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OMG, George Michael is GAY!

I was floating on a magnificent cruise liner somewhere in the Caribbean Sea. My gorgeous new bride was by my side as I sipped my rather camp, but luscious Strawberry Daiquiri and basked in the golden tropical sun.

I gazed at the crashing waves and the endless expanse of azure ocean and thought to myself “It really doesn’t get much better than this”

With that I put my drink down, lay back and picked up my book and continued to read ‘Take It Like A Man’, the autobiography of Boy George.

And then I was hit by the bombshell.

George Michael is GAY!

George what are you saying mate? You can’t possibly print something so obviously untrue and libelous. In my haste to sit up I knocked my drink over and scrambled to stop the red syrupy sweet liquid running over my Walkman, watch and assorted clothing stacked by my lounger.

Helen sat up and looked at me with the kind of look that suggested she was thinking she’d made a huge mistake just a few days earlier.

I stared at her. “You’ll never guess what Boy George says in his book”


“He says George Michael is gay!”

She looked at me more with sympathy now than concern and said “That figures” and lay back down and closed her eyes.

“What? George Michael can’t be gay, he has all those women lusting after him and he writes raunchy lyrics and stuff like that”

She just shrugged her shoulders and said “Yeh, and no doubt he dances around on stage in a white vest with another man because he can’t decide which women to choose.”

At that moment my belief system shifted never to return from whence it came. Boy George wasn’t the lying bastard I had presumed for a few precious moments, he was just telling it like it was.

In hindsight, George Michael was quite obviously gay to anybody that was prepared to see it and he didn’t need to wear a pink tutu to prove it.

And therein lies the problem. We often reject what is staring us in the face because it doesn’t feel, look or sound right. Rather than question ourselves, we question (or ignore)  the evidence and presume it is that that is wrong.

I think it was ‘The Secret’ (but I could be wrong, it may have been ‘What The Bleep Do We Know’) that tells the story of Christopher Columbus, or some other dude that did a lot of sailing, landing on an island somewhere far, far away.

In the reenactment for the movie the natives standing on the beach looking out to sea couldn’t see the arriving ships about to steal all their booty, because they had no point of reference for what a ship would look like.

In other words, they had no ability to see something that they didn’t know existed.

Even though the story is almost certainly the biggest pile of steaming horse crap since somebody once told me Boy George is gay, and begs the rather obvious questions of, “What the hell were they doing stood on a beech peering out to sea in the first place, admiring the view?” It does make an interesting point.

If I asked you to put on a pair of glasses with green lenses and then come clothes shopping with me you’d probably think I was a very weird life coach indeed. But if you were up for a laugh and decided to give it a go, what do you think would happen?

Well, unless your name’s Lenny the Leprechaun you’re going to be a tad frustrated, because everything would appear green.

You can try telling yourself the sexy little dress you’re wearing is black, but your conscious mind is certainly going to rebel (to begin with at least) and say “No it’s actually chartreuse you half-wit, look in the damn mirror?”

If you’re wearing a pair of green glasses and know you’re wearing them, then other than looking a bit strange, worrying about traffic lights and struggling at Trivial Pursuit, life wouldn’t be so bad. You’d simply adjust your behavior accordingly and hopefully avoid driving.

Well the weird thing is, you’re already wearing glasses like that, you’re just not aware of them and thus rarely make the conscious effort to change them.

Yep, your glasses are in reality, your belief system.

It’s doubtful your beliefs are the variety that change the color of everything you look at, but they certainly filter every single piece of visual and aural information that enters your head. And it’s impossible for you to do anything to alter that fact.

I say impossible, and that’s true in a literal sense because even if you banish one belief another one will fill the void and take its place.

However, you can accept they’re only beliefs and not necessarily facts, and treat them accordingly. And by that I mean with a sense of curiosity and a even some skepticism when appropriate.

How cool would it be to accept some of the things you are most sure about could be wrong? I’m, not talking about what your name is or what day of the week it is, but the more fundamental stuff.

Maybe you are worthy after all, perhaps it’s ok to get nervous before a speech or be attracted to people of the same sex? What if your religion is not THE religion or even that there isn’t A religion, or other countries are just as great as yours, or even just as fallible as yours?

Think of the endless possibilities if you weren’t attached to old ideas. Oh sure, many will stand the test of rigorous and open-minded investigation and that’s brilliant because you can then hold on to those, but what about the others? It’s like having the shackles taken off of your mind as you let go of old beliefs and ideas that don’t serve you any longer.

The anomaly with this is that the starting point is to adopt the belief that it’s ok to adopt new beliefs and more importantly, let go of old ones. And that’s the really tricky bit.

BTW, I had a guest post published this week at old man Truants site. It has lots of swearing and personal abuse in it and you can check it out here if you’re not easily offended. Better still, drop the belief that it’s ok to be offended and head over there NOW!

20 comments to OMG, George Michael is GAY!

  • Great hook into an interesting post!

    It is so hard to suspend beliefs and open your mind. Looking forward to some tips.

  • Thank goodness… I thought I was the last person in the world to find out…

    And I may start calling myself Lenny now, since everything DOES look green to me. Occupational hazard…

    *yet another great post, Tim! Thanks!*

  • You know Tim, Socrates used to ask people these sorts of questions. He tried to get people to question their beliefs and values. Rather than spend serious time in introspection and self analysis they had him killed instead. Thus proving Socrates’ own personal belief correct: The mob is always wrong.

