40 Amazing Self Development Facts

  1. It’s a myth that creative people use more of their right brain and linear people more of their left side.

  2. People are far more likely to trust you if you are smiling (as long as it’s a genuine smile).

  3. Your environment (how much money you have, where you love, what you do etc.) has far less impact on your happiness levels than your genetics or your attitude.

  4. Contrary to popular belief there has never been an in-depth study of goal setting by any Ivy League school. In fact there has been very little research into goal setting.

  5. Something called ‘The Google Effect’ means you are more likely to forget something that you know you can easily look up.

  6. Regular meditators experience overall better physical as well as mental health.

  7. Stress is the same as fear. If you’re stressed, then you’re also fearful of something.

  8. Brain disease notwithstanding, your brain never loses it’s ability to learn.

  9. Willpower is a finite resource that depletes as the day progresses.

  10. The reason insurance rates drop at age 25 is because that’s when your brain has fully matured and the myelination process completed and you’re less likely to drive like a dick.

  11. We use all of our brain, not 10% as some erroneously claim – obviously looking to demonstrate to others that they actually do only use 10%, or maybe less.

  12. You are almost certainly going to be more upset at losing $100 than you would be happy to find $100.

  13. For some people positive thinking can be harmful and counter productive.

  14. Mildly to moderately depressed people tend to have a more accurate world view than happy people.

  15. Exercise reduces the likelihood of dementia and Alzheimer’s in later life.

  16. It’s possible to gain muscle mass just by visualizing working out.

  17. Perfectionists are more likely to suffer from depression.

  18. Placing a pencil between your teeth for a few minutes so that you are forcing a tiny smile can lead to a greater feeling of well-being.

  19. When you break your chain of thought by say, checking e-mails, it takes you around a minute to pick it up again.

  20. There isn’t a shred of scientific proof that the mind can overcome cancer on its own.

  21. Money is a very poor long-term motivator.

  22. You have a lot of false or inaccurate memories stored in your brain ready to get you into an argument you’re probably going to lose at the drop of a hat.

  23. No matter how poorly you act, you will always self justify your actions to a certain extent.

  24. Visualizing a perfect future can lead to it being less likely to happen.

  25. Very small class sizes in schools can be just as counter-productive as large class sizes.

  26. You cannot learn a new language by listening to tapes as you sleep.

  27. If you have kids, then they are modeling your behavior closely for the first 7 or 8 years (the imprint phase). If you’re anxious and angry, then they will probably grow up to be the same.

  28. National stereotypes involving character traits are often hopelessly inaccurate. There is no evidence to suggest that the French are more arrogant, Germans more organized and the British have stiffer upper lips.

  29. There is no such thing as ‘the hot hand’ in basketball. Yet even though it has been conclusively proven that a player who is on hot streak is no more likely to make his next shot than any previous shot, some coaches still don’t believe it.

  30. Almost every person on the planet is racist to a certain extent.

  31. Sadly for Wayne Dyer and his book The Power of Intention, intention isn’t very powerful at all.

  32. Playing Mozart to an unborn child won’t make them smarter. There is no ‘Mozart Effect’.

  33. You can improve your confidence levels by adopting a more confident posture.

  34. Blind people do not develop more acute other senses, they just learn to use them more effectively.

  35. Hypnosis isn’t really a special state, we all drift in and out of a trance state many times per day.

  36. Even though it’s easy to believe otherwise, there is no scientific proof connecting genius with insanity.

  37. Alcohol doesn’t kill brain cells as was once believed – Phew!

  38. Marketers will often offer money back guarantees because they know that a cognitive bias called ‘Post purchase rationalization’ means only a tiny percentage of people will ever return their goods.

  39. Ranting and raving about something that really annoys you isn’t necessarily a good thing and can increase the likelihood of more outbursts and more dissatisfaction.

  40. The Law of Attraction is a load of bollocks according to research done by me last week.

I know some were very loosely connected to self development, but I hope you still found them interesting.

It’s over to you now, leave me a comment with any to add or any you disagree with.

Image Courtesy of John Wright