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The Law of Attraction Is A Con

The law of attraction in action

Let me start by saying, I am not attacking Law of Attraction believers because I think that we’ve barely scratched the surface of what the human brain is capable of.

I’m not even sure whether I believe stuff like levitation, mind reading, and yes, even manifestation are beyond the realm of mankind, after all I’m a Life Coach not a soothsayer..

Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t.

The one thing I am sure though,

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I Don’t Care About Jacko


Jacko’s gone, but what about the homeless guy down the road?

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Are You A Patriot?


What has patriotism got to do with Life Coaching?

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Do You Believe In God?


Do you believe in God?

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Prop 8 Isn’t Evil

Prop 8 isn’t eveil, really it isn’t.

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