The Lighter Side Of Life

This post is completely different for because it’s not really Life Coaching or self development, merely a mish-mash of stuff that I have found either entertaining, informative, or just downright funny.

I feel sure that you may have seen some of these and not others so pick and choose and have fun on this gorgeous Friday (or whenever you read/watch).

And don’t tell me it’s not gorgeous, because you’re alive, aren’t you?

If you’re not, my deepest condolences on your untimely demise, but let’s face it, you had a good innings.

BTW, if you’re reading through an RSS reader, some or even all, may not work, so click through to the post here.

Simple Truth

I’m not sure how many bosses I had in almost 25 years of employment, but I do know only 3 of them got this.

My personal hat tip to Sean Stevenson, Nic Eatch and Jerry Langford.

Mind-Blowing Illusions

These are all good but especially the last on when the camera really focuses in and still the eye is fooled.

Well, mine were anyway.

Make Me Look Really Tough!

I sooooo want this to be true.

Tattoo joke

The Power Of Body Language

Thanks to Mark an ex-client and friend for sending me this one.

If you’re looking for ways to breeze an interview or feel more confident this sucker will give you plenty of food for thought.

The Fight Or Flight Response

Unfortunately for our feathered friend he can’t fly, but he can make a tasty appetizer.

leopard chasing ostrich

Have You Got A Head For Heights?

I have to confess I thought this photoshopped until a friend of mine actually informed me he himself had stood on that very rock in Kjerag, Norway.

Kjerag, Norway

Have You Really Got A Head For Heights?

If you haven’t this will probably have your palms sweating, your knees knocking and your bowels loosening.

Also a great sound track if you ask me, but you didn’t so ignore that.

 This Isn’t Funny You Know!

So why on earth did I nearly pass out from laughing?

Don’t be fooled by the grainy black and white footage and plummy British accent, this only happened last year.

It Almost Made Me Want To Cry

How many flash mobs have there been? I dunno to be honest, but I had two on my driveway, one  in my bedroom and one in the back yard, and that’s just this week.

I still think this was the best and you can tell Oprah was totally blown away and there’s not much that lady hasn’t seen.

I also swear that I heard her drop the ‘F’ bomb on one version of it I watched when it originally hit YouTube.

This Did Make Me Cry

Well not really, but  3 or so years after in went viral this TED talk still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

Not really on the lighter side, but still amazing.

If you haven’t seen it, trust me you’re in for a treat!

And Finally, A Great Question

doberman life after death

So which ones your favorite? And please feel free to drop in links that you think are amazing, funny or just plain cute.