Choose Your Battles Wisely

Writing a blog for more than a handful of people is an enlightening experience and one that allows you to see so many different personality types.

Over the years I have had hundreds of e-mails from people responding to either newsletter articles I’ve sent out, blog posts I’ve written or books I’ve had published.

Well in excess of 95% are positive and often very kind, and even humbling.

The other 5% are a mixture of people who whilst courteous want to disagree with a point I have made, which is absolutely fine.

A tiny minority who disagree, but want to skip the courteous route and dive straight into being abusive.

And there are others that are flat out bizarre.

This morning I got one that seemed totally bizarre to me, but at the same time put a massive smile on my face that then turned into raucous laughter with the follow up e-mail.

Before I get to the point of the post let me share the e-mail exchange with you so that you can draw your own conclusions.

Let’s call the person who e-mailed me Bill to maintain his anonymity, but between you and me his real name is Vince.

The only editing I have done is to add some paragraph breaks and grammar as Bill seems to be unaware of the need for either.


Someone sent me this blog site and asked me my opinion on your article about Abraham/Esther Hicks.

As a Life Coach, I must say your focus on trying to discredit others by proving yourself right, is not serving you well. I was trained as a NLP Life Coach a few years back, and one of the things that impressed me the most was the clarity and wisdom from the Abraham teachings.

You have every right to express how you feel, but I don’t think the issue here is whether or not Law of Attraction works or if Esther Hicks is a fake.

The issue here is your focus. Trying to discredit others by proving them wrong, only sets you up for criticism and a not too happy existence. Esther Hicks and Wayne Dyer together held a workshop last November.

In it, Wayne said that Abraham is the wisest and clearest information available on the planet today.

It makes no difference if you disagree or try to discredit their teachings, they both have a confidence and loving approach to Life, which is sorely lacking in your attitude.

I for one find the teachings of Abraham to be the greatest contribution to human consciousness. As Abraham has said many times, “There’s never a crowd on the Leading-Edge of thought”, and you have just proven this to be true.


Haven’t you get anything better to do Vince Bill, than try and convince me I’m wrong?

It seems you have your own doubts which is why your wasting your time writing e-mails like this one.

You’re trying to convince yourself mate, not me ;)


Dude, I don’t need to convince myself, my life is my own evidence.

My point was and is, by trying to convince others that Law of Attraction is wrong or that Esther Hicks is a fake, you discredit yourself.

It speaks more about your close-minded position, than it does about them. I have no doubts in my understanding of Law of Attraction.

And I’m pleased that the NLP training I received as a Life-Coach incorporated the Leading-Edge teachings of Abraham.

All my best to you.

I see no reason to further this discussion.


Dude, I never saw any reason to have the conversation in the first place.

It was you who e-mailed me to tell me I’m wrong about something I wrote on my blog years ago.

And I’ll tell you what would discredit me, not being myself and not challenging my readers as well as myself because I’m worrying about people like you getting in a hissy fit and shooting off an e-mail to reprimand me.

I’m almost embarrassed to say that I actually believed in the LoA after reading the original version of ‘The 28 Principles of Attraction’ by Thomas Leonard for a few months.

Until that is, I actually stopped to exercise some critical thinking skills and realized what total and utter bollocks it all was.

You have got yourself into a negative mindset determined to put a person you don’t even know ‘right’ according to your belief system, rather than just moving on.

If you had no doubts you’d have laughed and ignored me.

The fact you cannot see that is immaterial (albeit it amusing) to me.

And by the way, you obviously manifested this conversation by vibrating at the incorrect frequency, buying the wrong magic beans or upsetting your pet Unicorn or something, I dunno.

I think I’ll share this conversation with either my blog or newsletter readers because it’s a great example of what not to do for new coaches.

Do you want quoting or would you like to be anonymous for fear of letting the LoA community down with your bitching and whining?



And by the way, that was his actual reply, just the word DELETED in caps in the e-mail he sent back to me.

So What Is The Point Of This Post?

Am I just poking fun at people for entertainment, or is their value in reading about things like this?

Well obviously I think there is value otherwise I’m wasting your time, as well as mine.

There is a lot of shit going on in this world.

There are a lot of people suffering, a lot of wrongs not being righted and a lot of people getting away with stuff they shouldn’t get away with.

Equally, there is only one of you, and you can only do so much.

You can indeed waste your time by writing to ‘no-name bloggers’ like me who happen to have a contradictory opinion to you,.

Or, you can write a blog post of your own that inspires people.

You can get all indignant about some act of injustice.

Or, you can actually get out there and protest to your Congressional representative or M.P. or even your M.E.P. if your in Europe.

You can argue with a family member about what is right or wrong for a parent or child.

Or, you can get off your high horse and research the problem with a truly open mind.

There are a lot of battles to be fought in life and you can waste your entire life fighting all of them (or the inconsequential ones, like Bill seems to be).

Or, you can get up off your arse and make a difference.

Yes, I can be an asshole.

Yes, I can be opinionated.

And yes, I absolutely can get defensive.

But, if I’m your biggest problem in life, and presuming you’re not my wife, then you seriously need to reassess and choose your battles more wisely.