic, my ex-pat friend, I’m sure he’d love to read them.