Are You In Denial?

Millions of people read self development and Life Coaching blogs every single day of the year and millions more are subscribed to newsletters offering similar advice.

Yet more people will be reading books on productivity, time management, happiness, goal setting, stress management, meditation and any other area of self development topic you care to mention.

The self development industry is a huge beast constantly supplying new (and not so new) information to a hungry public looking for the difference that will make the difference in their life.

Unfortunately though, most people never act on the information or implement the knowledge, and there’s a very good reason for that.

They’re in denial.

They have convinced themselves that doing something largely meaningless is actually taking action.

As such they are sat squarely in the center of their comfort zone safe in the false knowledge that they did their best and if nothing is changing then that’s just because people don’t change, or this shit is really hard.

Subscribing to a newsletter or a blog is not taking action.

Buying one self development book after another is not taking action.

Joining a gym is not taking action.

Buying a meditation stool is not taking action.

Taking action is not thinking about or intending to make change, it’s making change.

Reading every single self development book, post and newsletter is a total waste of time unless you take action and implement the advice.

Nobody gets fits by joining a gym, they get fit by taking action and going again and again and again.

You don’t improve your happiness levels and reduce your stress by having a statue of Buddha, setting a room set up for meditation and having a nice adjustable meditation seat. You do it by taking action and meditating again and again and again.

Reading is easy, watching a video or listening to a podcast is easy, spending money is easy, intending to do something is easy, and having good intentions is easy.

Easy is what we can all do and what our brain prefers to do.

But easy won’t get you where you want to be, that will probably be hard.

Image: ‘Denied’ Courtesy of Paul McCoubrie