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Have You Been Brainwashed?

a brainwashed brain

Let me cut to the chase and answer the question posed in the title of this post, just so you’re under no illusion.

Yes you have, and so have I.

Pretty much everybody (at least in first world countries) is brainwashed to a certain extent.

Unfortunately the word is frequently misunderstood and usually applied to cults or people who have gone through major belief changes that make no sense to most people.

The Media perpetuates

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Life’s Not Fair – And Then You Die

life and the universe

Thousands of people world wide will have lost loved ones over the holidays.

I spent half an hour chatting with a Filipino barman on our cruise ship just recently who lost a brother-in-law during Typhoon Haiyan. A brother-in-law who had 2 kids, a mother living with him and was the sole bread winner for the family.

At this moment thousands of innocent people worldwide are in a prison cells, young kids who only ever brought

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How Not To Set Goals

set goals

In my last post ‘8 Secrets To The Psychology of Winning’ I talked about experiencing high levels of stress at the beginning of my recent vacation.

It was totally unexpected and I think it was that unexpectedness that made matters worse.

As somebody who has dealt with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) for more than 4 decades I’ve become very adept at forecasting and dealing with it ahead of time.

This time, not so much.


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8 Secrets To The Psychology of Winning


Firstly, let me wish you a very happy New Year and I hope that if you don’t necessarily get everything you want, you at least enjoy the ride!

Prior to last week I hadn’t had a proper vacation in almost 4 years. Not that that was a big deal, one of the pleasant byproducts of doing a job you love, is that vacations don’t feel needed.

However, it’s still nice to get away and when

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The Secret Of Life

the secret of life

I found an old work colleague on Words with Friends the other day.

It was a guy I used to work with many moons ago and even though we were never in the same team I often enjoyed a good banter with him and was happy to see him alive and kicking.

So I thought I’d say hello and challenge him to a game.

As you can imagine we got talking about old times with

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The Black Dog of Depression

black dog of deprression

I wasn’t going to publish another post until next week as I have been a bit slammed and anyway a break from me aint no bad thing!

Then I had the video in the post sent to me by my sister-in-law who lives in Australia.

What the makers of this video have achieved is an easy to understand, non-preachy and clear message that it’s ok to have depression.

And by that I mean there should

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Are You In Denial?

Take action

Millions of people read self development and Life Coaching blogs every single day of the year and millions more are subscribed to newsletters offering similar advice.

Yet more people will be reading books on productivity, time management, happiness, goal setting, stress management, meditation and any other area of self development topic you care to mention.

The self development industry is a huge beast constantly supplying new (and not so new) information to a hungry public

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Whoopie Do, Another Life Changing Sale

cybwer monday sale

I have no idea how many e-mails I have received in the last week advertising either Black Friday or Cyber Monday once in a lifetime deals, but it’s well in excess of 100 and every single one ended in my trash folder.

If only I’d had an e-mail from Spam Sieve my (largely) inadequate spam filter telling me they were having a sale on an e-mail program that not just blocked, but also deleted all

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