Feng Shui: A Way To Improve Your Motivation

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Before we get to the post by the mighty Vishni,  we get woo-woo weekend back, (although to be fair I’m not sure how woo-woo Feng Shui is any more) with a post from Oz Abramovich.

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Rather confusingly the bio Oz provided was that of the founder of the business he works for, although I presume Oz wrote the article. If I’m wrong on that I’ll edit when I hear back from him.


Feng Shui: A Way To Improve Your Motivation

Feng Shui is an approach taken to bring about balance and harmony mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

This is accomplished by establishing positive energy or sheng Ch’i and eliminating negative energy or shar Ch’i. Finding the right balance is specific to the individual and so there are many combinations that are possible.

Knowing what is going to be successful requires starting at the beginning to find the harmony between man and nature. There are several schools of thought regarding pa kua, but ultimately each exhibits the same underlying principles.

Aspects Of Life

The pa kua consists of different aspects of life for each individual. These areas are wealth, marriage, good luck, children, knowledge, health and family, fame, career, and travel.

These aspects represent the magical square, but the significance is based on astronomy and the 5 elements. Starting from the top left in a 3×3 square the numbers read 4,9,2,3,5,7,8,1,6. The total of 45 is the earthly number.

Odd numbers represent Yang, and even numbers represent Yin.

The 5 Elements

The 5 elements are water (number 1 and 6), fire (number 2 and 7), wood (number 3 and 8), metal (number 4 and 9), and Earth (number 5 and 10).

To determine what will be most effective, the year of birth is first looked at in Chinese astrology. Using this information will help to identify what elements are key to Feng Shui.

Additionally, the birth year identifies how each element is related to the personality traits and physical traits of the individual.

Achieving balance is enhanced by the proper placement of objects, the use of complimenting colors, and the presence of the proper facing direction.

Feng Shui Is For Everybody

The great thing about Feng Shui is that it is a way of life that is applicable to everyone. You do not need to be of a certain faith or location. It is not something that should be left to chance.

Experts are available to help each individual with finding balance. What you get in return is mental fitness.

Often there are struggles between the conscious and sub-conscious. Finding the harmony between the two will allow you to move on to other balances.

Physical harmony can be achieved once your mind is in the right place. Become focused on the tasks at hand and how to achieve them successfully.

Creativity Is The Product

Interlinking mental and physical fitness brings on healthier, more positive living. Creativity will begin to flow from you like a river, and you will not run dry of ideas.

With mental and physical aspects of life in place, emotional success will soon be in hand. These things work in direct relation with each other, and having one or more areas out of balance can be defeating. When all things are positive, negativity fades away into the abyss.

Last, spiritual balance is a key element to success and motivation. As the energies are stabilized in the other three areas, spiritual balance will also emerge. The positive changes made will show through all aspects of your life, and it will radiate in the things that you do.


 Mike Schnippering is the founder of Feng Shui at Work

In 1996 he studied Feng Shui with Master Sang whose ancestors can be traced back to ancient China. He is committed to the true art and science of Feng Shui. His Feng Shui practice has taken him to various parts of the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Colombia and Argentina. You can follow him on Google+