    But you’ve got me wondering though; Do you think Odin will be upset if I started looking at some religious alternatives? Could Iceland actually be a better place to live than Oz? And have I been wrong all these years regarding the wearing of black socks with brown sandals? By Thor, my entire life could be a sham!



  • Tim,

    You used one of my favorite words in this post: skepticism. I think a healthy dose of skepticism is the key to uncover limiting beliefs which we picked up somehow but don’t have a solid foundation. I know it helped me a lot and I still get amazed about some of the weird stuff I still believe.

  • @ Mike – Oh god, do I have to have some tips too. Damn, where did I put my Dummies Guide To Life Coaching?

    @ Jess – That must be some weird occupation you have there!

    @ Greg – Socrates is dead? Holy shit I never heard that.

    Your life is a sham if you’re wearing black socks with brown sandals. You need to get some knee length diamond patterned socks like golfers wear if you wanna hang with the cool kids.

    @ Eduard – we all believe weird stuff because life is weird ;-)

  • What the hell are you doing reading the autobiography of Boy George? :)

    Loved this Tim and liked how you introduced one of my favourite topics: beliefs. It amazes me how we cling to our belief systems when some of them are so clearly outdated and no longer useful to us.

  • Tim,

    Next you will be telling us Freddie Mercury was gay. However I vouch my ‘tache and leather chaps on the fact he was as heterosexual as myself.

  • I remember hearing about a tribe whose world ended at a river surrounding the area where they lived. When explorers who found them for the first time were leaving, they tried to prove to the tribesmen that world certainly does not end at the river.

    After crossing it, the explorers waved and shouted at the tribesmen who were on the opposite bank, but the tribesmen did not react in any way.

    In their perspectives, there were no explorers. There was the river and beyond the river there was nothing.


  • @ Steve – Seriously it was a great read. I once met BG in a gay club (Heaven) in London and had a long chat with him. I was there to write a review of the club for a magazine before you get any ideas!

    He was a lovely guy, very genuine and interesting. A real shame what has happened to him in recent years.

    @ Milo – Don’t be ridiculous, Freddie was no more gay than Oscar Wilde.

    @ Sami – Spooky. I’d love to read more if you find the stroy online.

  • This is a hilarious and engaging post – thank you! I loved the anecdotes and humour – you had me laughing out loud :)

    I especially appreciated your acknowledgment that it’s okay to adopt new beliefs and also let go of old ones. It is definitely a tricky thing to do, but is such an integral part of shaping who we are. Thanks for this post :)

  • This reminded of the first time I found out that Rob Halford of Judas Priest was gay… OK, the leather really should have given that one away, too.

    The scene you reference did come from What the Bleep, and for all of the die hard LoA beliefs I had back then, even I had a hard time stomaching that one.

    Thanks for taking its ridiculousness and turning it into something useful, Tim.

  • Gb

    Rob Halford?! Oh, for crying out loud! What about the lads from Iron Maiden?!

    This is like the time (fairly recently actually)I discovered in a very public setting that the Village People were gay. Hey, it’s not something they put on their album covers!!

    As a result, to help me out in future settings, my wife went through my record collection: Gay, straight, dead, gay, who cares, straight… etc.

    Many of you will be thrilled to know that the boys from Status Quo play with a straight bat… not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Diamond pattern socks! Pretty big step Timbo. Will build up to it by wearing cream coloured socks (with a pattern round the edge, possibly something with little ducks)and flip flops (in Oz we call them thongs, but in the light of this conversation…)


  • @ Eran – You’re welcome and of course you’re right, letting go of old beliefs is easier said than done in most cases.

    @ Lyman – I actually really like WTBDWK, but it did have its moments where I was thinking WTF?

    @ Gb – What? Village People are GAY???

    I actually once read an interview with Rick Parfitt in which he admitted to liking a quick ‘polish’ in the back of the tour bus, so you may want to reserve judgment on that one.

  • O_o thought it was always known that he was gay lol anyway, interesting post.

  • WOW! Nicely said. And you are so right – change your mind, change your life. Your also correct that there enlies the problem/hard work – OR NOT! It’s all in how you think about things. That is most certainly the key. Thank you for a great reminder! Awesome article.

  • I bet the people in the Florida Keys who look out to sea to watch the sunset with their Tequila Sunrises or Margaritas would also fail to see the ships of Columbus. They would be looking West and Columbus slipped in from the East.

  • Awesome post. So provocative. And a great place for people to begin to question there beliefs is of course, the areas of their life that aren’t working. You know, it sort of gives them incentive needed to go fishing for what they want. You know, just like George Michael, in a men’s room.

  • @ Craig – It actually was Boy George that outed him in his book. That story is 100% true, even the bit about me drinking daiquiris!

    @ Jeanne – You’re very welcome and thank you for taking the time to comment, much appreciated!

    @ Bill D – Well I guess there is that.

    @ Bill G – Thanks man and lol, yeh I know what you mean.

  • Interesting way you went around this post from the title. Made me laugh though because it’s so obvious that he is after all these years.

  • I especially appreciated your acknowledgment that it’s okay to adopt new beliefs and also let go of old ones. It is definitely a tricky thing to do, but is such an integral part of shaping who we are. Thanks