70 Amazing Facts About Your Brain

scientist with brain capHave you ever wondered why your brain seems to sometimes conspire against you?

Why you may remember an event with graphic clarity only to find out it never really happened that way?

Or why you flinched when you saw somebody else stub their toe?

Or maybe even why you felt so bad after losing a meaningless argument or online game?

Well wonder no more!

The Answers Are Here And They Are Free!

70 Amazing Facts About Your Brain And Why It Does Weird Things explains the answers to those questions and a whole lot more.

It takes a light-hearted look (what else would you expect from me!) at that 3lb lump of butter-like substance inside your head that can at the same time be incredibly brilliant and also a bit dumb.

It also explains how sales, marketing and advertising people use your brain against you to get you to buy things that you don’t really need, and more importantly, how you can avoid falling into their traps when you know what they are.

Between the 8th and 15th of January 2013* you can grab your copy of the book for free in either Kindle or PDF format.

Then after reading you can relax in the knowledge that you’re really not as weird as you thought you were. Or rather you are, but so is everybody else and there are 7 billion weirdos wandering around Planet Earth.

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Now go and bore your friends with some amazing trivia and learn how you can avoid being ripped off by unscrupulous sales and advertising people who know how to use your brain to work against you.

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